Yikes! Nearly all my Motorhead disappeared. Windows 7 issue?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by serendipitydawg, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. serendipitydawg

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    Stretching the boundaries of Audio Hardware yet again.

    Just noticed a file folder on my main music drive shows all the album sub-folders, but they show no files except thumbs.db.

    The more I Google, the more confused I become.

    Some pointers / advice would be greatly appreciated.

    And I do have a backup (somewhere) T.I.A
  2. timind

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    Sounds like your computer doesn't like your music taste...and I can't blame it:hide:
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  3. Are the files in the recycle bin?

    Some possibilities for what may have happened.
    You may have had all of your Motorhead selected in your media player and then hit a key combo that moved or deleted the files.
    You may have intended to copy your Motorhead to a portable device and accidentally did a move instead of copy.

    If the files got moved to another folder in your music folder they will be hard to find manually, but software can help. What media player software are you using? If it's software like JRiver or MusicBee that can organize your library based on tags rather than folders you can load your Music library in those programs. Have the program index all of your music files. And see if it finds any stray Motorhead. Then you can select those Motorhead files and figure out what folder(s) they got moved to.

    Otherwise you're likely to be needing to recover those files from the backup.
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  4. Thouston

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    You must be a Barry Manilow fan :)
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  5. Remote Control Triangle

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    Lemmy hates windows, so he's come to haunt your computer to teach you a lesson...
  6. serendipitydawg

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    Love the attempts at humour:)

    Ham Sandwich: any hints on how to do what you suggest in MusicBee. I mainly use foobar for playback, as it baffles me far less than MusicBee.

    Here in the UK it is time to sleep, so I'll pick this up tomorrow.

    Night all. Keep the jokes comin'
  7. timind

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    Well, if I had to chose:shrug:
  8. Strat-Mangler

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    If you use Apple gear, there's a chance they were all deleted during the sync process. Happened to me enough that I swore off Apple gear for music management forever. Just a thought.

    Right-click on the main Motörhead folder and select Properties. Take a look at the amount of storage space it consumes. If it's insignificant, there are no files there. If it's not, the files are hidden somehow.
  9. Poolshark

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    Right click the folder and see if Previous Versions is an option. If so restore from a date that you know it was there to a different folder.
    As for disappearing files thats fairly strange if you have no software indexing them and they are just being used to play individually.
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    Woah, dude. No Sleep 'til Hammersmith...
  11. Windows 7 includes a feature that allows you to recover previous versions of files and even recover files if they've been deleted. That technology is based on Shadow Copy. You may get lucky and have the previous versions feature active and able to recover the files if they were deleted.

    Here's two articles on How-To-Geek about previous versions in Windows 7 and how to use the feature to recover files:
    Use Windows 7’s Previous Versions to Go Back in Time and Save Your Files
    Restore Previous Versions of Files in Every Edition of Windows 7
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  12. The first time you run MusicBee it will ask what folders to scan and import. Enter the folder that holds all your music and let MusicBee do its thing.

    The other way to get to that setting is from the MusicBee menu. MusicBee >> File >> Scan Folders for New Files. That will open a dialog where you can specify what folders to scan.
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  13. Go into Control Panel -> Settings -> Musical Taste Tolerance Meter and set it to "Very Low"

    It must be set to "High" currently.
  14. serendipitydawg

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    Berkshire UK
    Well; I went to my back up and discovered that it replicated the situation on my main drive :confused:

    I don't have any portable devices so Ham Sandwich's ponderings above have no relevance.

    Guess whatever I did to cause the files to disappear happened ages ago & I didn't notice.

    Thank heavens for Tidal

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