Your best Oppo bdp-93 settings?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Sean2e, Dec 13, 2017.

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    OK guys! First, I want to dispel any impression that I have some case against having a display calibrated. I Do Not!

    Because there are calibration standards in video, that aren't present in audio, and as @Vidiot has commented, "There are potentially hundreds of different settings that can be adjusted on a display, all affecting the final picture you ultimately see."

    I'm with you on that.

    Just because I have not calibrated the display, does not mean that I will never have the TV "professionally" calibrated!

    My old TV was looking absolutely gruesome, so I needed a new TV. I did not even want any LCD TV, because every one of them that I had ever seen, had a picture that was not natural looking to me and looked like crap.

    On the other hand, the picture quality that I have seen on OLED's was quite impressive to me. I had hopes that I could hold on to my (then) current rear projection DLP TV, but that was just not going to be an option. My intent was to be able to hold on to the old TV until the OLED's came down, further in price, as that was the technology that I had set my sights on.

    I didn't realize just how bad these LCD TV's were, a far a the picture was concerned, until I lived with it for a short time. I mean, I had a pure dislike for the picture on my new TV. As I compared the picture to my old TV, when it was properly functional, I would take my OLD TV over the brand new one.

    One thing that I was saying to myself, perhaps the new TV is correct, while the old TV's picture was fuzzy and flawed. Who was I to say?

    When you get some of the newer, more tech sophisticated gear, like the new digital TV's and video processors, there is a learning curve. Again, as vidiot said, there are so many new things that I have not encountered before, that you have to get a grip on. Even learning the menu system, takes so time to grasp, let alone, learning how to correctly preform the adjustments needed.

    Only after I had a basic grasp on how the thing worked, could I begin to consider my options. My $899 "open box" TV did not have a remote, so it was about a week, before I even had an OEM remote in my hand, to start to learn the menu system.

    Only after I couldn't stand looking at the picture any more, did I decide to take matters into my own hands and see if there was any way to make the picture look not quite as disgusting. Finding the "Movie" pre-set, was a gift from the heavens! That and some small manual adjustments, made the picture perfect (to me at least).

    Since I plain out refuse to watch commercial TV, my viewing is primarily relegated to DVD's and a small selection of Blu-ray's. I operate an small motel and I provide my guests with over 150-channels of DirecTV, including 16-premium movie channels (HBO & Cinemax) and music channels. I don't even keep a SAT box in my office. Before I sold off my collection of pre-recorded VHS tapes, I had amassed a collection of about 3,800 titles.

    I have done a fair amount of photography in my younger days, both color and B&W (My preference was, and is B&W), with formats up to 4x5. Have done all of my darkroom work. I used to collect and show 16mm movies in my living room, including those scoped prints, with an anamorphic lens. I have shot 16mm film, an familiar with film gamma, grey-scale and other aspects of photography.

    When I attended FSU, it was back in the middle 70's, Among other things, I studied photography and took a course in TV production. Back then the TV studio still had B&W camera's on large pedestal's. I have experience in negative and positive film...

    I have seen thousands of movies and have lived in the real world long enough to know what something should look like, sound like and taste like.

    With ordinary DVD's, the picture quality on the 4k set is better than anything that I have ever owned. It looks great, considering the format's limitations.

    The media room / listing room / dining room / listening room, is the former lobby of a 60-year old motel. It is not a high end, custom home theater installation. If I was doing a "correct" HT, then I would have a separate room dedicated for that use and I would have a projection TV.

    While there may come a time where I invest in 4k movies, I won't pay a "premium" price for them, any more than I will be paying a premium price for hi-res audio.

    Anyone else may do as they choose.

    Why should anyone pay more, for the "privilege", of having a copy of something, where the original already exists in a higher resolution format?

    My local used book and record shop held a sale on everything in the store is $2/ea. I bought two dozen DVD's.

    I am fine with the picture quality that I am seeing. It may not be perfect, but it looks exceptional to me.

    SHF's members are more than welcome to visit our inn and report back...
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    Hollywood, USA
    Hey, I attended FSU in the early-to-mid-1970s, and we had color RCA cameras downstairs in the studio. (I worked upstairs in WFSU-TV's master control for a few months.) My major at the time was in film; I had some great experiences there in Tallahassee. This was before the film program expanded and got its own building.

    Back to your original question: you were asking what the "best settings" would be for an Oppo BDP93. I tried to tell you that the player should just be left in detent (without affecting the picture at all), and the real problem is what the monitor does to the signal. All this is still true. One problem with asking for opinions and help on the net is that sometimes, you're going to get answers you don't like or didn't expect.
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    I spent most of my time at the school of business. The photography dept. was in a building on the far end of the campus, and the TV production was in another building. I had transferred there as a special student, from our local community college. My first quarter there was the winter quarter, back in 1974.

    I was not aware of any film program available in the school's catalog.

    I had read an earlier post of yours, that you had graduated from the FSU film school, which was founded back in 1989, long after I had attended the university, in the middle 70's. I could not figure out, since we are about the same age (I'm currently 63), how you managed to go back, as an adult and manage to get into the film school, graduated, and managed a distinguished career in the TV and motion industry, in such a short period of time.

    I really had no idea, that there was a film program while I was there in '74 & '75.

    That question was posted by the OP (not me :hide:).

    I'm a goof anyway, it's perfectly OK to throw cyber tomatoes at me. Just about everything that I do is a bit off kilter anyway.

    Not may people turn a 60-year old motel lobby into a place for entertaining our private guests. In this one room, which still functions as my office and it is an operational motel, I have a home theater with a 1,600-watt commercial sub woofer, that can run at 133dB continuous. There are fifteen speakers in the room, all tower or larger, including two A7's, not all are running at the same time. Though, I will typically have nine running in the evenings, ten when in the HT mode, both modern and vintage. Powered by both SS and Glass amps and of course, what's an audio room, without a couple of vintage TT's!

    After looking back at life's difficult times, I left the corporate world and now I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my remaining time! :p

    BTW... I do happen to have an Oppo BDP93, and I have never touched the settings.
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    Sure, I was in the FSU cinematography department, which was in the old building across the square from the library. My father, Robert C. Wielage, designed the Fine Arts building on the FSU campus, but the film school was not held in that building at the time. I was also an active member of the FSU Film Society, where we held 9 or 10 classic film screenings each week in either the big auditorium in the front of the school or the smaller, newer auditorium closer to the student union. This would've been 1972-1973. I didn't graduate, but went back to my home town of Tampa where I continued at USF and switched to broadcasting and philosophy for a year. And then got a real job. (I also worked in radio starting when I was 17 and still in high school.)

    Good idea! All they generally can do is screw things. Turn all the automatic stuff off and just let the disc play as-is.
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    The photography was located in the Fine Arts building and the TV production class was in the building that, as you walked out of the cafeteria/student union, it was at the far left rear of the campus.

    The TV studio surprised me, with their ancient B&W TV camera's. I remember the textbook was written by someone named Zettle.

    I remember that the instructor, had little sense of humor. On a written test, he asked what "AD" meant. I remember answering, that many people think that it means after death, but it really is some other Latin words (or something to that effect).

    He marked the question wrong (whatever, I thought that it was too stupid of a question to even put on a test). He annotated my paper, to say "It also means Aardvark Den", but that is not in the context of this course.

    Right he was!

    After getting fed up with the school's requirements, by my second quarter, I started taking the courses that I wanted to take. My guidance counselor explained to me, that I had to pick a major, I said that I did not have to. I was reminded, that if I didn't follow the requirements for a particular major's course ware, then I would not be able to graduate. I said that I was OK with that.

    My family was involved in different businesses, so I realized that I would be better off, taking the courses that I wanted to take, that would better compliment my life. I understand that it is different for others to pick a major because it would be needed for their career path or for their post graduate education.

    I had looked all through the course handbook and I can't for the life of me, see how I missed the film courses. Which is why I took photography courses and that class in TV production techniques. I would have definitely taken film courses, had I known that they were being offered. I took all kinds of unrelated stuff.

    A friend of mine's son, could not get into the film school, several years back. He got a job, where he worked his way up to an assistant manager of a jewelry company. Then, after he graduated, he transferred within the company to their store in LA. He finally hooked up a grunt job, doing misc. stuff for a network evening program. At one point, he called his father and said, "they have me picking up the director's kid's after school". My friend explained to his son, there is nothing to worry about, that means that the director trusts you.

    Sure enough, once he made "AD" for the show, his paycheck got a whole lot bigger! He was also doing some work during televised sporting events. He wants to become a producer for sports too.

    That was two or three years back. I need to ask my friend about his son's career update.
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    That's the one!
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    The Oppo BDP-93 which I still use from time to time to play Region A BDs habe the option under the video settings and Deep Color to change the bit depth of the video output from 8, 10 or 12 bits (off, 30 bit or 36 bit) and add video dither. I have Deep Color set to off but adding dither which is supposed to do color transitions look smoother and get a better overall video quality. Am I right? Does dither really increase picture quality? What I fear is that video on BDs may be dithered already and adding dither twice is not a good idea. Sure Vidiot can tell us something about it.
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    I have the 93 also and I have it hooked up to the 65" 4k TV. I have never seen the need to touch any of the factory settings, what ever they may be.

    My personal take on the subject is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! With that in mind, I have chosen to let well enough, alone, least I screw things up.

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