$100 US CD Box Set Sale to Canada $51.41 CAD Import Fee?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Chris Gerhard, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    I chose UPS shipping since it was the least expensive of several expensive options, I paid around $19. Today I checked the tracking status and found this:

    Import Fees are due for this package.

    Import Charges
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    NOTE: the total value used for calculation of all Duty-based fees is 0.00.

    Freight Charges:
    HST or GST + PST:
    Brokerage Fee:
    Government Charges:
    UPS Customs Brokerage Charges:
    Brokerage GST/HST:
    Brokerage QST:
    Other Government Charges:
    Total Due CAD:

    I am hoping this is a mistake.
  2. Chee

    Chee Forum Resident

    I sent a hundred dollar LP to Canada and declared $15 with USPS. Got there quick and no problems. UPS is cheaper than USPS, never knew that.
  3. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    I declared $100 value.
  4. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Personal Survival Daily Record-Breaker

    When sending to Canada, USPS is the only good option. UPS are by far the biggest thieves and are to be avoided at all costs. DHL is another. FedEx comes in 3rd place.

    USPS 100% of the time, period.

    Recently, a company misread our emailed order requesting USPS as UPS. For a $15 USD item, UPS wanted to charge us 21$ in fees. Nope! Refused delivery for it to be returned to sender.

    UPS are criminals and I refuse to give them any money.
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  5. Peter_R

    Peter_R Maple Syrup Gort Staff

    Montreal, Canada
    Don't pay.
    Call Canada Customs.
    They will point you in the right direction.
    Ask them for the name/number of a form for self-declaration of goods.
    You then fill it out.
    You will then need to bring it to a Canada Customs office, and pay just the duty of about 15 bucks.
    Once you have done so, you can call UPS and tell them you have your own paperwork.
    You will have proof you paid duty and they will be obliged to release it.

    If I use the words in my head to describe UPS, I would have to report and warn myself for violating forum rules.
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  6. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    I am the US seller, the Canadian buyer refused delivery. UPS shipping was $4 cheaper than USPS and I didn't know UPS can charge fees like that. Now what happens to the package?
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  7. eelkiller

    eelkiller One of the great unwashed.

    Northern Ontario
    It should be returned to sender. Assuming the buyer knew that UPS was being used brokerage fees should have been expected. Canadians get gouged by the courier services if the item is valuable.
  8. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    What are brokerage fees? How did UPS act as a broker?
  9. eddiel

    eddiel Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    When sending via UPS, unless the buyer has their own broker, UPS automatically acts as the broker. They do the "work" required to get the item cleared by customs and then charge a brokerage fee.

    Sometimes it's a flat fee, but it's usually based on some % of the declared value so they are usually a rip off. For example, when sending via USPS, Canada Post handles everything on this side and their fee is fixed and charge $10.

    The other problem with UPS, Fedex and similar couriers is that you are 100% guaranteed to be assessed taxes (and duty if applicable) because they make money on it. With USPS/Canada Post, most packages get through without bother from customs.

    The item should be on the way back to you. Has the tracking shown any update with respect to that? Check your transaction details because when I send via the post office, I am now asked if I want the item return, in the event of non delivery, or abandoned and if I select return to sender, there's a charge for it. Not sure if UPS works this way though.
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  10. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    The tracking indicates this:

    The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.

    Past Event Label Created
    Past Event Cleared Import Customs
    Past Event On the Way
    Current Event Final Delivery Attempt Made
    Future Event

    Return to Sender
  11. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    I've said this many times before:

    When shipping from the US to the world, ONLY use USPS (or something like eBay Global Shipping).

    With USPS, once it leaves your hands, you're done. The buyer will be responsible for customs in their country, but that's it--and it won't come back on you.

    With UPS/FedEx/etc: They tack on additional fees, and only make a "best attempt" to collect from the buyer. if they fail to collect, YOU (the seller) get hit with all those fees. Surprise!
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  12. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Senior Member Thread Starter

    This whole thing has been a nasty surprise and I did not know that UPS can do something like this. I will try to find someone at UPS to file a complaint with, but it sounds like the company knows what is doing and it is worth it to rip off customers. I will never use UPS again for anything.
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  13. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    It only happened to me once fortunately, but it was enough to take the same stance as you are.
  14. kwadguy

    kwadguy Senior Member

    Cambridge, MA
    I had this happen to me exactly ONCE. A DVD player I sold to someone in Canada who refused to pay any of the fees, which were then bounced back to me. The seller refused to pay, even after I pinged them several times. I called the shipping service and complained and they made a ONE TIME ONLY adjustment to my account.

    There's a happy ending. About 6 months later, I get an email from the buyer saying that he needs warranty service and could I send him a copy of the retail receipt for the DVD player. (Which I did have, incidentally). I took great pleasure in ignoring him.
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