50% sale / discount on preservation webinars for media, paper, photo etc

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    Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)

    50% Discount Extended!

    On-Demand Recordings of recent webinars now 1/2 off through Sunday May 10. (Happy Mothers Day!)

    Building an Easy Digital Preservation Workflow with Small Tools;
    Diving Deeper with Digital Preservation Using the Command Line;
    Preventing and Responding to Mold in Book and Paper Collections;
    and the "Caring for" webinar series, including:
    • Photographic Collections,
    • Framed Collections,
    • Architectural Records,
    • Digital Media,
    • Scrapbooks,
    • & more.

    LEARN MORE and Register: nedcc.org/prestr
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    Thanks, they helped me with a book once and are very nice people. There are a few no charge videos on the page above, too.
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