2023 and still not on Blu-Ray!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michael, Mar 4, 2023.

  1. Michael

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    yea, we need complete series Blu-ray box sets!
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    Great movie! Moved me so.....

    Barbara Stanwyck superb, very emotional sentimental movie

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  3. unclefred

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    An insider at Kino Lorber has posted that Looking For Mr. Goodbar has been approved for release and is coming from another label.
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  4. Solaris Morse

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    I recently watched A Very Long Engagement on DVD,and what a wonderful film it is. I was so smitten with it I decided to see if it was available on 4K but unfortunately its not. So I thought I'd just have to settle for the blu-ray version instead, and I must admit to being totally shocked that its not on blu - ray either....at least not in the UK. So it looks like I'm going to have to stick with my DVD copy,although to be fair, it looks wonderful even on that format.
  5. SoundAdvice

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    A Very Long Engagement (2004)
    This site is great for checking if alternate HD sources exist. A pricey Out of Print French blu-ray(english subs) was released and some HD streaming options exist for the 2004 film.
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  6. pig whisperer

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  7. Recently looking into Shirley Temple flicks, when she was a child. There are only 2 of her films on Blu-ray. All of her most famous/popular movies are MIA.

    From my understanding, the missing ones are Disney, via 20th Century Fox, so good luck with that, unless they farm them out to another shop.
  8. Vahan

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    I hate what Disney is doing to the Fox library. I really do.
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  9. Yep.
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  10. Solaris Morse

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    Thank you for your info and link, I'll check it out.

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