A/V Therapy in Nashua, NH

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  1. Lebowski

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    Greater Boston
    Just wanted to share a really positive brick&mortar experience I had this past week at A/V Therapy in Nashua, NH.

    I used the "Contact Us" form on their website; with most retailers this usually results in no response. I wrote to ask if they had any stock of the outgoing Parasound HINTO. Mark replied to me with a lengthy email and said they have a demo but other customers have first refusal. He added me to a list and then arranged for me to take it home when nobody bought it. I also inquired about and brought home several pairs of speakers.

    Ultimately I decided that the HINTO was not for me, and that my current speakers were still making me happy. I ended up buying a measly, inexpensive pair of stands but they did not display any outward signs of frustration over losing a larger sale.

    Both Mark and John were friendly, accommodating, and all around great to meet and deal with. Mark wrote me several lengthy emails, and John even gave my friend a record!

    I definitely can highly recommend them, and will certainly be going back again.
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  2. Opeth

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    I haven't been there yet, fidelis has cool people also.
  3. Jim0830

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    I will concur with everything said about A/V Therapy. I first went there in August of 2017 because they were the nearest local SVS dealer. Initially I was a bit wary because they also have systems that cost as much as my car or my house. They also carry a line of products that you might say are budget audiophile and are very good values for their price. I soon found they listened very attentively to my needs and showed me gear tailored to my needs. They NEVER tried to upsell me on something I did not want or need. Initially I did not think I needed anything more than the sub and they knew this. But even though I was not a big sale now or apparently in the future, they spent as much time with me as needed. I never felt rushed or pressured. They let me demo the SVS SB-2000 in my home. Soon I was back to buy my own new SB-2000 and a playmate for it. They were a throwback to the dedicated higher end stereo stores I remembered from the 70's. The only difference was they don't give large doses of attitude and snobbery I remember many of these "audio salons" had. My positive sales experience was not forgotten.

    The good sound I heard while auditioning my sub-woofer had started me thinking about looking into what I could get today for main speakers if I went up a notch or two in price and quality. I went there for help replacing my ganged Larger Advent mains, I had the same positive experience. Next came my surrounds. Then new headphones, followed by a new turntable, next some bluetooth speakers, followed by an integrated amp and concluding with a separate preamp. What I thought would be a one time visit became regular visits every 2 or 3 months. Every time my needs were listened to and the advice was tailored to those needs and the gear I would be using it with. Every piece of gear I have purchased from them receives great reviews and that model is typically described as having great value for the price. I trust their advice and recommendations implicitly. They are located right next to a Best Buy store and they sometimes carry some of the same gear. I realize I might save a little at Best Buy or by going on the internet. However I can't get the kind of advice I do from John and Mark and the other salespeople at Best Buy. That good advice and time is worth money.

    I have had great experiences there, but it hasn't been perfect. There have been several bumps in the road along the way. These problems were not caused by A/V therapy, but by the distributer or manufacturer a couple products. John has always been more than fair and has made everything right and then some. The first turntable I tried to buy was backordered for over a year. It is still backordered. John got me into the EAT turntable I now own for the equivalent amount of money out of pocket for me. I'm sure he made little or nothing on this gear purchase, but he just did what he felt was right. I am probably going to get a new surround sound receiver soon and A/V Therapy will be my first and hopefully only stop.

    Well worth the drive to Nashua, NH in the sales tax free state of New Hampshire.
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  4. bliss53

    bliss53 Forum Resident

    AV Therapy in Nashua NH offers outstanding service and a very wide selection in stock to try out. I have been a customer of John's since 1997.
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  5. Jvalvano

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    Same here as Bliss53. Great shop. We are lucky to have a business like that in our area.
  6. roverb

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    603 - LFOD
    I'm going to have to agree here. AV Therapy is great! Accommodating, friendly and no pressure to make a purchase.
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