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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Fahzz, Jan 14, 2023.

  1. Fahzz

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    I currently have a 50" Plasma but I'm looking at LG OLED TV's. The LG series I'm considering comes in either 48" or 55" and 55" is too big for the location. Anybody have thoughts/experience on the visual impact of the size difference between my 50 and a 48 inch screen? Thanks!
  2. Oatsdad

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    Honestly can't imagine you'd see a difference between 48" and 50".

    I know from experience that LG OLEDs are a massive improvement over plasmas.

    I loved my Panny plasmas... until I got my LG OLED!
  3. It’s always jarring going from one TV to a smaller one, IMO. The difference isn’t all that great but I bet you’ll notice it.
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  4. audiomixer

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    It’s a shame you can’t make the 55” work. That would be a big improvement.
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    Screen size isn't everything. Check out the total size including the bezel. I have an older 46" LCD TV with a large bezel. My newer 55" OLED is about the same size because the bezel is so much smaller.
  6. Turnaround

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    You can use a website like this to compare the relative size of two TV sizes. The top of the webpage has boxes to pick different image aspect ratios to see on the screen size.


    You lose 8% of the image (surface area of screen).
  7. JCRW

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    I would not go smaller unless real estate determined it to be necessary. As you cannot go up to 55" I would recommend you stick with a 50" tv to prevent any doubts from arising after purchase.
  8. shadowhillway

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    TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science

    recommended viewing distance
    48" ⇒ 6.7 ft (2.05 m)
    50" ⇒ 7.0 ft (2.13 m)

    either size has the same field of view within a 3.6" difference of viewing distance.
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    Thanks everybody. Spitfire is right - the smaller bezel might solve the problem. 55'" only adds a couple of inches in width these days.

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