A Cheap Audio Man Rant

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Dan Steely, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Doctor Fine

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    And I only addressed his first point.
    A point so ridiculous and manipulative I simply declined to invest my life-energy wasting it on drivel from an uneducated baby.
    His first point stopped all further interest in other words...
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    If you don't see the value or sonic benefits of certain types equipment like interconnects and power cables, then don't buy them. I can't think of anyone on this forum or most audiophiles in general who would ever mock or criticize you for that decision. However when you come out an claim that everyone who does hear the benefits of such equipment are delusional or charlatans, you are insulting other members of this board. It's not going to earn you any friends. Take that garbage to facebook, they'll love you.
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  3. krimson

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    Thought this was a forum for debate and discussion. Apparently not for you. Enjoy your super expensive audio connection cables that you think you can hear the difference on. We can just agree that we disagree on this.

    Bottom line is what cheapaudio man said on his YT video was spot on and accurate. Love it and hope to see more of the guys making these videos post more of the myths of audiophile.
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  4. Oelewapper

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    Yep. Randy and Ken are both equally insecure.
    I think they would make a cute couple :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
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    It's click bait. There are probably "audiophiles" who fit the bill of what Randy is talking about. I mean...anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Chasing the "best sound" can be like chasing your tail, I think many of us have gone through a phase like that at some point during our equipment/listening to music journey (don't like that word, but it fits here). I have purchased several of each major type of component that comprises a music listening system...looking for better sound.
    I agree that that more expensive components that work together very likely sound better than less expensive components that work together, but I could be all washed up, as my wife would tell me.
    Enjoy the music!!!
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  6. csgreene

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    You know kids, almost ALL of YT is click bait IMO. To get so damn worked up about it says more about one than the video they're bashing.
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    The European/Australian version of the 2010 Steve Winwood compilation Revolutions (also released by Universal) has quite a few songs sourced from MP3s.

    Whilst in the process of ripping my CDs to FLAC, I noticed that the last track on this album, "Dirty City", sounded pretty bad. I looked at a spectrogram, and there is a definite line at 16kHz. Some of the frequencies below look like they have been 'eaten away' by the psychoacoustic algorithm.

    Very disappointing from a factory pressed, major label CD!
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  9. Anthrax

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    It's happening more and more often.

    Disappointing? It's a fraud and an insult to the customer.
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  10. shakesomeaction

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    I don’t have the time or patience for these Youtube videos by self-appointed experts who think they’re way wittier/funnier than they actually are.
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  11. PabloFanques

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    Most studios record in 24/48 these days, unfortunately. A great portion in 16/44.1. I wish it was 24/192 native. But it's not. Simply upsampled. Generally speaking.

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