25 years on: The Church “Starfish” appreciation thread / song-by-song review

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by 1970, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. dobyblue

    dobyblue Forum Resident

    Only in the two previous posts, haha. :)

    I don't think they've unleashed it yet but Amazon Canada have a decent price on it ($10 cheaper than Amazon US) so I'll be picking this up as soon as possible. Looks like it releases next week.
  2. stenway

    stenway Forum Resident

  3. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    The differences are pretty subtle. It's about 10 seconds shorter than the album version. It's been a long time since I did a real comparison, but I seem to remember that it is a slightly different mix - vocals and drums turned up a bit.
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  4. 1970

    1970 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Santa Rosa, CA
    From AlienRendel, originally posted here:
    The Church - any of the congregation here?

    BTW - I just received the new "Starfish" vinyl reissue from Music On Vinyl (http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/the-church/starfish#.UyCDfvmwLYg).

    The cover is nicely reproduced, though rendered slightly darker than my US Arista original press and not quite as sharp. Nice, thick & flat vinyl in an anti-static inner. The original inner sleeve is reproduced here as a 2-sided insert.

    The vinyl is very flat and quiet, nicely pressed. Slightly lower in volume than the Arista original. It sounds pretty good, but not as wonderful as the original. Slightly less dynamic, a bit more bass, not as 3-dimensional as the original. Starfish is a pretty complex recording, with lots of layers of sound and a great mix and the original vinyl renders it in a full, deep and slightly dark glory, fully capturing the mystery and the intrigue of the music. The MOV reissue is not bad, but lacks the spaciousness of the original. Comparing it to the Australian CD reissue from 2005, it sounds remarkably similar, so probably made from the same digital source/master.

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  5. NirvanaCollector

    NirvanaCollector New Member

    Currently playing my first pressing. Still an amazing album.
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  6. stenway

    stenway Forum Resident

    what about the sound quality between Starfish Mushroom (Australian 1st press) vs the Arista (US 1st press)
    (same question for Gold Afternoon Fix)
    ??? :righton:
  7. Sluggy

    Sluggy Forum Resident

    The Red Centre
    Bought this album when it first came out, one of my first CDs. The back cover even has Side 1 and Side 2 on it!

    Absolutely wonderful album, not a weak track on it. Destination has beautiful guitar interplay, Antenna another of my favs. Can't say enough good things about this record, a bit surprised to see the love for this record overseas (US/UK).

    Cheers, SLuggy
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