“A Star Is Born” Remake w/ Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper To Lead

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  1. Dan C

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    I thought he was a good heavy in "Payback", a fun revenge movie.

    I suppose there are dozens of established actors who could've dug into that bad guy part, but props for Kris for his work here.

    dan c
  2. the pope ondine

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    he has a naturalistic lowkey style, I thought he was good in pat garret and billy the kid and cisco pike and the little seen trouble in mind. but I guess Barbra needed someone who would match her voltage and kris was doing something different
  3. GodShifter

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    Kris Kristofferson is not a bad actor, but he’s been in a lot of bad movies.
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  4. antoniod

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    It was probably just as well that Elvis didn't do it("Oh, but Elvis would have elevated it to something special and then he'd have lived longer", his fans may argue. Don't get me wrong, I like Elvis).
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  5. antoniod

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    But could they have gotten Elvis off all the drugs he was taking?
  6. antoniod

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    The approach made the story claustrophobic.
  7. Vidiot

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    That would've been amazing to have Streisand and Elvis in the same movie, but I'm not sure if Elvis' ego would have allowed him to share the same stage with somebody this big, particularly if his character winds up dying at the end.
  8. vitorbastos123

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    Just get out of the cinema. Not much impressed me. Just some bad acting by Cooper in my opinion.
  9. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    if elvis had played into his physical state at the time and played it warts and all, tired, broken down old rock star, ....could've been great. its hard to imagine though, and they could've gotten him some great music. chances are high he would've shot jon peters
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  10. Vidiot

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    We can only hope! :laugh:

    Anybody who wants to see what Jon Peters is/was like, watch the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, which is an amazing film. Peters is one of the major ****oles in a town famous for many gigantic ****oles, and he does not disappoint in the documentary.
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  11. The guy is apparently functionally illiterate too, which just further shows how far self-confidence and a limitless ability to BS can get you.
  12. 5th-beatle

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    I liked the film. Good chemistry between the main characters and Lady Gaga's voice was quite impressive.
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  13. I mean, it's not like Elvis hadn't been killed off in a movie before :D
  14. Jerrika

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    The interesting thing about Lady Gaga and Madonna is that they are both Italian on their father's side and French Canadian on their mother's side.
    Both of them have covered La Vie En Rose, which was an Edith Piaf song.

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  15. Chris DeVoe

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    Just saw this tonight finally.

    Enjoyed both Bradley Cooper's acting and Gaga's.

    His songs were really great, and her early songs were fine, but the ones after the manager got his claws into her were hilariously awful, and the big Power Ballad had the stench of Diane Warren all over it, and was shocked to not see her credited.

    I'm a huge emotional softy, and I really wasn't moved at all.

    I did like the fact that his hearing was screwed up - which was obvious as he had four slant face monitors in his concert scenes which must have been just blowing him off the stage, and suffered from tinnitus. In-ear monitors would have saved him (and the rest of his poor band) and any good monitor engineer feeds the audience back into the performers mix.

    Most heartbreaking example of tinnitus affecting the performer I've ever seen was Pete Townsend performing Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells in London, and the poor guy had to kneel down and put his face into his monitor in order to tune his guitar.
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  16. blutiga

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    He sure did. One of the great movies that one.
  17. Sordel

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    I shed a couple of tears but for me that was the sentimental equivalent of jumping at jump-scares: I don't feel that the movie has achieved much simply be eliciting a response. The story, as it always is, was miserable and - despite the fact that the acting was strong across the board - I didn't find the characters as written to be very identifiable.

    With very slight hearing damage and no professional reason to protect my hearing I use earplugs at live events. Yet Jackson can't preserve his hearing when he has everything to lose. Yes, maybe that shows his self-destructive side but I've never found that sort of behaviour anything other than frustrating. And Ally sure talks a lot about love for someone who appears never to take the least interest in her husband's wellbeing or emotional state.

    It didn't help that the songs to me were aggravatingly bland throughout.
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  18. eeglug

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    Just saw this movie and loved it.

    I'm surprised that, here on the Hoffman Forums, there isn't a hundred page thread about the t-shirt Ally/Gaga is wearing in an early scene in the movie:

  19. Chris DeVoe

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    They'd be critical to the fact that it was a Tormato shirt.
  20. Ghostworld

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    This movie made some bank. Luckily then, I don't have to see it. what the hell is coming out? Jesus. It's dead out there. nothing exciting.
  21. Ghostworld

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    He's no Tom Skerritt, that's for sure.
  22. Hightops

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    Bradley Cooper gained ZERO pounds for this role as boozy pill snorter. That takes dedication!
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  23. dmiller458

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    He's been in what 80-90 movies? When it's that many, you're bound to be in a few clunkers. When did he find time to record and tour?
  24. Richard Austen

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    It's very hard to see a movie when it is hugely hyped because your expectations are through the roof high for it. If you saw it - wait 6 months - watch it again and you MAY like it. I remember watching A Clockwork Orange and shut it off after 20 minutes it was so horrid. Then awhile later I saw it again and now rank it as my second best film of all time. A Star is Born isn't going to turn around like that but the story was already known and so, like Titanic, you already know the ship is going to sink.

    National Film Board of review has chosen this year's winners

    Green Book - Best Film
    Best Actor - Viggo Mortenson (Green Book)
    Bradley Cooper - Best Director (Star is Born)
    Lady Gaga - Best Actress (Star is Born)
    Sam Elliot - Best Supporting Actor (Star is Born)
    Regina King - Best Supporting Actress (If Beale Street Could Talk)

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  25. neo123

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    Golden Globe Nominations for this movie:

    Best Motion Picture - Drama
    Best Actress In A Motion Picture - Drama - Lady Gaga
    Best Actor In A Motion Picture - Drama - Bradley Cooper
    Best Director - Motion Picture - Bradley Cooper
    Best Original Song - Motion Picture - "Shallow"

    But probably the most deserving was completely snubbed. No Golden Globe Nomination for Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for Sam Elliott. Hopefully the Academy won't overlook him for the Oscar Nominations.

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