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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jarvius, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Jarvius

    Jarvius Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I would've gave anything to hear Marvin Gaye on a Parliament track circa '76. Or him adding backgrounds to something like "Flash Light" or "Aqua Boogie"! Oh my God. Sucks we didn't get that.
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  2. Price.pittsburgh

    Price.pittsburgh Forum Resident

    Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney
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  3. hi_watt

    hi_watt Forum Resident

    San Diego, CA
    A collaborative effort between John Lennon and Roger Waters.
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  4. johnaltman

    johnaltman Forum Resident

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  5. Vaughan

    Vaughan Forum Resident

    Tom Waits and Radiohead.
  6. JohnnyQuest

    JohnnyQuest Forum Resident

    Brian Eno & XTC
  7. Koabac

    Koabac Self-Titled

    Los Angeles
    Variations on a theme:

    I'd like to see Mick Jagger and Morrissey switch, so Marr writes for Mick and Richards writes for Morrissey.

    Peter Buck and Morrissey.

    Michael Stipe and Johnny Marr.
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  8. longaway

    longaway Forum Resident

    Charlotte, NC, USA
    Brian May & Brian Wilson
  9. Marble Index

    Marble Index Forum Resident

    You want me to skip another Nellie McKay release? ;)
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  10. Marble Index

    Marble Index Forum Resident

    I want another Brian Eno & John Cale album. :love:

  11. johnaltman

    johnaltman Forum Resident

    I have ideas of him collaborating with so many:
    Tom and Melody Gardot,
    Tom and Patti LuPone,
    Tom and Marianne Faithfull,
    Tom and Barbra Streisand
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  12. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Jerry Garcia and George Clinton, or better yet Eddie Hazel.

    I was going to add Sly Stone but he and Garcia did play together on 'Oh What a Mighty Time' by the New Riders of the Purple Sage.
  13. zonkaraz

    zonkaraz Forum Resident

    Livonia, MI, USA
    Jonatha Brooke and Wendy & Lisa
  14. the sands

    the sands Forum Resident

    Oslo, Norway
    Miles Davis - Trumpet
    Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
    Paul McCartney - Bass

    This could actually have happened in 1969 but destiny wanted it different. :idea:
  15. Guitarded

    Guitarded Forum Resident

    1970s Neil Diamond and 1984 Iron Maiden
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  16. Archtop

    Archtop Infinity goes up on trial!

    Greater Boston
    Jon Lord - Organ
    Robert Fripp - Guitar
    Tom Fowler - Bass
    Bill Kreutzmann - Drums
    Grace Slick - Vocals
  17. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Forum Resident

    Here's an idea (and I'm not kidding about this)....

    Kurt Cobain and Yoko Ono. Both in terms of music and art).
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  18. danasgoodstuff

    danasgoodstuff Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    King Curtis & the MGs, probably would've happened if Stax & Atlantic hadn't fallen out
    Lee Morgan & Sonny Rollins, record company politics and maybe Lee was too close to Clifford?
  19. Izozeles

    Izozeles Rock’roll Stalker

    Santiago de Chile
    Prince and Miles Davis. And don't give that "it actually happened ", because whatever was the outcome, it hasn't been released
    I also dream of a Marley/Hendrix set
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  20. 3Dman

    3Dman Hangover Child

    Sarah Cracknell (Saint Etienne) and Colin Blunstone (The Zombies). Their voices would sound amazing together. I wish Dusty Springfield would've done a duet with Colin but this could at least still happen.
    Willie Nelson and Bill Callahan (Smog). Bill's recorded at Willie's studio; this could happen.
  21. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    Frontman: Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
    Drums: Neil Peart (Rush)
    Lead Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
    Rhythm Guitar: Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth)
    Bass: John Entwistle (The Who)
    Keyboards: Vadim Pruzhanov (DragonForce)

    And for twin and triple guitar attacks you can add Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and The Edge (U2) [The Edge can adapt to the faster, heavier songs that the other guys are known to be good at.]

    Another collaboration that I think would be neat would be Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen playing off each other. Almost like a dueling guitar solos jam.

    Also, I would like to see Lady Gaga collaborate more with other males, like she did with Tony Bennett with that duets album/tour and with Metallica during that awards show. She is so talented and very adaptable to various styles of music. Does she have it in her to do operatic singing with famous Tenors? That might be something worth hearing/watching.

    Similarly, I would like to see John Mellencamp keep collaborating with various female singers. Over the years, he has collaborated with a few on some songs (and on his newest album.) With his aging voice, the females who sing with him complement his vocals. Makes the songs sound better than if he had to sing them solo.

    Wouldn't it be neat to have a Lou Reed and Metallica collaboration?...Oh, nevermind...
  22. Miles and Jimi, plus any number of bassists one could mention -- Billy Cox would probably be my first choice, with Dave Holland a close second -- plus Jack D. on drums (my first choice), or maybe Mitch Mitchell (a close second). Ideally Miles and Jimi would have each brought one (each) of their sideman to the table.

    Paul's a fine bass player, but I cannot fathom those three getting along on the same session -- and it would have taken just the right mix of people to make it all work.
  23. I could see that combo working. Or Cobain and Ornette Coleman, actually (or, hell, all three). Doesn't mean I think the results would have all been coherent (or even necessarily ANY of the results being coherent) -- but I think Kurt, Yoko, and Ornette are all three different enough, that they might have all gotten along well enough to at least have given it a go.
  24. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    I thought of the greatest collaboration ever the other day: Ron Wood and . . . wait for it . . . .

    Nick Lowe.

    I don't think they've worked together, but their personalities would mesh incredibly well, I think.
  25. David-Shea

    David-Shea Toastmaster General

    Suffern, NY
    Daryl Hall and Huey Lewis.
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