ZZ Top Cinco: The First Five LPs (5LP 180 Gram Vinyl) June 9

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by masterbucket, May 12, 2017.

  1. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Active Member

    As a bassist, I must reject the idea of the bass being lower in the mix, lol
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  2. 99thfloor

    99thfloor Forum Resident

    That is perhaps the one thing I don't like about Fandango!, and the bass seemed to take up a little less less space with each album, both in the mix but also in what it was "allowed" to play, check the busy playing on First Album and compare to the pumping root notes that started to be standard here.
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  3. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Active Member

    I think you are right about how the collection works together. I would be down for a Warner box set. I've been picking up a lot of box sets lately for some reason. I've been encouraging my guitarist, who is a twenty-something and heavily into vinyl to do the same...
  4. DoF

    DoF Well-Known Member

    Personally love all the eras, still having a problem with La Futura though, probably because of the huge compression of the album. I listened only the the CD version. Anyone listened to vinyl?
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  5. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    Well if this is the case... I may have to go ahead and order one of these. Very awesome!
  6. Steel Woole

    Steel Woole Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    From the guy who set up the cutting sessions.
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  7. ODShowtime

    ODShowtime Forum Resident

    I'm gonna go listen to the new Tejas again.
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  8. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    Thanks. If you know a guy who is there during cutting session for rhino project, it should be interesting to ask him the list of projects he is present and for which it's an AAA cutting. there are numerous threads with speculation about that crucial question so first hand info is certainly needed. Example : are the rhino mono summer lps campaign with Chris Bellman or Kevin gray in the deadwax done AAA or not ? I don't want to derail the thread but...
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  9. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    I agree... Always nice to know the facts if they can be divulged.
  10. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    If they can't be divulged, then I tend to think it's not AAA...I don't know many companies that refused to divulge that the product they put on the market is made the best way you can do...
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  11. DoF

    DoF Well-Known Member

    You can never tell these days
  12. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    Agreed, with post modern capitalism, it's more and more like "what the consumer wants doesn't interest us as company, the consumer will buy what we offer him..."
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  13. DoF

    DoF Well-Known Member

    sad but true
  14. violetvinyl

    violetvinyl Forum Resident

    Correct. Via marketing and manipulation.
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  15. marklamb

    marklamb Active Member

    Vienna, VA, USA
    On a side note a new ZZ Top album is in the works now...
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  16. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Active Member

    So this morning, I played side 2 of Fandango! One of my acid tests of a good record is if I like it first thing in the morning and this passes easily.

    Compared to Tres Hombres which is almost mono in its presentation, being more "center focused, the studio side of Fandango! is more 3 dimensional, having a bigger soundstage side to side and front to back. Overall it has an edgy smoothness that's easy to listen to loud.

    The instruments are well recorded with Beards kick drum having really nice presence, and as you mentioned, the bass is sort of low in the mix, but not terribly so. I wasn't too familiar with these studio songs, but I like them all. Tush, of course I've heard before and one other was kinda familiar, but the rest I'd never listened to as far as I can remember.

    Side one might grown on me, but I'm not into it much.
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  17. seed_drill

    seed_drill Forum Resident

    Tryon, NC, USA
    If this is the case then the 220 gm Screaming Lord Sutch compilation I have must be the most audiophile in my collection. Seriously, the thing looks like an Edison Diamond Disc.
  18. masterbucket

    masterbucket Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Georgia US
    ZZ Top's First Album
    ROCKtober 2017 Exclusive
    UPC: 081227946531
    Release Date: 10/24/2017

    LIST PRICE: $19.98 (you save $2.01)
    $17.97 New

    Oh Yeah...:bdance:
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  19. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Active Member

    Yeah, I read that somewhere... I wonder what they will come up with. I get that a lot of these old rockers pretty much set the standard, but man, at some point a lot of those guys just need to give it up. Like when I saw Pete Townsend's big belly flapping in the breeze during the Superbowl, I was done...

    But I guess blues ain't got no age limit... It can live forever...
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  20. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    On the usual vendor sites?
  21. masterbucket

    masterbucket Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Georgia US
    I bought mine from Barnes and Noble at one of their stores last year.
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  22. Spitfire

    Spitfire Forum Resident

    Pacific Northwest
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  23. MickAvory

    MickAvory Forum Resident

    New Orleans, LA
    No.. this won't be at the usual online places. Rhino's Start Your Ear Off Right.. Summer Of Love..and Rocktober campaigns are Brick & Mortar stores ONLY. Places like Barnes & Noble and Bullmoose will have them online ONLY because they have physical stores.. Amazon, Music Direct, etc... will not have them.
  24. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Maybe I should have renewed my B&N membership last month... Dang it!
  25. Munros1969

    Munros1969 Well-Known Member

    Will be interested to learn how you find it, hopefully all good. I was tempted by the price on Amazon UK but, given the comments here, decided to go for the US version from Amazon.com... with the cheapest shipping it worked out a bit more expensive than buying the EU version but way cheaper than going for the US import on the UK site. Plus I will need to wait a few weeks.

    This multiple pressings approach is a nonsense. I can't see why, for sets like these, the likes of Rhino can't just go with one high quality, well pressed offering that fans can buy with confidence, wherever they happen to live.
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