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Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Resident

    We don't know... But at that moment a lot of things happened (after Get Back's sessions, February and March):

    - Allen Klein
    - George Harrison's Operation
    - John & Yoko and their projects, including the live performance in Cambridge
    - Apple's contracts and the promotion of new talents
    - Paul and George's demos
    - Personal life (weddings of Paul and John)
    - Bed peace campaign
    - Glyn Johns working in the new album with the Get Back's tapes
    - Etc...
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  2. maui jim

    maui jim Forum Resident

    West of NYC
    You are probably correct. The SD HAS to come out to coincide with the film. Otherwise all new to this material has to refer to Phil’s and Paul’s productions. When is date set for film? Early 20 after holiday blockbusters and Oscar hopefuls clear the screens?
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  3. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    No date listed yet for either the Peter Jackson film or the audio box set. People have guessed May, which is the actual anniversary date. But maybe Thanksgiving/Xmas 2020 would generate more $$$ due to holiday purchasing.
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  4. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    36 to go. :)
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  5. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    I have all of the remaining 36....
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  6. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Oh darn. I just took out my copies to make sure that I counted correctly and a page fell out of one of them.

    Make it 35 then... ;)
  7. hidlive

    hidlive the lone Gen Z girl on Hoffman Forums

    The thing with early Beatles is, they were in a bit of a hurry to make albums because of time constraints, especially for Beatles For Sale so I see why that alt take would (and should) be worthy of release. However, in the later years they were very specific about what they wanted the public to hear. John wanted the tape cut from I Want You at a precise point, George led them though 100 takes of Not Guilty, Paul tortured all of them with Ob La Di and Maxwell. Also, to be fair, Anthology was made with a commercial view, they wanted the most different takes/versions so the public would buy.
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  8. scocs

    scocs Forum Resident

    ...but Anthology used so much noise reduction that to my ears, it renders all three volumes unlistenable.
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  9. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    Out of the six 8-track reels of takes of I 'Want You (She's So Heavy)' only one take is considered worthy? I doubt Giles and co listened to everything. Same people who missed the near-finished first electric version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Sigh.
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  10. reb

    reb Money Beats Soul

    Long Island
    I could never be without Anthology 2 and 3. Two of my all time favorite Beatles releases.-
  11. ponkine

    ponkine Senior Member

    Villarrica, Chile
    I thought this thread was about ABBEY ROAD 50th anniversary contents, not LET IT BE/GET BACK

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  12. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I mean, I realise a lot of Abbey Road was probably written during the get back sessions but there is a surprising amount of Let it Be speculation given that the Abbey Road 50th isn't even out yet. I guess there is only so much you can nitpick over a mix of Something.
  13. DLeet

    DLeet Forum Resident

    Chernigov, Ukraine
    Turns out the Something demo with piano was booted before, albeit in crappy quality.
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  14. brainwashed

    brainwashed Forum Hall Of Fame

    Boston, MA
    Not crappy quality, just a well-worn acetate. Ron
  15. crossroads69

    crossroads69 Senior Member

    London Town
    I’ve been listening to the Abbey Road tracks on Anthology 3 and really enjoyed reconnecting with the Oh Darling! rehearsal from Apple Studios (Jan-69). John seemed to enjoy singing that one with Paul and later even said, that Paul should’ve let him do it on the album.

    I wonder if they ever tried duetting on it during the Abbey Road session on April 20th. John was there at the session and played piano on the track. We’re getting Take 4 on AR50 and while it may just be wishful thinking, it would be great if John also sang guide on the basic track in same spirit as their Apple session rehearsal.
  16. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    There is an enormous amount of Let It Be-Get Back, Twickenham Jan 69 rehearsals & at least some unheard multi track takes, such as Peggy Sue Got Married for example. At least 50-75 songs, partial songs, jams, oldies, early Len-Mac songs, alternates, probably at least portions of a hundred songs....& multiple takes of Many.

    It's my view AT LEAST 25-40 cool Beatles tracks could be assembled..BUT imo to bring it up to high fidelity, good listening standards....you would have to employ some or all of the following...editing of pieces of,various multiple takes into 1 complete coherent take. Use DES-digital editing...to seperate multiple instruments locked together on 1 track..fly in instruments from one take onto another...synchronize & edit the so called Nagra A & B film audio, to create real stereo from some of the filmed audio rehearsals. Possibly synching-editing-pitch correction, EQ,-time stretching-compressing to fix -regulate tempo problem...of multiple takes layered together---to create overdubs like doubled lead vocals-guitar solos..backround vocals...to get more musical parts-fuller more overdubbed sound--- say one take had a piano or percussion or unused guitar part....fly it onto the new assembled-edited master take....so on some songs....instead of just 2 guitars, bass & drums....you might be able to add a piano & or organ, doubled lead vocal, & or backrounds, & or tambourine-shaker or additional drum part.

    All hypothetical what you could or would do..i'm just trying to illustrate what you could do...& the types of steps one would need to do...to upgrade, clean up, fatten, the sound...it's all very very doable...with multiple takes & partial takes of a hundred + songs.. IF they got 10-Complete, clean, new, cool Beatles tracks-songs, including even 2 or 3 unreleased Beatles originals & 6 or 8 covers from their early repetoire..how could you ignore or not do that ?

    It would be authentic, real, editing different pieces of takes, flying in say a bass from another take..that is older than the oldest Elvis recording for Sun Records..de-mixing or digital editing or doubling..are just newer 'tools' in a very old production technique. A good example is last years White album 50th. Where Giles M & Sam O'Kell took a Lennon guitar from one take of Goodnight...& flew it onto another take of Goodnight, thar had all 4 Beatles singing harmony together...presumably, they also did a little work on pitch, tempo etc, to make them fit together properly..the Jan 69 Beatles stuff, is a treasure trove of opportunity for that kind of thing.

    Imo they should have done more of it on these first 3 box sets...including Abbey Road...the bits of it they have done are 'real Beatles tracks' have worked pretty good, Sour Milk Sea is imo, a glaring example where they should've done it. Also Ain't She Sweet ftom AR & several others.

    Geoff Emerick & George Harrison gave this stuff a bad name with some hideous mixes & edits ( Emerick ) & more bad edits ( Harrison ) on Beatles Anthology. Also the really bad 3rd or 4th ( or 5th ) generation mono cassettes Yoko gave the Beatles for Free As A Bird-Real Love in 94-95...someone should redo those slipping in the much cleaner Lennon demo's that surfaced later.
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  17. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    I could and would, especially given that John and George aren't here. The end result would not be The Beatles.
  18. Karl Denver

    Karl Denver You’ll get nothing and like it!

    San Antonio
    Couldn’t agree more. The wrong people were involved with Anthology. The Beatles, GM and Geoff Emerek. These are the people that made the classic records. They never felt comfortable releasing tracks that they rejected in the first place. That is why Anthology suffered from having a true identity. They tried to have it both ways. They wanted archival material, yet they wanted it polished. That is why you have Frankensteined things that really didn’t work(Day in the life, Yes it is(adding the finished track at the end), Mr. Kite(adding sound effects), etc. These are a few examples. Anthology also hit some home runs too, with some amazing outtakes: I’m down, It’s only love, I’m only sleeping, Tomorrow never knows, Across the Universe and pretty much most of Anthology 3. Giles has done an outstanding job with the outtakes on all these sets. He has pretty much kept them pure. You can complain about his remixes but I think we all can agree that he has made these outtakes sound awesome on all the sets so far. I think he would give us more if he was allowed. I think he’s being forced to carefully curate the sets. That being said we should probably stop hoping for and talking about certain outtakes that are our personal holy grails. Apple supposedly monitors this board and they probably find out the most sought after outtakes by our conversations and then hold them back for another time(they figure we’re going to buy these sets regardless). Case in point: Pepper 50 -no Carnival of light, White Album 50 -no Revolution 20, 27 min Helier Skelter, Abbey Road 50- no Who slapped John or Something with the piano coda(that a lot of people mentioned wanting).
  19. owsley

    owsley Senior Member

    The Huge Medley/Long One has been booted for years. It's mono and contains some noticeably different mixes Absolutely essential although the bootlegged tape is very distorted. I'm hoping the Abbey Road box set will include the exact same mixes but in top notch sound quality but I've been disappointed with EMI leaving off key essential rarities on their Sgt. Pepper box (the 4 minute+ finished mono mix of Lucy with much longer ending) and the White Album box (Revolution 1 take 20 mono mix)

    Regarding the mono acetate with the unique mix of The End:
    Beatles Abbey Road Allied NY mono acetate
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  20. Lewisboogie

    Lewisboogie Forum Resident


    Acetates — Yellow Dog?
  21. Lewisboogie

    Lewisboogie Forum Resident

    Not to mention the sloppiness/laziness of using Emerick’s Sessions mixes for the new project. Couldn’t be bothered to have a closer listen.
  22. Tittenhertz

    Tittenhertz Forum Resident

    Speaking of socks and sandals - The Cosmic Empire
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  23. J Alesait

    J Alesait Forum Resident

    Buenos Aires
    The more albums/songs available to us, the less we listen to any of it. Too much information.
  24. J Alesait

    J Alesait Forum Resident

    Buenos Aires
    I've always wondered why on earth they used Emerick's mixes! Was it that difficult to get to the multitracks??
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  25. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    Martin probably thought those mixes sounded OK at the time, Emerick had a good reputation among Beatles fans and the industry in general, and those were 12 tracks (or whatever) that he could cross off his to-do list.
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