3 Body Problem (Netflix new si-fi series)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by pdxway, Mar 22, 2024.

  1. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    Has anybody seen the 30 episode Chinese version?
  2. zakyfarms

    zakyfarms White cane lying in a gutter in the lane.

    San Francisco
    Yes, I watched it and quite enjoyed it, once I got used to the style, which is different from US-produced shows.
  3. Veronica Davids

    Veronica Davids New Member

    San Francisco, CA
    The boom wax really good, but I heard the series leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. jfeldt

    jfeldt Forum Resident

    SF, CA, USA
    The physics is well done in the books, and in the two episodes I’ve seen so far. I won’t spoil the plot but wait to see the explanation for what is happening.
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  5. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    Another question: is the 26 episode director’s cut available here in the US. I have Prime and will watch the version there next I think.
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  6. Squealy

    Squealy Forum Hall Of Fame

    I didn’t remark on the smoking at all, even though now that you guys mention it, you almost never see characters smoke on TV anymore. But… people do still smoke in real life, so it didn’t faze me. I’m sure there is some intention behind it.

    (Which characters smoke again? Benedict Wong, the improbably model-gorgeous engineer…. Who else?)
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  7. There’s a reason why the physics suddenly doesn’t match up anymore. You need to watch more episodes. The physics presented is pretty reasonable prior to the explanation.
  8. I’ve watched it and it’s quite good. Judge for yourself.
  9. Because some people do still smoke and the one’s that do, it fits their characters.
  10. zakyfarms

    zakyfarms White cane lying in a gutter in the lane.

    San Francisco
    I don't know which version I watched. I watched it on youtube, and there were 30 episodes I think?
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  11. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Space-Age luddite

    Central PA
    Without even seeing it, I think when it takes a handful of different channels loading fifteen tease clips onto Th'Tube months before they're even able to premiere it, my first thought is, "They're awfully desperate to get an audience curious about the title before they even decide if it's something worth their time."
  12. It’s typical marketing particularly with the title of the series and, given how much they’ve invested in it, they want it to succeed like a science fiction Game of Thrones so to me it makes sense. Desperation has nothing to do with it. The series has gotten -largely-very positive reviews and, while flawed, it’s still an exceptional series that swings and lands more often than misses.
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  13. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Space-Age luddite

    Central PA
    I don't have any reason to question the quality of the product, just in the shilling process.
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  14. darkmass

    darkmass Forum Resident

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  15. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    Watched Episode 1 and I'm in!
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  16. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    No, there's a disclaimer:

    No person or entity associated with this film received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of tobacco products.
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  17. misterbozz

    misterbozz Senior Member

    Nerima-ku, Tokyo
    You do need to watch on, to find out why.
  18. the no guy

    the no guy Cat on the moon

    Gave this show a go last night but literally feel asleep midway through episode three. Feels like a bad season of Dr Who.

    The smoking really is jarring to the point of making certain scenes hard to watch. The dope smoking lab assistant is particularly stupid. What were the producers thinking?
  19. kanakaris

    kanakaris Forum Resident

    They'll find a way.
  20. dougotte

    dougotte Petty, Annoying Dilettante

    Washington, DC
    I'm keeping an open mind. We finished episode 4 last night, and we're both enjoying the story. I have a pretty good idea about the true goal of the aliens, but will keep mum for now. I could be completely wrong (I often am!).
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  21. mr. steak

    mr. steak Forum Resident

    chandler az
    After three episodes I'm going to keep watching. I read the book many years back and this is reminding me of all the stuff I had pretty much forgotten about.

    The acting though can be quite bad from some of the leads.
  22. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    Finished last night. Overall I enjoyed the series but felt it kind of ran out of gas a bit at the end. I do hope it gets picked up for a second season though.
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  23. Agreed. They stuffed the majority of the revelations in the episodes preceding it. I would have tied things up with one or two major reveals in the penultimate and final episode. Still, a very good show. I do hope Netflix’s picks it up for two more seasons to conclude the series based on the books. Like Game of Thrones and The Expanse, there are elements from the second and third books that are dovetailed into the first season based on narrative need.
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  24. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    I’m sortof digging it. But am i the only one that’s getting tired of the obvious “created in unreal engine” look that’s in so many series/movies?
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  25. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    I just watched the first episode. Really kind of frustrating. Everybody’s rambling about how physics is broken. Example please? Inkling of mysterious going on to Hook you but otherwise, the story was meandering. Paced way too slow for me.

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