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1959: Today at the 30th Street Studio

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DMortensen, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 27 (Wednesday) 3 of 4:

    From 7-10:30pm, Ronnie Chapman with Michael Colicchio and His Orchestra recorded some more singles

    Annie B. Is Gone
    The Way The Wind Blows

    Producer/A&R was Tony Piano.

    Musicians employed

    Michael Colicchio
    Frank Carroll
    Al Caiola
    Al Casamenti
    Hy White
    John Pizzarelli
    Walter C. York
    David A. Francis

    compiler was ag

    Here's the French issue of an EP containing the Annie B. song

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    plus a bonus American Bridgeport label


    Isn't Prescott AKA Tony Piano? It's nice that the Leader and Producer of this song split the songwriter royalties...

    with more pictures of the French EP.
  2. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 27 (Wednesday) 4 of 4:

    The Mariners with Lee Erwin at the Organ
    recorded again from 11:30pm-3am the songs

    Near To The Heart of God
    The Old Rugged Cross
    Have Thine Own Way, Lord
    Let The Lower Lights Be Burning

    Jim Foglesong again produced, and Lee Erwin was again the only musician other than the singers.

    compiler was ek
  3. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 28 (Thursday) 1 of 4:

    Today was mostly a day of continuing projects.

    From 10am-1pm, Ernest S. Kardos & His Orchestra (The Kardos Trio) recorded the songs

    Play Gypsies Dance Gypsies
    Two Guitars
    When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry
    Hungarian Dance #1

    Producer/A&R was Ernie Altschuler again.

    Musicians employed were not listed, but presumably it was the quartet previously listed.

    compiler was ek
  4. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 28 (Thursday) 2 of 4:

    Leslie Uggams with Abe (Glenn) Osser and His Orchestra from 2:30-5:30pm continued recording

    Learn To Pray Ev'ry Day (sic)
    It Is No Secret
    I Believe
    One Little Candle

    Producer/A&R was Mitch Miller again.

    Musicians employed ( [ ] indicates present at previous session two days ago, but absent from this one; replacement's name is adjacent. Total count and instrumentation the same as last session.)

    Abe (Glenn) Osser
    Arnold Eidus
    [Max Cahn] Leo Kruczek
    Harry Lookofsky
    [Gene Orloff] Maurice Wilk
    Ralph Silverman
    [David Nadien] Paul Maknowitsky
    [Louis Graeler] [Mac Ceppos]
    [Leo Kahn] Bernard Eichenbaum
    Julius Held
    [David Montagu] [Sylvan Shulman] Felix Giglio
    Arcadie Birkenholz
    Emanuel Green
    Anthony Di Girolamo
    [Urban Green] Russel William Rauch
    Robert Byrne
    [Charles Small] Frank Rehak
    William Byers
    [Isadore Zir] Burt Fisch
    David Mankovitz
    [Richard Dickler] Archie Levin
    [Harold Coletta] Richard Dickler
    [George Ricci] Charles McCracken
    [Morris Stonzek] David Soyer
    [George Gaber] [Artie Marotti] George Gaber
    [Frank Carroll] [Felix Giobbe] Frank Carroll
    Al Casamenti
    Margaret Ross

    compiler was ag

    So, again, exact same section numbers but different players in many cases.
  5. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 28 (Thursday) 3 of 4:

    The only new session today was from 7-11pm, with Linda Sampson and Bernadine Read with Hugo Montenegro and Billy Mure and Their Orchestras.

    These were apparently singles sessions, with Sampson recording two songs and Read recording three. The songs were

    In Between Teen (LS)
    Lover Of The Year (LS)
    Fly Away Lovers (BR)
    Take (BR)
    Night Flight (BR)

    Producer/A&R was Jim Foglesong.

    Musicians employed

    Hugo Montenegro
    Billy Mure
    Contractor and Trumpet:
    Joe Caiani
    Jack Lesberg
    Joe Marshall
    Jerome Richardson
    Al Caiola
    Al Casamenti
    Bucky Pizzarelli (the first time we've seen him called that!)
    Joe Harnell

    compiler was ek

    Linda Sampson later went on to become Linda Scott, and this session under her real name was apparently her first session, as In Between Teen was her record debut. Discogs doesn't know about that song, though it does have this great picture of her on top of the Empire State Building with Arthur Godfrey


    The Chrysler Building is touching his head to the left and the U.N. is touching her head to the right.

    45cat has the single of these two songs. Youtube doesn't.

    Bernadine Read is more elusive; I find an album cover with her cute picture from 1957

    and the label for one of the songs from this session but not the others


    and that she appeared on at least one recording with Mitch Miller, but that's about it.
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  6. DMortensen

    DMortensen Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Seattle, WA USA
    May 28 (Thursday) 4 of 4:

    The final session of the day, and the final chronologically contiguous one of this thread since the next couple of days had no sessions and I need to stop the thread, was originally scheduled to start at 11:30pm after the previous session ended at 10pm. Since that session went to 11, they moved the next session back to midnight although the report is dated today.

    Anyway, the final session of the day was from midnight-3am with
    The Mariners with Lee Erwin at the Organ. They recorded the songs

    Sun Of My Soul
    Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour
    (a clue that the compiler was Canadian or British?)
    God Of Our Fathers
    O Worship The King

    A&R/Producer for this session as well as the last one was Jim Foglesong.

    Lee Erwin on the organ was the only musician, and compiler was ek.

    Thank you for reading and commenting on this thread. I've had a great time.
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  7. Pelvis Ressley

    Pelvis Ressley Down in the Jungle Room

    Capac, Michigan
    Here's a promo copy of the Linda Sampson (Scott) single.

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  8. Shellax

    Shellax Active Member

    I just found this thread, though I've been researching Jimmy Dorsey for a while. Thanks! It answers a number of questions for me. "Ghost" bands like this were a relatively new phenomenon at the time, though there had been authorized and unauthorized Glenn Miller outfits since the late 1940s. There might never have been a Jimmy Dorsey ghost band but for the fact that he scored a major hit in 1957 with "So Rare," but died in the middle of its chart run. The last band he led stayed together to meet the demand for gigs on the strength of the hit, and Lee Castle ended up leading the band until he died more than thirty years later. He had a long relationship with Dorseys, studied with their father, and was even known as "the third Dorsey brother." He was a mainstay of the last band the brothers had together. Jimmy was already in poor health when Tommy died suddenly in November 1956, but kept leading the group, leaning on Lee Castle heavily. A few of the musicians on these dates were Dorsey alumni, including Doc Severinsen, who played with Tommy. John Frosk and Sol Schlinger played with both brothers, and Frosk was in the band when Jimmy died. There may be a few other Dorsey veterans here that I haven't spotted. I see seven tunes in these lists that wound up on the next album "Jimmy Dorsey On Tour," which featured arrangements that Jimmy Dorsey had played with the last group he led. There was talk of a Tommy Dorsey ghost band while Jimmy was still alive, but his estate couldn't decided what to do, and one was not organized until the following year.
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  9. Shellax

    Shellax Active Member

    I just noticed another Dorsey alum in the lineup: trombonist Frank Rehak, who spent time in both Jimmy and Tommy's1950s groups.
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  10. W.B.

    W.B. The Collector's Collector

    New York, NY, USA
    To try to jump-start this thread back to life . . . I seem to remember it was 60 years and one month ago today - September 11, 1959 - that Percy Faith and His Orchestra recorded what would be one of their biggest hits, "The Theme From 'A Summer Place' " (and its B side, "Go-Go-Po-Go"), presumably produced by Mitch Miller. Might there perchance be any word as to the personnel on that pivotal session at 207 East 30th (and in what hours of the day it was recorded)?

    Anyway, here are the labels and picture sleeve, in advance:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. dzjc

    dzjc Forum Resident

    Another awesome thread!!!
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  12. violarules

    violarules Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    Interesting confluence of personnel in this assemblage of musicians. The oboist (and presumably Cor Anglais player, since there is CA in "Misty"), Harry Shulman, was from Pittsburgh and played in the Pittsburgh Symphony before leaving for the NBC under Toscanini.

    Bassist Felix Giobbe was also from Pittsburgh, and his father, Luigi Giobbe, played Bass in the NBC Symphony. How do I know this? My mentor played in the Pittsburgh Symphony under Reiner with Luigi, who, after he left to join the NBC, snuck my mentor into a rehearsal with the NBC and Toscanini.

    Another NBC veteran in this group was Harold Coletta on viola, with whom I had some correspondence at the end of my undergraduate days. It would turn out to be less than a year before his passing.

    Finally, George Ricci on cello was no other than Ruggiero Ricci's brother. Ruggiero was also a friend of my mentor.

    My mentor passed away two years ago at the age of 96. I turned up this thread when trying to find out more about Luigi Giobbe, whom he had referenced in his Toscanini/NBC rehearsal anecdote. It's hard to believe all those musicians are no longer with us. Save for Johnny himself.
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