Your favorite CLINT EASTWOOD western ?

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  1. I disagree. TGTBATU is a great movie for a number of reasons. It is also responsible for creating much of the film "vocabulary" that we take for granted in the years since it was made. The impeccable synthesis of music and image; the wide shots contrasted with the super tightly cropped close ups; the deconstruction of archetypes; the long build up without dialogue; all of these things were refined by Leone into what is the finest example of the mythical Western ever made.

    The only issue I concede is the length. I suspect you have seen the extended version, which is not what Leone released nor is it how he envisioned it. There are good reasons why the content added in the extended version was left out in the theatrical release. Watch the film as Leone released it and I think you'll find it vastly improved.
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    The Good The Bad and The Ugly and The Outlaw Josey Wales.

    I love all his spaghetti Westerns even though I voted for Outlaw. It has aged well.
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