2018 Nominees for Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

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    re The Moodies supposedly being 'forgotten' by the general public....

    that must be why they still tour the USA, Europe and have a DOFP 50th anniversary show in Las Vegas, plus DVD / CD/ Blu Ray and vinyl version of the show out...plus do a 'Moody Blues Cruise'

    with the 'core seven' albums all having had deluxe CD versions and a special 2CD / DVD version of DOFP album recently released

    and various 'Best of' compilations plus 'Timeless Flight' and 'Polydor Years' CD box sets have been released

    re their songs - besides 'Night in White Satin' there is in addition 'Go Now' (also sung by Denny on 'Wings Over America' album), 'Tuesday Afternoon' (a song referenced in The Beatles song 'Lady Madonna'), 'Question', 'Isn't Life Strange', 'I'm Just A Singer', 'A Simple Game' (also covered by The Four Tops) and 'Melancholy Man' from the sixties / seventies.....

    plus 'The Voice', 'Blue World' (a UK chart hit), 'Your Wildest Dream' (aka 'Once Upon A Time') and 'I Know Your Out There'.....from the 80's

    together with Justin Hayward's hits 'Blue Guitar' and 'Forever Autumn' from Jeff Wayne's 'War of The Worlds '

    The played as one of the headline acts the Isle of Wight festival in 1970 - a CD / DVD of the show is out

    sold out both Madison Square Gardens and the Royal Albert Hall, plus played the Fillmore - John Denver was once an opening act for them

    After a break of around four years the 1978 'reunion' album 'Octave' still went platinum despite the obligatory unfavorable 'Rolling Stone' review (suggesting the public did not agree with the magazine reviewer's opinion)

    also they had a 1981 no.1 album in the USA 'Long Distance Voyager' followed by several more chart albums over the 80's

    both Justin Hayward and John Lodge have had solo albums and DVD of concerts out in recent years too

    there is a 'Moody Bluegrass' tribute act too

    A two volume in depth book 'Long Distance Voyagers' has been written by Marc Cushman re the group's history and the first volume just published

    while the 2018 Hall of Fame induction has been very firmly fan driven after years of the band being 'snubbed' by a certain Hall of Fame character...

    they have sold over 70 million albums and have 18 platinum and gold records

    so it would seem The Moody Blues are far from 'forgotten' by the public worldwide - and probably why they were the closing act at the 2018 Hall of Fame Induction show - some 53 years years after they were the opening act at the 1965 NME Poll Winners concert at Wembley and were support band to their friends The Beatles on their final UK tour that year

    The Moodies probably have more 'cross generational' appeal overall from sixties / seventies prog/rock fans and 80's 'synth/pop' fans than many of the guitar led rock bands who have a set group of fans of that genre of music
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    Maybe Tuesday Afternoon, Wildest Dreams or I Know You're Out There Somewhere. But I get your point - the average person doesn't know many of there songs. Then again, I can't name more than 2 or 3 Bon Jovi songs.
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    The “average Joe” is more interested in football and baseball than rock music.
    The “average Joe” argument is very meaningless.
  4. Dylancat

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    The general public is more interested in sports than any of this stuff.
    Silly argument.
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    Sounds like The Cars might... very slight chance... but might actually do some new music at some point. Ric says that he hasn't been doing anything musically for a while but maybe he should write some new songs. If the Rock Hall induction leads to that, then that will be a super bonus (especially considering how strong Move Like This was):
    The Cars on Rock Hall Induction: 'It's Slightly Surreal'
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    The average Joe or Jane really don't matter.
    For instance, watching Coachella, I would be the average Joe or Jane for many of the acts. When I googled whoTF they were, well there is some 70,000,000 youtube views etc etc.
    Even old golds of rock can have tens of millions of hits for song after song after song.
    The playing field keeps leveling out.
    Eventually, any sort of hierarchy found in art will be obsolete.
    Everything will have a cult following
    olompali 2018.
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    yes some great examples of things the band has done, in the past. we are talking about in 2018 the band is not as big as they were even 20 years ago. not sure what the point of your post is as the band tours a lot and plays venues that hold usually max 3,000 people while bon jovi plays places that hold usually over 15,000 people
  8. Eleventh Earl of Mar

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    I think The Moody Blues fall into the "one hit wonder" area sadly - think of Yes but worse since they really were an album band.
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    One hit wonder...
    Umm not really but....
    Que up the immortal Lebowski quote.....
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    I am very surprised some bands discussed here aren't already in the HOF !
    Also this is the first time I hear about HOF, what is so special about being in it ?
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    Yes, I’m a huge Moody a blues fan but I don’t know many people who know them beyond a song or two. When I was in high school they had a show here and surprisingly a lot of people from school went. And we’re talking high school kids. So there’s that. But that was also....17 years ago?
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    It’s an American thing like sports baseball Hall of Fame that attempts to quantify and immortalize “heroes” and also to profit by it by having a museum.
    The Country Music Hall of Fame was the basis and blueprint for the Rock Hall.
    It’s not important, but a topic of conversation since it’s there.
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    Well no. they have plenty of hits. Definitely more than Yes.
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  14. Does anyone have a link to the setlist for the entire night, in performance order? - including who sang what? (when it wasn't the original band/singer performing). Thx!!
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    I'm putting up "Surfin' Bird" for next year.
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    No offence but this thread has been full of silly comments and I think you've got the virus too.
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  18. Eleventh Earl of Mar

    Eleventh Earl of Mar Somehow got them all this far.

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    Just mean in my personal experience, I'm young however Ive heard 70s Yes played on classic rock commercial radio but no Moody Blues - I like the band, I just think their back catalog is not as appreciated.
  19. jon9091

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    Try again. The Moodies have a lot of hits...but that’s not even the only thing that matters.
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  20. troggy

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    southern Illinois
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  21. dumangl

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    No modern artists are R n' R as it existed in the R n' R era although many are influenced by it. This is as it should be.
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  22. jon9091

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    Dude...if what gets played on Classic Rock Commercial Radio defines what belongs in a Rock and Roll HOF, music is screwed.
  23. Dreaddazzman

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    The Killers –
    American Girl / Free Fallin'

    Bon Jovi -
    You Give Love a Bad Name
    It's My Life
    When We Were Us
    Livin' on a Prayer

    Brittany Howard -
    That's All
    (Sister Rosetta Tharpe cover) (with The Roots) (Also with Paul Schaffer and Felicia Collins)

    Felicia Collins
    Strange Things Happening Every Day
    (Sister Rosetta Tharpe cover) (with The Roots) (Also with Paul Schaffer)

    The Cars (with Scott Shriner from Weezer on Bass)
    My Best Friend's Girl
    You Might Think
    Moving in Stereo
    Just What I Needed

    Ann Wilson
    Black Hole Sun
    (Soundgarden cover) (with Jerry Cantrell)

    Andra Day
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
    (Nina Simone cover) (with The Roots)
    I Put a Spell on You
    (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover) (with The Roots)

    Lauryn Hill
    Ne me quitte pas
    (Jacques Brel cover)
    Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
    (Nina Simone cover)
    I've Got Life
    Feeling Good
    (Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley cover)

    The Moody Blues
    I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
    Your Wildest Dreams
    Nights in White Satin
    Ride My See-Saw
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    The Moodies had plenty of songs playing on AOR well into the '80's--"Satin", "Question", "Timothy Leary's Dead" ( I know that's not the title) and a few others. They were not one hit wonders.
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    Bon Jovi's a joke. My two cents.
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