Your favorite CLINT EASTWOOD western ?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Richard--W, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Yeah, get some rest old man.:D
  2. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Good score Lalo Schifrin that's about it.
  3. profholt82

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    I don't think that 'Joe Kidd' is among Eastwood's best westerns, but I would never call it boring. How could a movie which features a locomotive crashing through a bar ever be called boring? Thinking about it, there are a number of memorable scenes that come to mind. Sure, it has its share of flaws, but it definitely burns along at a steady clip plot-wise, and it clocks in under 90 minutes.
  4. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Score deserves better. Vinyl fetches a pretty penny
  5. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Wasn't a episode of RaWhide a cinema release ?
  6. Erik Tracy

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    I watch that movie just for the awesome rifle long shot!
  7. I think Joe Kidd is a good movie. I'm surprised it is getting dumped on here.
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  8. PhilBorder

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    That's the one thing I remember about it. And because the film gave me plenty of time to ponder the feasibility of that (as well as life on other planets, getting another popcorn, when is Cling going to do something, etc) even the big finale was kind of a yawn.... glad for whoever enjoyed it, but man both Clint and Sturges (and Elmore Leonard who wrote it) could and should have done better.
  9. It's like we didn't watch the same movie. You rattle off the talent, and add Robert Duvall, and can't find anything to enjoy? Fascinating! :laugh:
  10. PhilBorder

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    Sheboygan, WI
    Everyone of those guys has made medicore movies. This time they were considerate enough to make one together and then move on to better things. Again, glad you enjoyed the movie (Unaccountably I like the nearly indefensible Larry Crowne and in fact Joe Kidd is sort of the Larry Crowne of Westerns). But I know Eastwood fans who aren't even aware it exists. There may be a reason it sort of disappeared.... maybe I'll rewatch it and see if I missed something
  11. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Unforgiven ( 1992) leading the poll and quite rightly. Clint didn't star in or make another western these past 25 years. His cowboy movie genre went out with a bang.
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  12. yesstiles

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    Is Jose Wales Josey's Mexican half-brother? ;)
  13. Joey The Lemur

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    Tough to choose and I hated to leave out any of the Leone trilogy and "Josey Wales," but I picked "Unforgiven" and "High Plains Drifter."
  14. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    My two favorite westerns in the seventies are Jeremiah Johnson and the Outlaw Jose Wales.I'd give JJ the edge purely on repeat viewing.
  15. Left Field

    Left Field Forum Resident

    1. The Good The Bad & The Ugly
    2. Hang 'Em High
  16. dmiller458

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    I would have loved to have seen him and Gene Hackman team up for a remake of Ride The High Country.
  17. Richard--W

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    Ride the High Country is perfect as it is. It can't be improved on. Not a film that needs to be remade.
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  18. muffmasterh

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    so many of his westerns are brilliant, the dollars trilogy and high plains drifter stand out, however the above two stand above as they are both his own work and if anything Josey Wales has the nod even though unforgiven got all the plaudits
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  19. geralmar

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    For a Few Dollars More (1965). It seems to exist in a different universe. It's Eastwood's best western; but he isn't necessarily the best thing in it.
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  20. clayton

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    minneapolis mn
    The Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven.
  21. J. Umbari

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  22. J. Umbari

    J. Umbari Forum Resident

    Mystic River ;)
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  23. J. Umbari

    J. Umbari Forum Resident

    Million Dollar Baby is good too.. What a tragic story
  24. j.barleycorn

    j.barleycorn Forum Resident

    Josey Wales with Unforgiven a close second. I love all the early Leone films too. Grew up with em in the late 60s. But Josey Wales and Unforgiven stand up to repeated viewings for me in the same way that the Wild Bunch does.
  25. McLover

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    East TN
    I like Clint Eastwood, but the Spaghetti Westerns for me are essential.

    "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"
    "A Fistful Of Dollars"
    "For A Few Dollars More"

    That said, I never met a Clint Eastwood Western I didn't like.
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