1970s TV Movies - Does anyone air them anymore?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by James Slattery, May 4, 2018.

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    Maybe. I first saw it as a MOW.

    And let’s not forget “the day after.”

    Ha. Not “don’t look in the Basement” I meant “Don’t be afraid of the dark!”
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    The over-the-air stations I get seem amenable to showing "the oldies" but they're also amenable to infomercials.
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    I remember so many TV movies that I saw 40-50 years ago. It seems like ABC was the king of TV movies. "Daughter Of The Mind", "The House On Green Apple Road", "Satan's Triangle", "A Howling In The Woods", "Duel", "Trilogy Of Terror", "The Point", "Outrage", "Killer Bees", "That Certain Summer", "Hitchike", "No Place To Run", "Killdozer", "The Sex Symbol", "The Girl Most Likely To", "Mrs. Sundance", "The Legend Of Lizzy Borden", "A Case Of Rape", "Cry Rape", "Born Innocent", "My Sweet Charlie", "Smashup On Interstate 5", " The Million Dollar Ripoff", "It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy", "Five Desperate Women"...I haven't seen most of these since they originally aired or were repeated once, but I still remember them! There were several actors that back then that showed up in a lot of TV movies: Belinda J. Montgomery, Shelly Novack, Kay Lenz, Scott Jacoby...
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    A Colds Night Death
    The Love Wars (Angie Dickerson,Lloyd Bridges)
    The Night Stalker
    Trilogy of terror
    Helter Skelter
    Duel, and mentioned already so many others. As a kid they all seem to come of the 60s vibe that started from Twilight Zone, Outer limits, The Invaders. Dominic Frontier anyone?
    Take care, John M.
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    Recently watched on YouTube Crowhaven Farm, sort of Rosemary's Baby meets the Salem witch trials, with a score by thee great Robert Drasnin!

    Also, I have a Fright Night box set, including the made-for-TV gem Satan's School for Girls.
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    I've seen "Killdozer" and "The Horror at 37,000 Feet" (w/William Shatner!) on YouTube.
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    Anyone remember "Maybe I'll Come Home In The Spring"?
    Sally Field hooks up with some hippie and she leaves home. She comes back and finds herself very uncomfortable with normal 1970 suburban life.
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    Four Gene Roddenberry pilots were shown as TV-movies of the week: GENESIS II and its second attempt, PLANET EARTH, THE QUESTOR TAPES, and SPECTRE. All but SPECTRE have been released on some kind of DVD.
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    The TV movie of Go Ask Alice made waves in HS. This kind of was the first time as a kid I realized that the networks made their own movies, it was just that it entered my radar here for the first time.
    I stayed far away from the book and movie. I reasoned that if adults were in charge of something like this, it had to be phony baloney stuff, an attitude that served me well when Free Fair came to town.
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    Was NBC

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    UPDATE - "Sarah T. Portrait Of A Teenage Alcoholic"
    will be released on January 29, 2019 by Shout Factory.
    I am going to send them a "Thank You" email with a
    request that they release all of Linda Blair's TV movies. :righton:
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    heh. I remember that movie. There was talk about high schools screening it for assemblies.
    I had been drinking since 13 and when it hit in 1975 I was almost 18.
    We'd say to each other 'Are YOU a teenage alcoholic?' and fall on the floor laughing.
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    Some are on cheap box sets, e.g., Satan's School for Girls. Others are on YouTube, e.g., Crowhaven Farm.
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    I had to track down Trapped on PAL VHS. Love that one

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