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50's-, 60's- and 70's rock songs with some skronking saxophone?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by D.H., Aug 9, 2014.

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  1. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Senior Member

    King Curtis -- Soul Twist (and almost anything he played on he is the "King")

    Big Jay MacNeely -- There Is Something On Your Mind (the honking starts at about 1:30)

    Frank Zappa -- The Gumbo Variations
    (One of the greatest examples of growling, screaming, and honking ever put on tape. The sax solo is ugly/beautiful.)
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  2. Groggy

    Groggy Forum Resident

    The Street & Babe Shadow from the album Tanx by T.Rex
    It bursts out of the blocks with rip-snorting sax.......brilliant!
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  3. John54

    John54 Senior Member

    Burlington, ON
    Back in the mid-1960s, a lot of songs had a sax in them. One of the best sax breaks is Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry by Darlene Love:

  4. Steve626

    Steve626 Forum Resident

    New York Metro
  5. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    Traffic - Freedom Rider
  6. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    Nik Turner's sax in Hawkwind may or may not fall into this category, but it sure does sound gurgly.:righton:
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  7. greenwichsteve

    greenwichsteve Well-Known Member

    David Sanborn - brilliant with Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow on Little Wing
  8. HominyRhodes

    HominyRhodes Forum Resident

    Boots Randolph not only played with Elvis (see earlier post) but who could forget Yakety Sax, a/k/a The Benny Hill Theme? (I just bought this LP for a buck.)
  9. ibanez_ax

    ibanez_ax Forum Resident

    Take that, Courtney Love!
  10. Can't believe I'm the first one, Lady Madonna (Ronnie Scott on sax)

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  11. Seederman

    Seederman Forum Resident

    The Insect Trust - Special Rider Blues (1969)

    This is possibly my favorite Skip James cover ever. The Insect Trust was a New York psychedelic group of the late 60's, but one that featured a lineup that included sax and clarinet as well as banjo and fiddle, and female vocals. They had a very sophisticated, jazzy swing to their music and really worked their side of the street alone in the 60's.

    The band has some interesting footnotes. Guitarist Bill Barth, along with John Fahey, tracked Skip James down to the Mississippi hospital in which he lay, and helped him revive his career. Sax player Robert Palmer became a writer of some renown. Banjo player Luke Faust had been in the Holy Modal Rounders. Elvin Jones drummed on some of their tracks. Singer Nancy Jeffries rose to vice president of Elektra Records.

    They never did find an audience and folded after two fine albums. This track is a highlight, but not necessarily their best. Recommended to William S. Burroughs fans, fans of the New York mid-60's underground, and psychedelic 60's fans. Sax fans too.
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  12. sixtiesstereo

    sixtiesstereo Senior Member

    Based on the original poster's request, ANYTHING by Duane Eddy with wailing sax solos fits his request.
    From the late fifties into the early sixties, he used primarily the three greatest sax players in the history
    of rock and roll. The great Plas Johnson on "Ramrod" and others, plus, later, Steve Douglas and Jim Horn.
    All three are legends, and played on great records for years, but they did their wildest sax solos during their
    tenures with Eddy. If you played the "Peter Gunn" clip listed above, click on some of the other Duane Eddy
    clips and you'll know what I mean ("Ramrod", "Kommotion", etc).
    Actually my favorite Duane Eddy track is his stereo version of "Honky Tonk" with Jim Horn on sax from his 1965 RCA LP "Twangin' The Golden Hits". Six minutes of driving rock and roll with Horn's sax reaching
    simply remarkable force. The last two minutes sounds like a sax driven free for all/jam.
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  13. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    Alright, who wants to make a baby after the love games have been played? lol....

    Reasons-live, off 1975's Gratitude by Earth Wind and Fire
    Phillip Bailey vocal, and the late Don Myrick on sax, beginning at 4:25.....

  14. seed_drill

    seed_drill Senior Member

    Tryon, NC, USA
    The solo's short, but I love the use of bari sax in T-Rex's Get It On (Bang a Gong for us Yanks).
  15. seed_drill

    seed_drill Senior Member

    Tryon, NC, USA
  16. Mikey679

    Mikey679 Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Can't forget Sam the Sham!

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  17. GP

    GP Forum Resident

    Lynbrook, NY
    At about 1:30 the wild animal breaks out of the gate...
  18. Laineycrusoe

    Laineycrusoe Forum Resident

    Tyne and Wear, UK
  19. BIG ED

    BIG ED Forum Resident

    Way, way, back my Dad told me the sax was the 1st lead instrument of "Rock".
    i got it butt didn't pay much mind cause i was already stuck on distortED sixties eclectic guitar, however it's always stuck w/me & esp when listening too "50's Rock" i'll always listen for the sexy sax!

    this has both, guitar & sax!!
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  20. BIG ED

    BIG ED Forum Resident

    Golden [Barry Hay/esp 7:46]:

    got too hear this "live" at Winterland!
    Remember for ceedee luv'ers there is Steve's MCA; cheap too!!
  21. D.H.

    D.H. Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Malmö, Sweden
    Okay. This one is a little bit close the cheesy side of things, but it's still really enjoyable:

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