30th Anniversary of BACK TO THE FUTURE

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Vidiot

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    Hollywood, USA
    I saw where this month is the 30th anniversary of this classic sci-fi film, originally released on this day in 1985. The Digital Bits just posted a remarkable breakdown of the film releases, video transfers, and versions of the films over the years, and it reminds me what a fantastic film series it was:


    I really love this film. I wish I could have gone to the showing at the Hollywood Bowl a few days ago, where David Newman conducted a live orchestra to accompany the film... and composer Alan Silvestri created a half hour of additional music for scenes that had never had music before. I bet that was a great experience.

    I may watch them all again over the weekend... just because.

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  2. Mr. H

    Mr. H Forum Resident

    One of my all time favorite films! Love it.
  3. 5th-beatle

    5th-beatle Forum Resident

    Classic films indeed.
  4. MikeInFla

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    Panama City, FL
    What's funny is recently I changed my text notification on my phone to the Back To The Future "twinkle" noise and people at work were going nuts! "What the heck is that noise?? I know that from somewhere!". After several hours someone said " Oh yeah that's the Back To The Future noise! ".
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  5. Erik Tracy

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    There was (still is?) a marathon showing of the trilogy, I fell asleep to one of them and woke up later and got back into watching them all over again. The first was the best, imho.
  6. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Wow, what a great idea! :cool:
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  7. Zeroninety

    Zeroninety Forum Resident

    My wife and I are going to watch them on October 21st--the day in the future that Marty and Doc travel to in Part II. :)
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  8. GlamorProfession

    GlamorProfession Forum Resident

    Must be why they keep showing them on AMC. Caught a good bit of part 2 this morning. I remember not liking part 2 the first time I saw it...but it's grown on me.
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  9. GuildX700

    GuildX700 Forum Resident

    Love the whole trilogy. Wore out my VHS years ago me and my kids watched them so many times.

    I've got the trilogy on blu ray now and they look and sound amazing.
  10. erniebert

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    Toronto area
    This movie series is special for me because I was 17 in 1985 and am 47 in 2015, just like Marty.
  11. PaulKTF

    PaulKTF Forum Resident

  12. Torontotom

    Torontotom Forum Resident

    Michael J. Fox was perfect in the lead role. No disrespect to Eric Stoltz who probably would have been good as well, but Fox was the right choice.

    I didn't like Part 2 when it came out in 1989. I thought they waited too long but watching it again, it's a lot more ambitious than I remember.
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  13. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Ah great memories of seeing it in the theater as a kid. It bugged me back then that I saw it in July '85, but the clocks in the car showed the present date in October '85.

    I saw it at the Cineplex Odeon III in College Station, TX next to the Skaggs Alpha-Beta. All of that is long gone.
  14. Vahan

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    Glendale, CA, USA
    Vidiot, I remember a year ago, you said that you got to meet Alan Silvestri, while he was recording the music for the films. You even stated the tapes they used to record, and the kind of microphones, if I remember right.
  15. guy incognito

    guy incognito Senior Member

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that 1985 is now as far back in the past as 1955 was then. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!! :faint:

  16. mattdm11

    mattdm11 Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    For my money it's the best trilogy ever made. I'm not a Star Wars fan. I liked the recent Batman trilogy. But I get stuck watching one of these (II, the other day), and I watched the whole thing, and III was on next, so I had to switch the station before I got sucked in to that one.

    There was someone at work recently who said they had never see any of the Back to the Futures. I just shook my head.....
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  17. mbrennem

    mbrennem Active Member

    I was never a huge fan of the 2015 parts of #2 but it was on the other day and I happened to catch the 1955 part of that film and it is still pretty impressive how they wove the new story overtop of the original 1955-era material from the first film. I think some of it is reshoots and some is footage from the first film but it is hard to tell the difference.

    Overall the entire trilogy is just a ton of fun.
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  18. Oatsdad

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    Alexandria VA
    I saw "BTTF 2" opening night in 1989 and HATED it. It was much darker/less fun than the original - and it ended with a friggin' trailer for the next movie! :mad:

    I came to like it later, though, when I understood it better. In 1989, I just wanted something like the original and wasn't ready for a film that offered such a departure.

    It's not - and never will be - as good as the original, but it's better than I thought in 1989 and I respect its ambitions...
  19. Torontotom

    Torontotom Forum Resident

    It is crazy. And we are now in 2015!
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  20. Remurmur

    Remurmur Music is THE BEST!

    I absolutely love all three, though the first two were definitely better than the third which was still good, but had a noticeable step down in quality, I thought.

    Michael J Fox and Christopher had great chemistry, and there are so many hilarious time related gags in all three that I don't know where to start.

    One of the few movies where the sequels were more than welcomed, and more than worth watching I think.
  21. erniebert

    erniebert Shoe-string audiophile

    Toronto area
    I liked it at the time, but now it seems cheesey. The first one doesn't suffer from that.
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  22. Commander Lucius Emery

    Commander Lucius Emery Forum Resident

    Second-best trilogy ever, after the Karloff Frankensteins. Even though it stars the man identified by Mojo Nixon as the evil anti-Elvis. Wonder if anyone even notices the Huey Lewis cameo in I? II duplicates the antics of I a bit too much.
  23. Edwin Hawley

    Edwin Hawley Forum Resident

    Okobojo, SD
    The row of payphones when Marty first enters "the future" in ep. II always cracks me up.
  24. Remurmur

    Remurmur Music is THE BEST!

    LOL. Yep. They sure got that one wrong...:)
  25. minerwerks

    minerwerks Forum Resident

    I remember hearing about the live orchestra performances of Back to the Future and thought it was supposed to tour across the US. It happened in several cities in the UK earlier this year.

    And of course the UK got this:

    Secret Cinema created an immersive environment and live show to accompany the film. I got goosebumps watching this video. They are supposed to transplant this to LA sometime this year, but of course, plans are still a secret.

    Myself, I sprung for a five-day event called "We're Going Back." It's a tad costly ($880!) but it does ostensibly have Universal's support - the first day (October 21, 2015, natch) is at the studios. One night includes an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at the Hollywood Methodist Church where the movie's dance was filmed. And the final night is a screening of the original film in the parking lot of the Puente Hills Mall, the real-life stand-in for Twin Pines Mall. One day is entirely devoted to touring filming locations, so as a geek about that stuff, I'm excited. They should be announcing cast and crew appearances soon.

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