SH Spotlight A few angry (but sort of funny) notes people sent me about my mastering work, imagined defects.....

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Chip TRG

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    The same goes for ABRACADABRA. The LP just goes on for waaaaay too long IMHO. The 45 cut is damn near perfect (even if "DAB-RA" and "GRAB YA" don't EXACTLY rhyme! ;)
  2. EasterEverywhere

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    Why isn't it?Is there something wrong with A Collection of Beatle Oldies in the original 1966 pressing? I recall being very upset when I saw it once as one of those cheap "Fame" reissues.

    Or donate them to a thrift store for a tax write off.We have all seen huge lots of all kinds of weird stuff at thrift stores,that is brand new,and obviously came from a distributor.
  3. Steve Hoffman

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    "A Collection Of Beatle Oldies" was an amazing album.. Changed my life, all those songs in stereo for the first time. For MoFi to "forget" to include it in their box was just silliness.
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  4. murphywmm

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    I used to work at a music store (the now-defunct Canadian chain CD-PLUS) and one of our regular customers used to bring up various new sealed CD's to our listening station to preview. But if he decided he wanted one of those CD's, he would not take the one we just opened and played for him. He insisted upon having a factory sealed one. If we only had one copy he would order a new one and wait weeks just for a wrapper that he was going to remove anyway. I always found that a bit strange.
  5. Jeffrey_T

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    If I did, I'd sure want the thing to be as I always remembered it and not some re-creation based on what one person chose to do or not to do, or I'd return it.

    And to everyone else:

    The excuse that working in digital would degrade the quality (of something that will ultimately be digital anyway) doesn't cut it for me. If said hired hand wishes to go back to individual song masters, he should then re-create any edits and crossfades necessary to recreate the master as it was known and loved by fans.

    Just because it's Steve Miller doesn't mean it's any less important to keep things authentic than if it were The Beatles or anybody else where fans demand what they know and love.

    Imagine a Hoffman remaster of Abbey Road with no crossfades because Steve decided it was best for us to have the ultimate best quality of the songs individually. Doesn't matter that we're dealing with a Greatest Hits or that Miller isn't Lennon-McCartney. It's still an album that many people grew up with and know by heart. So that person who complained that the songs were too long was completely justified. The album was changed. The end. No argument can justify changing it.

    I am thankful that this forum has brought to my attention the fact that Mr. Hoffman chooses to do such things during his mastering sessions. I now know to avoid his work. I think I'll just log out and stick with publically accessible info from the forum from now on. I don't feel right participating in a forum where my views differ so much with the namesake. It's been interesting.

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  6. EasterEverywhere

    EasterEverywhere Forum Resident

    Glad to hear that.I have a second issue stereo "Sold in the UK... "yellow Parlophone press.I have seen so many posts here about what pieces of **** everything but the first issue UK mono Beatle LPs are,I can't really be sure anymore.
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  7. quadjoe

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    No, there's nothing wrong with it that I know of. I was just going by what was generally accepted as the "official" canon of the original Beatles' catalog for their original releases of "new" material. Since the Collection of Beatle Oldies is effectively a greatest hits compilation it doesn't fall into the category as "new." I'm personally willing to accept it as one of the "originals" myself. Now, releases made after The Beatles broke up are a different matter, IMO. Again, nothing wrong with making compilations, whether or not the Fabs gave their input (I assume they gave their consent.) Many people discovered The Beatles as a result of those records and were led to explore the deeper catalog. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I wish I had seen a copy of "Oldies" back in '66 so I could have bought one, but heck, I didn't even know it existed until I saw it at an English friends' home sometime in the '70s.
  8. vjf1968

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    Philadelphia, Pa
  9. Bart

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    My good friend from college, may he rest in peace, sold appliances for a while in the early 1980's. Absolutely happened -- an elderly woman returned her vcr because it wouldn't play movies in color. Yes, she had a black and white TV.
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  10. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I've seen a few surprising things on this forum, but none so surprising as people freaking out over mastering decisions made for a DCC CD released 16 years ago, and now long out of print.
  11. Surly

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    Sugar Land, TX
    When I worked in music retail in the early '90s, I had a guy (in his early thirties, I imagine) return the first Radiohead CD because of "unlabeled profanity," which he "didn't appreciate." I told him a clean version of "Creep" was a hidden track on the disc, but he wasn't moved. I just thought the guy was lame by being so offended by "bad language." On a rock album.

    I have better stories of people asking for stuff. One guy came in and said "Do you have 'Yoobey-yo?" I said "Yoobey-yo - do you mean UB40?" He said "No - dance music - 2 girls - one of 'em looks like Sharon Stone." I said, "Ace Of Base?" and he exclaimed "That's it!!!"

    I had people ask for "Cockerjoe" (Joe Cocker) and "Blenda" Carlisle, too.
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  12. quadjoe

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    OK, I've been resisting posting this here because it isn't music related, but I can't let it go unsaid:

    Back when I worked for B. Dalton Booksellers, I had a customer come in and ask if we had the book "The Hound of Bakersfield." No joke. I put my hand over my mouth to hide my huge grin, and took them to the shelf where we had "The Hound of the Baskervilles." :sigh: I miss working there...good times... :)
  13. tootull

    tootull too many too

    Answerable to everyone; responsible to all; publicly dissected- stick around for balance, (more should) I do. lol
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    This thread is hilarious!
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  15. BluesOvertookMe

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    Great comment!!!:laugh:
  16. AztecChimera

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    I did this with Appetite For Destruction back in my "if it's remastered it's got to be better" days.
  17. BluesOvertookMe

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    Houston, TX, USA

    I think he moved to Florida. :eek:
  18. Roland Stone

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    I've mentioned this in other threads:

    My audiophile friends often asked me to bring specific DCC, MFSL and JVC discs to test changes to their expensive systems. Eventually I asked one why he didn't just buy a copy of a particularly favored title for himself. He said that $25 was too much for thirty minutes of music.

    "But . . . You really like the music and consider the sonics audition quality . . . " I left unmentioned the hundreds of dollars of unused cable in his end tables, in addition to the thousands of dollars of idle equipment in his closets and garage.

    "$25 is just too much."
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  19. Evan

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    WHAT!?! Was there no e-bay back then?
  20. krlpuretone

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    Grantham, NH
    We used to keep a similar running tally of customer/employees complaints/gripes/dumb things said at the store and publish them all in our Xmas card at the end of the year:

    Some past gems:
    "I don't like Dave Matthews - his heart-tugging liberal BS"

    "David Bowie doesn't seem to age, it must be those female hormones he takes once in a while"

    "At the end of the KISS tour, they're going to kill Ace or Peter off"

    "I went to Strawberries and asked for George Harrison's All Things Must Pass on CD; the girl at the counter asked if it was a new Country artist"

    re Alice Cooper "That dude doesn't even have to put on makeup any more"

    "If you guys didn't have good CDs, I wouldn't even come here"
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  21. John Buchanan

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    Pull your head in, mate!
  22. stevemoss

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    Couldn't have put 'em in a box in your garage, and then slowly listed them here on the your forum's classifieds?
    I'd sure like a copy of the DCC Deep Purple "Made In Japan".
  23. Grant

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    I'm sure our host is taking lots of notes.
  24. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled me!

  25. AudiophilePhil

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    Some of them are hilarious!
    Those people are ignorant.

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