A great engineer and a great guy, Larry Boden, his journey from MCA Studios to Taco Bell & beyond

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 7, 2013.

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    A strong and determined man with an obvious kindness to him. I hope he is well.
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    Thanks Steve. Great story.
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    Holy ****. I remember that guy always at a little trendy hole in the wall in Mt. Adams outside Cincinnati hanging out and shot the bull with him a couple times about guitars. Had no idea he had this background or worked at Taco Bell or anything like that. Wow. Just surreal. Might have a few pictures of him stashed away in Mt. Adams, now that I think of it. I'm going to go digging for them tomorrow and will post! Wow. Just f**kin' wow.

    Backgrounds to some of the video appear to be Alt Park.
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    From the faders to the fries. Excuse me, I need to wipe my eyes now.
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    Thanks for sharing Steve. Rock on, Larry!
    ------- Chris
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    at the end of the youtube clip we can hear Celine Dion's "A new day has come" so it might be from 2002 indeed
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    Inspiring. I cant help but be sad though. So much knowledge, such intelligence in his field. Yet he isnt able to use it now it seems. Kind of heartbreaking to me.

    "We wouldnt have any good sailors if the seas were always calm".. Seems like such an honorable guy with standards that use to be more common. Very touching video.
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    That put a lump in my throat. The most inspiring thing is that he is not bitter or angry about his fate. Instead he is grateful and thankful for the time he has to experience the simple joys of life. The man is amazing, he shames me.

    It brings to light how tragic it is that getting sick means financial ruin for so many people. The number one reason for personal Bankruptcy in the US is some form of catastrophic illness. It is a double whammy, cancer and then bankruptcy. He is an exceptional person, thanks for posting that.
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    Certainly Boden's situation contrasts wildly with that of Bill Schwartau . . .
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    Thanks for sharing Steve, a powerful little story!
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    I'd like to know, too. It's been more than a decade, and I can't imagine that he's been working a drive-thru window all this time. At the very least, he would have moved up into restaurant management, if not onto another career.
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  13. Wow, thanks for that.
  14. He has looked bad health/death in the face. Now he can get up in the morning and live a life. There are some extreemly wealthy people who would give it all to have what he has. Notice he can move, he a has energy, he is still mentally sharp, AND he is happy. That is worth all of the money/fame/status in the world.
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    Looks like Larry has made some career moves since that video was shot in 2002.

    He now works in the Hamilton County Clerk of Court's office. According to this article on the clerk's blog (see link below), "Larry was tracked down by a former clerk of courts, Judge Jim Cissell. The judge saw (the 2002 article) in the Enquirer and thought, 'We could really use a guy like him at the clerk's office.' Then Cissell plucked Boden out of his workplace, Taco Bell, because he knew he would be a great asset to the office."


    Here's Larry at the courthouse in 2012...

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  16. Mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, LB is a truly inspiring character. On the other, if we had had a decent healthcare system in this country (not a comment about current political issues, BTW), he might not have had to give up most of what he had to pay for treatment in the first place -- something no one should have to do.

    When you think about it, what probably made Boden more able to cope with such circumstances better than most of us would is that he seems to be a genuine "people person" who gets the most enjoyment from interacting with others, whether they were colleagues in the recording industry or minimum-wage co-workers and drive-through customers. I think people like myself, who are more introverted and more focused on the roles in one's life instead of the "people-environments," would have had a much worse time dealing with such circumstances.
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    He sounds like a great guy; all blessings to him.

    This thread (and associated content) came along at a good time for me. I'm doing a job not unlike Mr. Boden's (i.e., low-wage service type job), and have been occasionally feeling a bit worn-out/self-pitying lately. Although my health ain't the greatest, I have it easy in comparison; and when I get S.S. in a few years, maybe I'll get to be a "full-time" musician again (but not so worried about the $.) Perspective...

    I am so fortunate, really.
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    Thanks for posting, Steve, all the best to Larry.
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    Thanks Steve for sharing that story.
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    Is this the same Larry Boden? Was this before or after his cancer hit? I hope this is recent.. He seems to be doing good now with his own stereo equipment store?..

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    Yeah, that's Larry. Good.
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    Very touching story. Thanks for sharing, Steve
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    If the waters were always smooth, you wouldn't have any good sailors.
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    Does he have any recent mastering credits? Amazing story.

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