Your most expensive record.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Airbus, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. y531ly5

    y531ly5 Forum Resident

    U2 - "Three" numbered - estimated value: 2000/5000
    U2 - "Rattle And Hum" promo Flight Case - estimated value: 2000/5000
    U2 - "All I Want Is You" purle wax Aussie pressing - estimated value: 1000/2000
    U2 - "Achtung Baby" promo User's Kit - estimated value: 1000/2000
    U2 - "Achtung Baby" promo Trabant Box - estimated value: 1500/2000
    U2 - "Mysterious Ways" promo CD single from Brazil - estimated value: 2000
    U2 - "Zooropa" mexican promo CD single - estimated value: 2000
    U2 - "Your Blue Room" mexican promo CD single - estimated value: 800

    Indochine - Dancetaria - still sealed first pressing 12" - estimated value: 800
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  2. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    Wait…is the cost that high because it’s actual gold? I’ve got a black vinyl edition sitting in a box under the stairs that’s doing nothing, and it cost me about £10.
  3. Jimmy Agates

    Jimmy Agates Forum Resident

    For a single cd around $80-$90Aus namely a couple of second hand cds by a band fronted by Loudness vocalist Minoru Niihara called Ded Chaplin....had to have them!
  4. MyOwnWorstEnemy

    MyOwnWorstEnemy Senior Member

    $150 for a sealed copy of Alice In Chains self-titled LP. Broke the seal and gave it a spin as soon as I got it.
  5. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Elton John MFSL vinyl Yellow Brick Road, $125 a couple years ago and worth every penny. Paid about the same for Breakfast In America MFSL on vinyl as well, another great sounding album!
  6. neut6o1

    neut6o1 Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    I paid $40 in the last year for Le Tigre's eponymous album from the original Mr. Lady label. One of my favorite album's of all time and I had never seen an original pressing before.

    Check out the songs "Phanta"() and "Les and Ray"(Le Tigre - Les and Ray ).
  7. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    Most Expensive Vinyl(Mastered by SH/KG) on AF Label-the 2nd version reissue with purple swirl) which I paid $75 New/Sealed-Not a photo of my actual copy, but from Google Images:

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  8. Dbstay

    Dbstay Senior Member

    It cost me around US$ 100.

  9. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Forum Resident

    55 euros for Tudor lodge's vertigo album...I was in a hurry at a record fair just before closing, was there for more than 8 hours in the bins and so excited to find it that cheap...and coming home I saw it was a limit is 50 euros for a used record (new it was the beatles mono box, in the 300 euros if I remember good)
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  10. Malinky

    Malinky Forum Resident

    That`s interesting, I am also in the UK and it`s the only early Rod Stewart album that I am unable to find, after I unwisely got rid of my original copy years ago, you would think that as one of the biggest selling albums of the period there would be copies in every charity shop...but no.
  11. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Please can you upload some photos? I've never seen a legit original 1994 Warner Bros CD of Monster.
  12. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    105.00 USD for a Vertigo swirl S/T Black Sabbath. 1971 issue with initial issue stampers.
    65.00 Cdn for a 2nd issue Aussie copy of AC/DC TNT.
    50.00 Cdn for an UK first press of King Crimson Red.
  13. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Machine wrapped in butter.

    London, England
    Once I find the keys to the UV glass display cabinet I keep it in, and get a new set of the ph-neutral handling gloves, I'll be glad to.
  14. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront

    14 Cheerleader Coldfront Forum Resident

    $500 last year for a blue triangle A2/B2 UK Dark Side of the Moon. Love it.
  15. Prudence1964

    Prudence1964 Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    $450 for a butcher block
  16. ggergm

    ggergm red right returning

    $200 for the Classic Records 4 LP, single sided, 45 RP version of the first Crosby, Stills & Nash album, aka the "couch" record
  17. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    LP -- $130.00 or so for a NM– First UK Pressing of Black Sabbath "Paranoid"

    ... also several NM or NM– Beatles Japanese Red Wax Mono LPs set me back somewhere in the $75.00 – $100.00 range
    ... and about $80.00 for my long-time Holy Grail LP, a UK First Press "Something Else by the Kinks" Mono LP (not in the greatest condition, but still an enjoyable listen)

    45's -- several in the $30.00 – $45.00 range... mostly Beatles or rare British Invasion or rare Blues or rare R&B.

    Digital -- I have about five SHM-SACD's which set me back about $50.00 – $70.00.

    Luckily I was hip to MFSL and DCC Gold CD's and LP's when they first came out, so I have a bunch of them but didn't pay too much for 'em (though I did do a trade with a member here which we valued at $60.00 so I could land his DCC Cream "Wheels of Fire" CD).

    My most Valuable Item -- not really sure, but most valuable to me are my NM DCC Jethro Tull "Aqualung" LP (autographed to me by Ian Anderson) and my NM Rhino Doors "Strange Days" LP (autographed to me by Robby Krieger -- a truly nice, cool guy!)

    I'm always on the hunt for an authenticated John Lennon autograph... that would instantly become my most valuable item as far as I'm concerned.

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  18. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain
    About 15 euros (including postage)
  19. fab432

    fab432 “To the toppermost of the poppermost, Johnny!”

    Check out eBay UK item number 273013783990
    Ends in 2 days.
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  20. Oakvale

    Oakvale Man In A Suitcase

    Some of the mixes look pretty nice! I'm sure you get much joy from the acapella version.
  21. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    She-it! :yikes: I would love to have that LP!!

  22. Airbus

    Airbus Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Beirut - Lebanon
  23. Airbus

    Airbus Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Beirut - Lebanon
    What was it so it´s that expensive?
  24. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain


    I already had Electric Ladyland many times over but I just had to have this lovely sleeve in all its glory.
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  25. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Sleeve is VG, record is G. That's a £1 or £2 charity shop record in my book.*

    *But I'm not really a record collector, so I'm not clued up on rarity.

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