2016's best albums - according to Mojo magazine

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dave Gilmour's Cat, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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  2. tmsorosk

    tmsorosk MORE MUSIC PLEASE

    Alberta Canada
    None of the above.
  3. AlecA

    AlecA Forum Resident

    New Hampshire, USA
    Here comes the rain of negative posts about music today and how much better music was in the 19__s!

    oops, I see we already have one!
  4. ThmsFrd

    ThmsFrd Forum Resident

    I'd go for Radiohead, but nothing from the list as N°1 really.
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  5. RichC

    RichC Forum Resident

    I was gonna make a comment that the best album of 2016 isn't on this list... But there it was!
    I guarantee mine will be the only vote it gets.

    FYI all my top five albums made the MOJO cut, so I can't complain about this list in the slightest. YMMV.
  6. Miriam

    Miriam Forum Resident

    Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker

    My list is longer but other great albums are not here.
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  7. Maurice

    Maurice Forum Resident

    North Yarmouth, ME
    Bowie - Blackstar. It's my pick for best album of 2016 too.
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  8. mindgames

    mindgames Forum Resident

    They're early! I understand the technique behind printed media, but in this new digital age the release year doesn't stop early October any more.
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  9. Lookit

    Lookit Member

    Bowie's place at the top is undeniable, as is Nick Cave's showing. Andy Shauf's 'The Party' is top three for me: just perfect.
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  10. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk If You Fly A Flag Of Hate You Ain't No Kin To Me

    Gilbert Arizona
    From that list I have three, Bowie, Michael Kiwanuka and Charles Bradley. It was close between Bowie and Kiwanuka but I voted Bowie though there are others I would have selected as my favorite of 2016.
  11. LandHorses

    LandHorses Forum Resident

    New Joisey
    My favorite is probably Bob Weir's Blue Mountain, but I like the Leonard Cohen, Iggy Pop, PJ Harvey, and Nick Cave albums too.
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  12. BlueSpeedway

    BlueSpeedway overground | underground

    London, England
    Such a boring list. There's so much going on in music outside of Mojo's tiny world.
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  13. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    Wrong answer.
  14. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    No problem choosing 'just one'

    Blackstar is the only one I've heard.:)
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  15. mooseman

    mooseman Forum Resident

    Looks like a caca list to me..:mad: ok ..Bowie is the best new release of 2016
  16. mmars982

    mmars982 Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Bowie's Blackstar, no question.
  17. JohnnyQuest

    JohnnyQuest Forum Resident

    Where's We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service? :confused:

    I voted for....
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  18. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Forum Resident

    Michael Kiwanuka, it's a strong list.

    2016 is turning out to be s good year for music if you take all the terrible deaths out of the equation.
  19. segue

    segue Forum Resident

    not a strong list
    2016 was a great year for music
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  20. mbrownp1

    mbrownp1 Forum Resident

    Blue and Lonesome
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  21. JohnnyQuest

    JohnnyQuest Forum Resident

    That's because they left out heavy hitters like Anti, The Life of Pablo, Coloring Book, Untitled Unmastered, Malibu, etc.
  22. PlushFieldHarpy

    PlushFieldHarpy Forum Resident

    3 albums that I've bought and heard = a pretty good year.
  23. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Ohio, USA
    Drive-By Truckers' American Band is near the top of my list.
  24. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Diver Dan

    Alpine, TX
    I went with Charles Bradley. Car seat headrest is close behind but I skip a few on that. Radiohead and Bowie were solid but not the best of the year for me
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  25. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

    10 years ago I'd likely have everything on their list (and it was double the size I think).

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