SH Spotlight A few photos from our Creedence mastering session

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. vinylrec

    vinylrec Senior Member

    Delaware, Ohio
    Super picts! I think I’m having a religious experience!
  2. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    WAY COOL !

  3. ED in NY

    ED in NY New Member

    Steve, I can't remember if this has been asked or previously answered so I'll ask here: Are these new CCR remasters also going to be pressed as CD's or just as vinyl ?

    Thanks Amigo !

  4. John Carsell

    John Carsell Forum Resident

    Northwest Illinois
    Thanks for the pictures Steve.

    Also good to have the acknoledge the original engineers too.
  5. Mark H

    Mark H Senior Member

    upstate N.Y.
    Thanks for the inside look. This board just gets better and better. my ownly question is when can I order these puppies?
  6. R. Cat Conrad

    R. Cat Conrad Almost Famous

    D/FW Metroplex
    I'm with Gary & Ed:

    :confused: I really hope that Steve's efforts in remastering those cherrished Creedence tapes will extend beyond vinyl's Holy Grail for those of us who've been seduced by the darker side (i.e., CD, SACD and/or DVD-A)! I'd love to be able to trade-in those miserable Y2K jobbers from Fantasy that are called "remasters" because they're far from a euphoric ideal to my ears.

    Aside from feeling a bit left out digitally-speaking, I really got a kick out of those photos! :D

    Keep up the good work, Steve... and grab youself a nice imported ale! It looks like you've earned it! ;)

    Robert Cat Conrad
  7. btomarra

    btomarra Classic Rock Audiophile

    Little Rock, AR
    Thanks Steve.

    Yes I will buy them, too. You can't get better sound than when Steve handles the job!


  8. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Steve, is that you holding the stamper at RTI?

    Never mind, Kemosabi. I just answered my own question... :p

    If there's a "best" way to purchase these pressings, Steve let us know... beit Trumpet or direct. I think there's a lot of ppl here who wouldn't mind buying direct to help put good buying impressions on the project. Let us know!
  9. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter


    Easiest to get these from Chad Kassem's Acoustic Sounds mail order house. His Analogue Productions is the company that is reissuing these Creedence titles.

    I think the first one is scheduled for the end of Feb....
  10. Steve,

    Thanks for the pics! Great to see some of what actually goes on in the remastering studio. I love those tapes boxes - maybe you could include a photo insert with each release! :)


  11. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson Forum Resident

    Bremerton, WA
    Steve, this is cool stuff!!

    My offer is still open, if you need anybody to carry tapes or anything!!


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  12. AudioGirl

    AudioGirl Forum Resident

    Los Angeles

    Mark... I'd be careful what you wish for... Did you see that "Death By Creedence" image Steve posted?

    :D :D
  13. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™


    Ahhhh..........but what a way to go.;) :D
  14. Evan

    Evan Senior Member

    Petal, MS

    Are those the same guys in Salina, Kansas who do the Revival Series? I picked up a copy of Otis Spann's "Good Morning Mr. Blues" when I was in Kansas last fall. Have you mastered anything else for them? They make nice records.:cool:
  15. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson Forum Resident

    Bremerton, WA

    Yeah you're right......I just got a little over zealous!

    But think of the stories you could tell in audio heaven!
  16. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Yes, that's them. Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions.

    I haven't done too much for them, but I did work on the Miles Davis Box, CD version for them and one or two other things in the past.
  17. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    Did you have anything to do with this last batch of ojc releases or was that just Kevin Gray?
  18. Angel

    Angel New Member

    Hollywood, Ca.
    I believe the last batch of OJC's were done at Fantasy. In fact, all OJC's are done at Fantasy, aren't they? :confused:
  19. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    I was actually referring to the new batch of Analouge Productions OJC reissues.
  20. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Great pics, Steve.
  21. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Glad you liked them, Bradley! :)

    It took me long enough to figure out how to load them....:confused:
  22. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    But at least you did it and that's what counts. I will never forget the wonderful communication I'm having with you online every time I come on this site, just like for example your e-mailed reply to my post on the old board about the Glenn Miller CD I recommended and you agreed that it is a good one and I know that based on your mastering philosophies, that if you were to issue a 24 karat gold hits comp CD of Glenn Miller, it would sound sort of like the "Unforgettable Glenn Miller" CD I recommended. I like reading others opinions while realizing the one opinion that matters is ones own for themselves.
  23. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Thanks, Bradley. Your opinions matter to me and are always welcome here!
  24. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    Hey Steve, how did you post those pix??? Got my new scanner gizmo and put a plea onto the other discussions/topics arena. Too many hobbies, not enough time to study them all...
  25. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    Your matter to me as well but I was saying for the majority of the time if one asks for the best sounding version something that people have their own tastes.
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