1960's Skip James album-by-album please?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jasyr, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I would love to hear some experienced people give some of their opinions about the 3 concert albums on Document, as well as Skips 3 studio ones and the final, "Rare and Unreleased"... how they compare to each other, and of themselves.
    I'm almost finished with his biography and I'm ready to go for some vinyl... but can't afford to go hog wild. I'm curious if some of the releases could be divided between "gotta have on vinyl" and "passes fine on CD".

    any info would be appreciated!

  2. Jerry

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    I have pretty much every Skip release. I would stick with the Yazoo 1930's release, and the two albums on Vanguard. Those last two are available on original vinyl used, and repressings. The Yazoo was issued twice, the latter with slightly better sound. There's a vinyl release, but it's not "official," although sounds very good. Probably mastered from the CD. Everything else us nice to have, but you'll rarely go back to it. I would highly recommend finding the video releases. On Shanachie, I believe.
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    In regards to "Studio Sessions-Rare and Unreleased," it's just as important as his other two Vanguard releases. It's most likely studio outtakes from the sessions that produced his two Vanguard lps, and some of the most unique country blues recordings you'll ever hear. Recorded in 1967, the SQ is as first rate as the other Vanguards.

    Oh yes. Get the Newport Festival releases that have his historic live performances. If I recall, the Shanachie video performances are from off-stage at Newport.
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    Thank you... What is your opinion of She Lyin' ?

    Decided on the latest "Today!" & Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers, on vinyl. The more i listened to the last album (1969?) Skip sounded worn out finally, not bad by any means... just tired... passing on that one.

    This time-line with pics & extensive data helped me cut thru all the various comps/reissues out there as well

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