Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Discussion. What Can We Expect?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mark Fricke, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    "Have The Beatles gone?" :D

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  2. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    no there here!! :)
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  3. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    San Jose, CA
    This sounds amazing. Which songs does it cover? "You Never Give Me Your Money" to "The End?" The full MEDLEY??
  4. Diego Lucas

    Diego Lucas Forum Resident

    From Anthology 3 and not on the probaly AR box set:
    All Things Must Pass (Demo)
    Old Brown Shoe (Demo)
    Octopus Garden (Takes 2 and 8)
    Maxwell´s Silver Hammer (Take 5)
    Come Together (Take 1)
    Come and Get It
    Ain´t She Sweet
    Because (acappella)
    The End (remix with chord of A Day in The Life)
  5. anthony_beat

    anthony_beat Forum Resident

    Odintsovo, Russia

    Something (Demo)
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  6. Diego Lucas

    Diego Lucas Forum Resident

    Looks like this one will be on the box set
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  7. Cristiano Cortellazzi

    Cristiano Cortellazzi Forum Resident

    Sirmione, Italy
    ..but mine is quite a clear statement anyway, honey. Isn’t it? :tiphat:

    Besides, 2019 digital LPs or singles are pointless and a rip off, to me.
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  8. This or an overdubbed version of the same demo. Hope for the latter.
  9. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    San Jose, CA
    It would make more sense for them to include an overdubbed version, as we already have the other version on Anthology 3.
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  10. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Picture disc? :shrug:
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  11. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    23 different vinyl colors?? [corresponding with each picture sleeve?] :shrug:
  12. XC70

    XC70 Forum Resident

    It is likely this will be a separate Blu-ray audio. That would be fair. I would buy just that.
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  13. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    A stereo You Know My Name?? :tsk:

    We already got one on Anthology.... [although it was edited differently..] :thumbsdow
  14. It’s similar but not the same notes.

    I don’t see what the hubbub over this outro is. It is very repetitive. Including a few bars would have been interesting but it’s not a revelation. It’s just the same thing going on for an extra two minutes. The song reached a proper end before the piano outro so I’m not confident it was supposed to be part of the song, anyway. It’s just Lennon playing a short piano riff repeating it as nauseam. Calling it an ending jam is sort of misleading. There is other meandering instrumental accompaniment but the meat of it is the repeating piano riff. Just what am I missing here?

    That all being said, the Take 37 mix is interesting in and of itself.
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  15. matt0505

    matt0505 Forum Resident

    AZ, USA
    I really, really wish digital downloads & the book were included in the vinyl "deluxe" set. I'm not a fan at all of having to buy both to get everything that's being offered. To the point of where I probably won't and will just settle on one or the other.
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  16. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Actually, the Something orchestration is not a composition by Martin, but a composition by Harrison. With an arrangement by G. Martin... so.. no, he would not be getting songwriting royalties for that.
  17. Yep. There are at least two versions of “A Huge Medley” out there.
  18. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Yes, that was the working title before it was changed to "The End". :shh:
  19. revolution_vanderbilt

    revolution_vanderbilt Forum Resident

    New York
    I thought it was just the two halves.
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  20. Ah, right. We actually just reached the first floor.

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  21. marklamb

    marklamb Forum Resident

    Washington DC
    Yes with some beautiful alternate background harmonies if I correctly recall. Will have to give this a re listen!
  22. brainwashed

    brainwashed Forum Hall Of Fame

    Boston, MA
    Hmm. Assuming the leaked contents for AR@50 is correct and complete, call me a bit underwhelmed. Not a single uncirculated demo? No session busks or rehearsals? Goodbye? Actually quite happy to have that one, but no remixed Come And Get It? Seems odd. Can't wait to hear the decision-making regarding these two songs. I'm guessing the Who Slapped John/Be Bop A Lula busk was not as good as Lewisohn thought. Don't get me wrong, I'll love listening to anything previously unreleased, but this one seems a bit rushed. Certainly compared to the WA@50 set which had many surprises. Oh well, we gladly except the offer Apple/Universal! Ron
  23. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Resident

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  24. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    San Jose, CA
    Thankfully, I don't listen to circulating demos, for the most part, so this box will be 90% new/unheard to me.

    I also don't see the correlation between "not what you hoped" and "seems a bit rushed." I think they've done an excellent job on the other 50th sets with regards to outtakes. I have no reason to believe this will be any different.
  25. Christobal

    Christobal Forum Resident

    Thank you!! And, while we all have your attention, (and you certainly have OURS) any McCartney Archive Editions in your crystal ball? (Love your avatar btw)
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