Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. ralph7109

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    That’s not what he’s saying at all. Just saying to be more aggressive in the sound of the mix - not change the vocal.
  2. Beatlebug

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    The next issue of Mojo magazine has, as expected, Abbey Road on the cover. It should be out in the UK next week.

    "In an extra special package, MOJO delivers a Beatles exclusive, a lovingly crafted double-sided Beatles map, an unusual collectors’ cover featuring artwork by Paul McCartney and a fantastic CD of the year’s best new music so far. Our cover story is Abbey Road: a 50th Anniversary guide to the Beatles’ last masterpiece, plus the exclusive inside track on Apple’s expanded, remixed new edition."

    Here's the link to order:

    Mojo October 2019
  3. A well respected man

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    Yes, if Giles had done any of that on his remixes, the purists would be outraged.

    At the end of the day, Giles has been given the task of creating these new versions, so I think he should be given the freedom to experiment. I remember reading Paul asked him not to be "safe" with these remixes. I haven't liked some of his decisions, but on the whole I think he is doing a very good job.
  4. Dean R

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    Part of the reason, I suspect is that Revolver - despite its reputation - isn't one of the big sellers.
    That falls to AR, Pepper and to a lesser extent the White Album.
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  5. jcoin

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    I think the remaining lads would like to get all this done while they are still alive. I probably won't be alive by 2027 so I hope they accelerate the releases after LIB.
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  6. How long until the next single release? Can't talk about Something forever :shake:
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  7. MPLRecords

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    My prediction is 2-3 weeks, either the last week of August or the first of September.
    With a third single coming out the week before or the week of the Abbey Road 50 release.
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  8. Monasmee

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    How about Get Back/Let It Be Spring 2020 then Please Please Me that Christmas with all remaining deluxe boxed sets by 2022 each honoring a respective anniversary.

    This way the Beatle family & us fans can share in some dignity before the end of the world as we know it. ;)
  9. beatleroadie

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    That looks fantastic. Thanks for posting!
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  10. beatleroadie

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    "Come Together" lyric video around Sept. 1. Full video for "Here Comes the Sun" the week of release.
  11. MPLRecords

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    Certainly plausible.
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  12. gottafeelin

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    I agree. I don't hear 9 separate parts...
  13. geekzapoppin

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    It isn't. Earlier in the thread, it was explained that he had them sing the same three harmony parts three different times and layered them together to give it a fuller sound. I can't even imagine that actual nine-part harmony would sound good with only three voices. Heck, it would be incredibly difficult to even write nine different harmonic lines and have them come out sounding like anything other than a crazy mess. Four is common, but anything above that would be really unusual, given that there are only so many notes in a musical scale and even fewer ways to combine them into something resembling what we know as traditional Western music. (Although I can read and play music, I'm not a musicologist, so forgive me for not knowing the specific terminology. It's been a long time since my high school basic music theory class.)
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  14. Netflix still mails DVDs.
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  15. Ram4

    Ram4 Lookin' good

    I don't think these early albums will get their own box set. I think we'll get 2-3 albums per box and they will start coming out in 2021. All of them are past their 50th, no need to wait for Anniversaries and I'm sure Paul and Ringo would like to see the finished product before they are no longer with us - including you jcoin!
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  16. raphph

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    Not sure about the Something 2019 mix. Giles likes his air and his boom doesn’t he ?
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  17. Yovra

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    I must say, the 50 year-White Album Issue was a bit of a let-down, and there has been a (fold-out) Abbey Road-Mojo, so I'll leaf through it, but I probably won't buy it....
  18. applejam101

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    A bunch of those songs were already officially released on the Bootleg Recordings 1963. Maybe one more take from each song would work, but I doubt it would even last 10 minutes. They could put the Dexterized mixes and maybe some demo's like John's What Goes on. Heck they could put the Decca songs on there.

    1. "There's a Place" (Takes 5 & 6) 2:19
    2. "There's a Place" (Take 8) 1:58
    3. "There's a Place" (Take 9) 2:04
    4. "Do You Want to Know a Secret" (Take 7) 2:17
    5. "A Taste of Honey" (Take 6) Bobby Scott, Ric Marlow 2:12
    6. "I Saw Her Standing There" (Take 2) 3:07
    7. "Misery" (Take 1) 1:54
    8. "Misery" (Take 7)
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  19. brainwashed

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    It's ALL about long term marketing. By 2015, and probably earlier, they knew Sgt. Pepper would be the center-piece of a 50th Anniversary re-release barrage. Arguing whether Revolver should have preceded it is immaterial. And as much as we, and the public, hold Revolver in high esteem, apparently the main players at Apple, including some famous men and their estates, don't hold it quite as dear. Revolver should be quite the remarkable anniversary set. The 50th Anniversary moniker will be dropped (or changed)... and we'll get a nifty 4 CD set. When? I'm guessing in 2021 or 2022. Next year is all about Let It Be. With the anniversary set and new Peter Jackson film. It's unclear if they will revamp a 60th Anniversary for 2022 and mass-release sets, perhaps issue one set every 6 weeks or so... or double up albums, especially the first four (due to fewer outtake choices). Ron
  20. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 1) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 3) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 4) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 5) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 6) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 7) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 8) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 9) (Stereo)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 10) (Mono)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 11) (Mono)
    I Saw Her Standing There (Take 12) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 1) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 2) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 3) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 4) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 5) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 6) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 7) (Mono)
    Misery (Take 8) (Mono)
    Please Please Me (Unknown Take) (Mono)
    Please Please Me (RS from Takes 16-18) Mistake in Lyrics
    Love Me Do (1962 Version 1) Pete on Drums (Mono)
    Do You Want To Know A Secret (Take 7) (Mono)
    Do You Want To Know A Secret (Take 8) (Mono)
    A Taste Of Honey (Take 6) (Mono)
    A Taste Of Honey (Take 7) (Mono)
    There's A Place (Take 1) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 2) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 3) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 4) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 5) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 6) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 7) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 8) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 9) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 10) (Stereo)
    There's A Place (Take 11) (Mono)
    There's A Place (Take 12) (Mono)
    There's A Place (Take 13) (Mono)

    This is just the boots of the album
    Add in the singles (preferably include the non-echo 45 mix of PPM). live: cavern? Radio? Decca and or EMI auditions? And maybe (but most likely not) Stereo DES backing tracks
  21. Bern

    Bern JC4Me

    Yeah...gotta believe there is stuff we don't know about. This is a good spot for the Decca stuff. (IMO).

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  22. Rfreeman

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    Agreed - 9 part harmony would essentially be at least "17th chords" = the root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th & 17th.

    I dont think I've seen music go further extending choral harmonies that a 13th chord - and almost never would anyone actually include all 7 notes on a 13th chord (which would equal sounding all 7 notes of a scale simultaneously).

    9 part harmony
    = sounding all 7 notes in a major or minor scale at once and throwing in 2 more
    = playing note but three notes in a chromatic scale at once
    = crap
  23. jmxw

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    I believe RSD is in November.... :magoo:
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  24. Carl Harrison

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    This is superb but I would also opt to put in “Come Together” with the unused guitar lick from “BBC Record Producers” show and “Here Come the Sun” with the lost solo both as outfakes or bonus outfake tracks.
  25. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    It seems very doubtful to me that they will go back to the earliest LPs and do them in chronological order.

    I would be more inclined to expect some kind of reverse chronological order [perhaps excepting MMT and YS as they are soundtracks and only have 6 and 4 new songs respectively].

    But they could just do them randomly, in any order Apple Corps wants to..

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