Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. autumn daze

    autumn daze I really don't belong here

    Milton Keynes, UK
    I, for one, am pleased Giles and Sam are taking more risks with their remixing, ie applying ADT here and there and changing the soundstage a little more. I was disappointed in 1+ a little because I thought the later songs weren’t really a whole lot different and given there’s more to play with there could have been a change. Giles did say at the time something along the lines of “you don’t mess with the Beatles number ones” which is understandable for a compilation I suppose.

    But with the new Something remix he’s presented something very different from the original mix, and whether everyone likes it or not is neither here nor there, he’s given people options. Abbey Road has a very good mix already, probably the one Beatles album where most people agree on the mix. So to play around with it for this mix is absolutely fine by me.

    Can’t wait to hear Oh Darling! and those backing vocals, I Want You should be insane given the right treatment and then the luscious beauty of Because and Sun King. Very excited for this release, even without the outtakes!
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  2. Not really. There's a large group of people who say that Beatles for Sale is their best mixed album, and if I'm not mistaken our host is of that opinion, as well.
  3. mikizee

    mikizee Forum Resident

    Apparently it's not as simple as it was producing the AAA mono LPs. I quote from an article about the mono LPs -

    How do these differ from the 2009 remasters?

    This is a vinyl cut directly from the master tapes with an all analogue signal chain, no digital involved. You’re getting nearer the tape, that’s the thing. With vinyl and audio files the desire is to get back to the original master without any digital nonsense. We did it on the monos rather than the stereos because the stereos were a different kettle of fish.

    How so?
    To recreate the stereo masters from the tapes just wouldn’t have been possible. It’s a real-time process. With the stereos there was different EQ on the left side to the right side. Different EQ in the intro…you couldn’t physically adjust that while the tapes were going. With the monos there was very little done, so you could put them on, hit play and cut without too much interference from the engineer.
  4. noahjld

    noahjld Der Wixxer

    And better on backing vocals than Linda.
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  5. autumn daze

    autumn daze I really don't belong here

    Milton Keynes, UK
    True, Beatles For Sale is highly thought of mix-wise, however you also have the mono crew with many disliking the early stereo Beatles all together. You don’t have that divide with Abbey Road given there was no dedicated mono mix.

    I get your point though, a very good stereo mix on BFS.
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  6. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    You can still have "A large group of people" with a different people when "Most people" hold another. The Beatles fan base is I would say big enough to hold a variety of opinions as is often expressed just in this forum.
    Never really focused much on the Stereo mix of Beatles For Sale if I'm honest, I got it in Mono originally because everyone raved about the 2014 mono records and whined endlessly about the 2012 Stereo ones.
  7. maui jim

    maui jim Forum Resident

    West of NYC
    So I am heading over to AR studios today for the lectures of Brian and Kevin.
    Any questions, ladies and gents?
  8. coolsound

    coolsound Forum Resident

    being myself an artist, i have a total different point of view. Giles is a technician and i don't want to listen to his "how abbey road should sound" or his "remix/modifications" even if the remaining beatles allowed him to do it for commercial purposes. however Giles make it sounds good, it is not anymore the sound created by the beatles. I will buy the 2CDs version only for bonus.
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  9. Dean R

    Dean R Forum Resident

    I think counting All Things Must Pass as part of Abbey Road is pushing the definition.
    It was recorded in February as a demo of new George songs.
    Something obviously connects with AR, but ATMP is a bit of an orphan.
  10. Troy4

    Troy4 Forum Resident

    That put the cat amongst the pigeons regarding SQ.
  11. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    I checked the track listing for the blu-ray. Am I correct in thinking there is no high resolution of the original stereo mix as released in 1969 and used on all subsequent releases?
  12. Beatlebug

    Beatlebug Another box set won't do any harm

    Garswood, UK
    Correct. The original 1969 mix of the LP is not included on this new set.
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  13. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    ATMP will probably end up as part of Let It Be 50 - unless of course vetoed by Olivia
  14. Ken Wood

    Ken Wood Forum Resident

    Depends your fave approach - mine is chronological. So it fits - AR sessions start with I want you (She`s so heavy) on Feb. 22, George records his demos on Feb. 25.

    I think Recording sessons says these demo sessions were a birthday gift of George to himself, so we don`t quite know whether he had in mind to offer any of these songs for AR.

    So let`s see how "Abbey Road" these demos were ...

    - Old Brown Shoe, a piano based track, was a Get Back sessions track, first played on Jan. 27 and again on the 28. and 29. but not used for LIB.
    Instead yet another demo version was then recorded by George on April 16 and in the evening the whole band started recording it. As it was recorded two days after John`s The Ballad of John and Yoko, to which it became single-b-side it can be assumed that at that time it was already meant for that purpose.
    So except for the group recording date that fell within the AR sessions there is no connection to AR.

    - Something was written on the piano even earlier, during the White Album sessions by George alone in the studio. George then offered his February demo to Jackie Lomax and then Joe Cocker who recorded it before the Beatles` version (but released it after it`s release on Abbey Road. The Beatles started recording it the same day as Old Brown Shoe, so it might have been a contender for the single-b-side or a album track. Not long though as it was left in a unfinished state on May 5 and didn`t receive it`s lead vocal overdub until July 11, after the single release.
    Whatever the case, it seems to have taken a while until it found it`s final place on AR.

    - All Things Must Pass certainly never became a Beatles track despite a number of attempts during the Get Back sessions. No AR connection indeed.

    I conclude all three of these songs had different fates and each COULD have become a Abbey Road track - or even none.
    However George certainly would not have been allowed 4 songs on AR, so once Here Comes The Sun was in his AR song quota was full.
  15. voxstarstream

    voxstarstream Forum Resident

    I'm only interested in the 2 outtakes discs, and I find the offering to be a bit skimpy when you consider the fact that they're obviously sitting on a TON of material. A 3rd disc of unreleased material would have been most welcome, and I will be very quick to point out that the 2 discs we do get are nowhere near full length. This is thus far the most disappointing of the Super Deluxe sets.
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  16. Calico

    Calico Forum Resident

    You're 100% right. I should have known better.
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  17. Fred1970

    Fred1970 Forum Phantom

    Stockholm, Sweden
    Although lacking the sensitivity and knowledge of a sonic wizard, I really have enjoyed the new mix of Something - listening to it w/earphones. With the accentuated strings I find it even more majestic than Sir Martin Sr’s version. And hearing Paul’s backing vocals along George’s more clearly is heartwarming.

    On the other hand, to my ears Ringo’s contribution is sadly less distinguishable. I really love his playing, particularly on Abbey Road, as well as his supercool muffled sound. I certainty hope the backseat drums are not a feature throughout the new mix of the album. Anyways, it’s great to have two mixes to choose from.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest. It has always been one of my all time favourite albums (despite Maxwell’s klanging) :)
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  18. It's just the Gill Sans (Bold) font that was used in the official box design. I think the Anthology typeface was a different one.
  19. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

    After several listenings of the new mix, some things (no pun intended) are very obvious:

    1- The use of compression (listen to those drums)
    2- George's voice is more upfront
    3- When George and Paul are singing, Paul's voice is louder
    4- The guitar solo is clearly distorted, like if they used a multitrack in bad shape!

    Overall I can't say I'm impressed with the new mix

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  20. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    This album ( remix ) is going to fly off the shelves.
  21. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    The distortion on the solo was always like this. Easy to hear on the isolated tracks. And on boots too. On the original mix the rounded it a bit with a bit of high mid roll off.
  22. Bullis

    Bullis Forum Resident

    Some people are over critical. I think it sounds fresh.
  23. Kristofferabild

    Kristofferabild Forum Resident

    The promo video on Youtube mentions half speed mastered, but is the only for the 3 vinyl set?

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  24. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Oh yeah ..alright”

    Vinyl it is then.

    ( though the book looks good).
  25. Yovra

    Yovra Collector of Beatles Threads

    So the 1LP is 180 grams QRP
    The 3LP is 180 grams from Optimal and Half speed Mastered?
    AND I’d like to know what the aforementioned cat amongst the pigeons really means regarding QRP or Optimal....
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