30-disc studio & live box coming from Gentle Giant

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    Seriously though…

    Let’s have a separate 50th anniversary release “Gentle Giant” (5.1, stereo, and instrumental stereo) in August 2020...
    their full debut album remixed by Steven Wilson in high resolution 96/24 Stereo LPCM, 96/24 5.1 surround LPCM and DTS-HD 5.1 surround, with instrumental stereo mixes for every track, early studio outtakes Freedoms Child, Hometown Special, Weekend Cowboy, and Bringing Me Down, and Live at King Alfred's College Winchester 1971 gig… with vinyl box set equivalent!

    then a definitive GG visual box set (maybe 2DVD or 2BRD) featuring all filmed live performances (Brussels 1974, Long Beach 1975, Golders Green Hippodrome 1978), television appearances (German TV, Italian TV), promo videos, interviews, documentary, commentary…

    And, if they are all healthy, willing, and able… a GG50 double headlining tour with VdGG Sept-Nov next year would be a phenomenal dream! :yikes::uhhuh::pineapple::goodie::drool:
  2. ironbutterfly

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    Pre ordered
  3. Dok

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    That's a fun watch. I'm trying to hold firm on not getting this and the Gong box. Have nice copies of both bands discography on vinyl and CD. It's the books I'm most interested in. That's a lot of money to pay for books. If only they'd sell them separately.
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    Pre-order price of $309.99 in the US at Collector's Choice Music. Are there are any domestic deals that are better than this? Also, can anyone comment on how well CCM packages items for shipment? I'd hope that they would ship this GG box in whatever protective outer cardboard sleeve that will invariably (I would assume) sheathe this item from getting banged up in the first place.
  6. alakulju

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    The most memorable chorus of GG goes:

    allaround allaround allaround allaround allaround…..
  7. Butzi

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    Currently $299 on Amazon.com.
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    For those interested and have the ability to listen, Derek and Ray were on last nights Freak Zone with Stuart Maconie BBC Radio 6.
  9. giantleech

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    I decided to go with Collectors Choice because they had several other items I wanted (at a good price) and the shipping was (close to) free for orders of three or more items. Now I just have to really hope that they package this thing well enough (hopefully within its own dedicated outer shipping box) to arrive to me unscathed.
  10. Dok

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  11. duneman

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    Bueno - when does the interview start? It's a two hour show :wtf: :cool:
  12. duneman

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    Starts @ ~47:00 :cool:
  13. Dok

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    Derek Shulman: Un-boxing The Giant

    Nice interview with Derek.

    VT: Obviously one of the main attractions here will be the inclusion of the live concerts, and from what I’ve listened to so far, they sound great! A big step up from your average bootleg recording.

    DS: Right, I think the live material that was found for this set was mostly either board mixes or radio shows, they weren’t just like a cassette in front of the band or from the back of the arena. From what I understand, they’re good recordings.

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    $300 is probably worth it for what's here ... but I have all the albums .. the cd's and the 5.1's. The live discs would be interesting but not enough for me to throw $300 at this. All I really want is the Debut album 5.1, and $300 is just too steep for me to justify getting it.... Really disappointed. I sure hope the 5.1 gets an individual release.....
  15. duneman

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    Already have a fair amount of live GG - but would love to have the debut in 5.1!
  16. Norco74

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    That is usually the next phase...not sure we will see all of the box material released under individual titles.
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  17. Dok

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    Email from Burning Shed this morning-

    Good news!

    The boxes have arrived here at Burning Shed and we are starting to label them ahead of shipping next week so it is now too late to cancel the order or change your shipping address.

    Your box will be shipped to you by courier. We use different couriers depending on which country you are in so please watch out for tracking emails and/or SMS text messages from ParcelForce, DPD or Fed-Ex.
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    Wonder how quick mine will get to Australia from JPC.DE?
  19. dennis the menace

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    Great news...my box set was shipped yesterday from Burning Shed with an ETA of next Thursday, December 5. Christmas will be early this year !
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  20. Dok

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    Where's my notice?! I ordered from them too and have heard nothing. ;)
  21. dennis the menace

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    My notice came from FedEx after I got Burning Shed's note that the boxes had arrived. Can't believe you had to order a box to get one. :D
  22. murrays

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    They must be busy. They are also clearing the Jethro Tull Stormwatch backlog as well.
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  23. I am so on the fence about this. I have all of the studio albums, a lot of love stuff. If I hadn’t already purchased this multiple times, I,would consider it. Still thinking about it.
  24. GreggF

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    I also received a notice from Burning Shed. So far, FedEx tracking just lists it as 'ticket received'. The physical boxes may not have shipped yet.
  25. Norco74

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