2021 marks 50 years of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra)

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    "2021 marks 50 years of ELO. We’ve been all over the world and have so many incredible memories to look back on, and more to create! Throughout the year, we will be sharing special 50th anniversary surprises with you. Follow us here, and on Twitter & Instagram @jefflynneselo to see what we have in store! #ELO50"

    Jeff Lynne's ELO on Twitter: "2021 marks 50 years of ELO. We’ve been all over the world and have so many incredible memories to look back on, and more to create! Throughout the year, we will be sharing special 50th anniversary surprises with you. Follow along to see what we have in store! #ELO50 https://t.co/biPT7WVi5N" / Twitter

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    Message From The Country is also celebrating its 50th birthday this year; for my money, the finest hour of the Lynne~Wood collaboration. Heed ¨The Words of Aaron¨!
  3. "Jeff Lynne's ELO 50th" is the kind of muddled marketing that the guys in Part II and later The Orchestra have been vilified for, but I'm just about willing to look past this if we get even a fraction of the content I've seen teased behind the scenes over the last few months. Also, since it's very unlikely Jeff's camp is going to mention these, I'll do my bit and inform you all that both Part II albums are to be reissued via Renaissance Records in August, with Moment Of Truth making its vinyl debut as a limited 2LP pressing. On a related note, isn't there another anniversary coming later this year? As with the 2018 edition of Secret Messages, it may end up being a few weeks late, though I suspect this one is worth waiting that bit longer for. Just what is the source of that expanded Time tracklist on Wikipedia, and why hasn't it been removed yet?
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    So there might be some worthwhile releases happening this year?
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    It goes without saying that Jeff deserves an insurmountable amount of thanks from us the fans for the music he created, and here we celebrate ELO's origins just over 50 years ago. The music to us is practically a unique art in its own right, which is why we hope for an anthology set that includes old songs and new songs alike. It is always fun to revisit the classics while also being surprised with unreleased content such as touring audio, alternate takes or demos. It is very telling that incompleted demos such as "Second Time Around" and "Dark City" have followings of their own... and hopefully there is more out there. Perhaps that is what their tweet implies, I'm wishing.
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    I would not take that particular entry seriously as of right now.

    Information pertaining to the two outtakes from Time is extremely limited, with nearly everything else surrounding them being nothing more than assumptions or educated guesses. The title Time Transporter has no official credibility, only a placeholder title dubbed by some in the ELO community. This is in reference to Rain is Falling mentioning a time transporter, and also is based on the guess that the intro to Hold on Tight on Flashback is an outtake from these acetates (since track D3 and this intro both immediately precede Hold on Tight). Based off that, the chances of D3 actually being called Time Transporter are astronomical. Possible, yes, but unlikely.

    Sad Affair is also not confirmed. It had an entry on the Jeff Lynne Song Database, but webmaster Rob Porter told me via e-mail he removed it since it was never further corroborated and he came to believe it to be a hoax. Since then, track B3 has been dubbed Sad Affair for the lack of any confirmed name. Youtube user ELO Rare Tracks uploaded a video claiming to be Sad Affair, clocking at 4:21, this video was completely silent and was also never further corroborated. Best to just assume this is fake as well.

    On the surface, that double album tracklist on that article looks made up based around this information that's in the grapevine, and marking it as definitely true. As for the oddities like the short length of Julie and the 5 minute 21st Century Man? I simply couldn't tell you, but they are probably based around similar assumptions due to their positions on the 2LP.
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    Can't wait to purchase both Part II albums.

    Jeff Lynne's ELO has been all over the world? I don't think so (probably just being picky with the words). They been to America, Britain, Scotland, and Ireland. They haven't gone to Australia, and they really should have since it has been 43 years since the original ELO went to Oz. And Jeff's group should play Eastern Europe (which Part II did) or South America (which Queen did).

    A 2 LP Time is worth spending money on. But I would love some live tracks, or a live cd bonus feature on another release.

    So, this year will be interesting in JELOland!
  9. edenofflowers

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    Some people have quite an imagination.
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    All the classic albums in 5.1.
    On The Third Day through to the extended Secret Mesaages.

    Yea I know, but I'm allowed to dream ....
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    The 1st album (with 10538 on it) was the best one. Had a prog-rock feel to it. Wasn't the same without Roy Wood. ELO 2 had it's moments
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    Agreed. And some of this nonsense was debunked by contributers to a recent thread on the Time double album subject, but no fun letting the facts get in the way of rumours from 'insider sources'.

    A bit like Jeff's planned launch of the 'ELO 50' campaign on national radio a few months ago which was pulled at the last moment because someone put something on YouTube which upset him. Or the planned Move reunion (yes including Bev) as opening act for Jeff's ELO at Birmingham a couple of years ago which was on the cards... until it wasn't.

    The imaginative feeding the gullible, but just my opinion of course.
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    Looking forward to anything Jeff offers us this year. It's been pretty quiet on the Jeff Lynne/ELO front for the last year (not entirely surprising) but it's hard to believe he's not been busy on a few projects. If the rumours of a Long Wave Vol. 2 turn out to be for real, I'll be a happy camper. Combine that with some new material, I'll be over the moon (with or without a ticket).
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    Always good to see this video - thanks @ShardEnder for the reminder!

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    Kelly playing a Höfner 500/1 bass!
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    Happy 50th S/T (No Answer) :)
  17. That radio announcement wasn't pulled because of a YouTube upload - the only leak of that kind I can think of was when the higher quality version of Beatles Forever leaked, and I seem to remember that happening later. I was listening to that show with a few other fans in a Discord server voice chat session, and they promised "something new" from ELO after opening with the very same remaster of Shine A Little Love that has now surfaced early on a few digital platforms. At the end, they were hoping to chat with Jeff (presumably over the phone), but instead we got a clearly improvised segment where the host stumbled through an extended link into the next part, which was a rather disappointing way of padding out air time. If I was to guess, they couldn't get hold of Jeff for some reason, or they'd only just received some kind of memo relating to the planned announcements being pushed back, which has now apparently happened at least twice, each time by a quarter.

    As for the 50th anniversary Move reunion concert, all the participants believed to be involved with that were spotted at the venue by fans, and Bev later had to backtrack on his previous commitments by saying that he always intended to go on tour under this band name with Trevor as the only other original member. However, if that was always the case, why did Roy object to this in such a vocal way? There was definitely some kind of surprise being planned, though Bev's impatience led to him burning any remaining bridges with Roy. Not long after that, Trevor was forced to retire due to ill health, and the short-lived Bev Bevan's Move was abandoned. (There's also been a little controversy about Bev's touring with Quill in recent years, but that's another matter entirely.)

    The #ELO50 campaign is finally kicking into gear almost a year later than was originally planned, though it was slightly worrying to see the already delayed hardback edition of the Wembley Or Bust book pushed back yet again to September 14th, providing there aren't further last minute setbacks. What's even more puzzling is that a digital preview copy of this has been readily available for months, so it's either a production issue or the pandemic having an impact on distribution. Either way, that was meant to serve as the so-called first wave of the upcoming reissue campaign, featuring an updated timeline and a hype sticker tying it in with the overall 50th anniversary celebrations. Beyond a few social media posts and some remastered albums that supposedly weren't meant to be up yet, we know very little, and the release window is rapidly closing.
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    Casey Kasem's American Top 40 from March 5th, 1977, was on, this is Casey Kasem on AT40 countin' down the most popular songs in the USA, we're on our way to a brand new #1, and we're up to the third of our debut songs this week, you know back in 1972 the British group Move just barely dented our charts with this song, peaking at #93, it wasn't long after that the group broke-up, and three of its founding members formed The ELO, The Electric Light Orchestra, this week, ELO brings the song back, and this time it makes it all the way into The 40, debuting at #38 this is, Do Ya... :cool:

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    ELO is one of my favorite old bands, but every time an album or press release (or Lynne) mentions the "Orchestra" it irritates me. The orchestra aspect of ELO was summarily disbanded..what..35 years ago? Come on now, Jeff. Who do you think you're fooling here?
  20. Just a quick note for now: Amazon has updated its listings for the upcoming hardback edition of Wembley Or Bust to show a redesigned cover, which includes the new #ELO50 logo and Jeff's name mentioned no less than three times!
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    Is there any way to ask Jeff’s management or record company what the release dates are for any upcoming cds?
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    I never got the widespread appeal of this band. They are neither a ‘rock’ band nor do their classical arrangements add much credibility to their reputation. Sure they had a few catchy hits, but nothing that would make you want to buy their albums or catch them live. In fact growing up I would had been in the prime age group to be a consumer of their product. I didnt know a single sole who either had any of their stuff or even talked about them at any length. At least from my view considering what I like, they were neither a good rock band nor were they a good prog band. And I was into all of the popular prog bands back then except for maybe Styx who was more of a “semi prog” act.
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    Thanks for that. Very helpful in an ELO thread.
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  24. Chris C

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    At this point, ELO albums in surround is all that I'm really interested in. The albums that you mentioned would be perfect in surround and if any recordings ever deserved surround mixes, the albums from "On The Third Day" through "Time" are certainly worthy!
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    Just calling them as I see them. The thread wasn’t about a particular version or period of the band, or a discussion of a particular album......just that they were celebrating 50 years together and to “keep an ear out” so to speak. So yes, that would open the discussion to any kinds of opinions good or bad I would think.
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