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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Scope J, May 14, 2015.

  1. Neonbeam

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    Well.... do you view Ferry as songwriter? In the same way you view Dylan or Bowie as songwriters?

    What do you think: Why are there comparatively few Roxy/ Ferry covers by other artists?

    I love Ferry and Roxy but I think style is as important as substance.
  2. Tsomi

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    Lille, France
    My favourite Roxy is probably the debut, which I rank above Bowie's Low/Heroes quite easily (came earlier, was more imaginative and aged better IMO). I don't care for the second album at all, but love the third one. Manifesto (the original album) is cruelly underrated. And then, there's Avalon. First time I heard it, I thought it was some cheap 80s adult pop, and then I realised much later how beautiful it was...
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    I'm mostly a fan of Roxy's first several albums. They kinda lost me at "Siren", which I like OK, but felt like that by then they had said all they had to say. Subsequent album kinda went in one ear and out the other. "Avalon" is one I did like pretty well because it sounded so beautiful, but seemed so slick and well-oiled that it never managed to stick in my brain. There seemed to be little to hold onto.

    Well, a few nights ago, maybe because I had this thread was in mind, I listened to it in headphones as I was going to sleep. I finally noticed much of the charm of the album that had eluded me. I now think that there's more musical substance here than I realized. I guess it was so "nice" and homogeneous that I wasn't inspired to dig into it. It invited superficiality. I now look forward to spending more time with it. I still don't think it will ever rank above my early favorites, but I now see it as their last great artistic statement, and one that is interesting for being different than the first albums.
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  4. OK, I've had Country Life and Sirens for almost a week now (hadn't previously heard any early Roxy Music ever before, except perhaps once or maybe twice (at most) 25 years ago in college (maybe a few tracks from a greatest hits CD). I'm completely sold on about 2/3rds of each (all of the more upbeat/faster material).

    And so as of just yesterday, I've got a copy of Stranded on the way now too from Amazon -- and then just today I'm enjoying For Your Pleasure here at work (which I'm just streaming off of YouTube). Their debut can't be far behind, at this rate.

    I'm not YET in love with Ferry's voice, but this whole experience is reminding me of when I first discovered the band Television (maybe 10 years ago), where I didn't have any idea what to think of the vocalist's qualities (which were a bit perplexing), but then by spin #5 (and definitely by spin #10), I was completely and utterly sold. I think I'm only on spin #3 of each by this point (so 7 more spins each, and I'll be completely indoctrinated).

    Some of it is Ferry's phrasing (which, to be honest, I still think is weird). But part of it is also how I associate his voice with Roxy Music's later (much SMOOTHER) output, and Ferry's own 80's solo material -- all of which I've had a tiny bit of exposure to as well (from roommates in college), but NONE of which I've like all that much. So it's really surprising the heck out of me that I'm connecting so strongly with this early 70's material of theirs.
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    My first Roxy Music album was Avalon. Up until then, I had heard bits and pieces of various albums, but a good friend of mine had Avalon when it was released and I like it right away. Since it was my gateway album, it has remained a favourite.
  6. The Bishop

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    For me, For Your Pleasure, is Roxy Music's finest, followed closely by the eponymous debut, then Stranded.

    Eddie Jobson, was a very good replacement for Eno, particularly with what he bought with electric violin from Curved Air.

    I like 'em all, though...even the schmoozy stuff.
  7. bibijeebies

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    Not to mention the great guitar work by Phil Manzanera on Avalon. He shines not by being flashy but by being understated and doing exactly what the music calls for.
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