Yamaha A-S3000 arrived...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Daedalus, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. btf1980

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    With all due respect, you're simply making unsubstantiated claims based on nothing but your bias. Luxman makes great performing and incredibly well built products made to last.
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  2. btf1980

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    Let me get this straight, you're judging the fidelity of audio components based on YouTube videos most likely shot with a smartphone. Do you honestly believe you have a prudent takeaway?
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  3. Classicrock

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    South West, UK.
    Comparing like with like the Yamaha sounds metallic and bright. Other amps on YouTube sound more even handed. However I added it might be just these are badly recorded. Do you think Micheal Fremer's YouTube videos are unrepresentative of the sound of the equipment portrayed? I do think they give at least an idea of tonality. Some people like an etched 'hi-fi' sound, I don't and go for musicality over detail. The impression I'm getting is these may swing towards the former. That with reliability issues reported and the UK retail price would rule these out for me. I do understand people who paid for these will get upset. They obviously like what they are hearing but I think retro looks and facilities play a major part in their choice here. Lets say I'm happy with more minimalist designs having got shiny silver bling out of my system 40 years ago.
  4. Daedalus

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    In fact I am listening this morning to the Karajan version the The Ring on DG. A rich nuanced recording in all its glory.
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  5. Gibsonian

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    Never gonna use my computer speakers to audition hifi gear. Don't think that'd be wise...............
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  6. lonelysea

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    You're still comparing the sound of amplifiers based on YouTube videos, which is ultimately ridiculous.
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  7. scobb

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    I like comparing the picture quality of 4k TV's on my old cathode ray TV?
  8. ThorensSme

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    Fremer gets to start with a 7 (maybe 8?) figure system straight into a really nice DAC. Most people are recording room sounds with their phone, or perhaps a reasonable quality microphone, or maybe even into a decent DAC. With Fremer's carefully done digitizations, and a good pair of headphones, you could probably get a sense of how something sounds, but ultimately, this would still be a ridiculous way to pass final judgement on how something sounds, or does not sound.
  9. AshS

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    I've owned the A-S2100 for nearly 2 years and I would not describe the sound reproduced as bright or thin. To me the sound is very warm but NOT a heavy "boomy" bottom. I don't get any fatigue from long listening sessions. Lots of power can blow the pictures off the wall but I don't usually turn it any higher than 10:30-11:00 o'clock. The sound is warm, balanced, and seems to get better and better. I highly recommend.
  10. McLover

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    What brand bias? They explained they liked the smooth and rich traditional Yamaha sound. They overall seem to all but gush over this amplifier. Seeing it with the top cover removed, and the controls as described, I can't argue with this being a nicely built unit, more of which we need from Yamaha and the Asian mainstream brands. This magazine to me seemed to want a little less brash high treble in the voicing. They were ecstatic about the build quality, the control feel, and liked the sound as a rule. Yamaha needs to create a higher end brand for products like this, and market them through specialty dealers. We need more Yamaha built and sounding like this.
  11. Classicrock

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    South West, UK.
    I'm not auditioning just using basic tonality of those systems used as a guide and not making proper comparisons. I know at least one speaker used and normally it would not be so metallic and bright. A bright amp isn't going to sound warm as a warm amp is not going to sound bright, if they are HD recordings. For general tonality a competent Youtube upload will mostly sound similar for a product I have heard in the real world. I don't hear Harbeths sounding like MA speakers on Youtube for instance. So if something sounds dreadful I am not going to waste my time getting an audition. If I've missed a gem so be it. It's a useful guide only, even if 50% accurate it still potentially can save time and money. Differences will be much greater if you actually do a real world comparison, but I would say 90% chance they won't be entirely flipped. It's just another tool for narrowing down a list of options. Even if just to show looks, size and features these videos are often helpful.
  12. DaleClark

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    This may sound silly. Maybe try to buy one from another dealer (best if high volume-better chance of more recent build). The models you had earlier may have been from a defective "run". I know its a pain...maybe something to try.

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