SH Spotlight A few angry (but sort of funny) notes people sent me about my mastering work, imagined defects.....

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Hmm, I've never been upset with anything I have bought from DCC or Audio Fidelity. Quite the opposite actually. I thought their version of Hotel California is still better than any others out there, except maybe for the SACD which I haven't heard. For the record, Audio Fidelity's Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies SACD is still my favorite listen. Vangelis - Blade Runner a close second.
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    Had people returned their original White Album CDs because of the glitch on Helter Skelter, do you think EMI would have repressed the whole batch and replaced the flawed copies?
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    Fun thread
    If I may flip to the B-Side for a moment...

    I'm sure we all have versions of the story about our record/CD collections from back in the day that got lost in the shuffle of life.. moving, getting married, whatever.
    In mine was a cutout bin copy of Ned Doheny's 1st album. Unfortunately, when I tried finding a replacement in the 80s/90s, that proved an impossible task.
    So, while driving in LA one day, I noticed the Asylum office, hit the brakes and went in.
    Told the receptionist of my dilemma, she took down my info and a week later a sealed copy of my favorite Ned record showed up in the mail. Happy Day!
  4. Not at Amazon, almost every title under the sun and no hassle prepaid return and replacement/refund instantly! :tiphat:
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    That is too funny, I love it! People can be such idiots. My friend is retired and recently started working at a brick and mortar
    for the fun of it. But about 2 months in he's already got horror stories about customers. And you know its all true!
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    "Different strokes for different folks". I have come to realize that some people just hear music and sound different from what I do. No matter how much I tell them they are wrong.
  7. jackson123

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    Yeah, your mastering of the first two Dio albums are harsh and somewhat uneven. :hide:If it was the precious Beatles though they would be as smooth as butter I bet. No love for heavy metal from the older guys I guess.
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    At the risk of derailing this thread, the Byrds 'Chestnut Mare' single edit is dreadful.
  9. John Buchanan

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    I've seen this happen three times:
    1. A deleted part of a song in Brian Eno's album "Another Green World" - replaced by Astralwerks.
    2. Wrong booklet in the initial run of EH CD copies of Axis Bold As Love - MCA sent out new booklets on request.
    3. Errors in the Jethro Tull's 40th Anniversary "Thick As A Brick" DVD - replaced by EMI
    So, it is possible.....
  10. Gaslight

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    Time to stop doing blind buys, I would think.
  11. daveidmarx

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    I sure wish I knew what the hell you were talking about! :confused:
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    Ummm. What he said....
  13. Jrr

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    Oh, absolutely. I would never buy from a store I couldn't return it to, not at around $23 and up an album, and not when you can buy from Amazon and easily return it. And unfortunately, so many are defective. That said, I don't return things with minor issues, especially to brick and mortar retailers.
  14. mikaal

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    Me too. It's a case of "I'll have what they're having"....:shrug:
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  15. HarvG

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    Wonder if anyone ever returned Monty Python's "Matching Tie and Handkerchief" album for being defective?
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  16. RKMiller

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    Yes, and the Pirahna Brothers nailed their head to a coffee table for doing so.
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  17. Steve Hoffman

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    Request for open and bump. Granted!
  18. Finch Platte

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    What should I do with this Rush LP that has CCR on one side and Rush on the other?

    Too late to return it?
  19. Man at C&A

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    Good call on the Quo, I love Mystery Song.

    The Won't Get Fooled Again 45 edit is a masterpiece compared to The Byrds Chestnut Mare one!
  20. Man at C&A

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    Forgot I posted nearly the same thing in this thread in April! Dare I say it, I like the 45 edit of Won't Get Fooled Again. Nowhere near as much as the full version obviously, but I think the edit turns the epic album track into a classic Who single that sits well in the run of 60s - early 70s classic Who 45s.
  21. Steve Hoffman

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    I played this tonight and the complaint note fell out. The famous note! I had actually forgotten about it, I laughed, and took a pic with my iPhone. Just so you didn't think I was making it up. I'll photograph more as they appear!

    Poor guy returned this to the store who returned it to the one-stop who returned it to the record company who returned it to my desk! Midrange vibration = String bass being bowed! Imagine being an audiophile, paying all that extra money for a Gold CD version and not being able to tell a buzz from a bow?

    vince bitch note.jpg
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  22. Sammy Waslow

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    Back in 1996, when I worked in HMV, two CDs were top of the list for returns for perceived flaws. The Fugees' The Score, as people misinterpreted the fake vinyl crackle on one or two tracks as being a fault with the disc. (It'd be like returning The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees because Magnolia Simms "skipped").
    The other was REM's New Adventures in Hi-Fi, which has a very minimalist disc design (effectively the title is printed around the centre hole, with no other text or artwork), so lots of people brought it back as they thought there was nothing on it at all, and thought it was defective.
  23. Chooke

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    As noted by an earlier member, it is just incredible that you received those complaints with DCC CDs yet outside forums such as this, it seems no-one raises a fuss about loud, brick-walled masterings.

    I'd lose faith with listeners if you receive complaints with Elvis 24 Karats Gold...
  24. Chooke

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    Just an anecdote, I heard back in the 80s one retailer having to take back and refund a purchase of the Abbey Road B/T after they were withdrawn from the market.

    The customer's complaint - it is an illegal copy.
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    It also happened with the first disc of The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 5: 1965. For unknown reasons, the original disc contained an incorrect mix of "Shotgun" by Jr. Walker and the All Stars. The famous "shotgun" sound at the start was missing! Enough people conplained that Hip-O Select remastered the disc, using the correct single mix this time, and sent replacement discs to those who had already bought the set.
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