SH Spotlight A few angry (but sort of funny) notes people sent me about my mastering work, imagined defects.....

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I thought it was the worst sounding LP I ever heard on my Zenith portable in 1968.
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  2. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident

    Graz, Austria
    The complaint about the mono sound on „Pet Sounds“ is my favourite:p
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  3. Anthrax

    Anthrax Forum Resident

    The one about Purple's Made In Japan is unbeatable for me.
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  4. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident

    Graz, Austria
    That comment is also unbelievable. It would rather be a problem if the album is not the same:laugh:
  5. Erick Haight

    Erick Haight We all float down here

    Petoskey, Michigan
    I once returned two CD copies of Gaucho to the record store where I worked because of the tape issues on “Time Out Of Mind” that I didn’t know existed. (I won’t tell you what Customer Me told Clerk Me, but I guarantee it included strong language and sexual situations.)

    Thankfully, I had a considerate manager who explained mastering problems in a way I could understand, as well as a shrink wrap machine to put those perfectly fine CD’s back into stock. I still can’t hear the track and not think “the customer is always right,” but only when I’m the customer.
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  6. Dondy

    Dondy Forumaniac

    Boy, postage was cheap back then, eh? :laugh: ....or the label guys were cheap... ;)

  7. UnderTheFloorboards'66

    UnderTheFloorboards'66 Forum Resident

    San Francisco, CA
    Sounds exactly like this forum sometimes. :hide:
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  8. driverdrummer

    driverdrummer Forum Resident

    Irmo, SC
    Steve Miller Band:“Guinea pig on Jungle Love too happy not sad like I remember.”
  9. roverb

    roverb Forum Resident

    lol what did you do to poor Art Pepper ??
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  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    "Too many sour notes." Classic.
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  11. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    Not quite a return, but I did sell my DCC Fresh Cream CD because the stereo mix is so atrocious. At the time, I was accustomed to the late '90s remaster, which folds the channels in for a less wonky balance. I've since bought another copy of the DCC. (I guess you could call that a "return", heh.)

    I tracked down the 2014 SHM-CD (supposedly a flat transfer) for the mono mix, but unfortunately it's not an improvement. There's no punch in that mix. (Admittedly, there's not much in the stereo mix either, but still.) Side two is sourced from a horribly distorted tape as well. This is an album that badly needs a remix - I hope the multi-tracks haven't burned in one of the many fires throughout the years. I know they were still usable as recently as 2005.
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  12. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Our Sly Stone mono greatest hits disk on Audio Fidelity, got a note saying something like: Really bad stereo sound.

    Ya think?
  13. Malibu John

    Malibu John Forum Resident

    I used to work in a record store in Johannesburg, South Africa. One Saturday afternoon, a couple walked in and asked to return a copy of Ten Summoner’s Tales by Sting. I was not surprised.

    Customer: I have never played this CD. I decided I don’t like Sting.
    Me: No-one likes Sting (I was a wise-ass in those days). It shouldn’t be a problem to exchange it for something else if it’s unplayed.
    Me (examining CD): This CD is heavily scratched!
    Customer: No, it is not. It has never been out the box.
    Me (opening booklet and several grains of beach sand falling on the counter): There’s beach sand in here!
    Customer (turns to wife): Honey, did we buy the CD before or after our holiday to Mauritius?
  14. Dan Steely

    Dan Steely See the glory of The Royal Scam

    Maybe their speakers were out of phase.
  15. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Or stuff was in the way, blocking a true mono picture. It happens..
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  16. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Maybe they forgot to turn on the surround mode. :laugh:
  17. uzn007

    uzn007 Pack Rat

    Raleigh, N.C.
    "I can't detect any stereo separation whatsoever!"

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