Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

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  1. It seems like they have gone to great lengths to avoid including any Beatles versions of solo tracks in this release.
  2. I think for *this release* the Beatles have decided—for whatever reason—that Beatles versions of solo recordings would not be included. Why? Who knows.
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  3. Tony LeMesmer

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    Does not bode well for the Let it be box set, with the loads of outtakes of solo tracks.
  4. zipp

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    I think they have editorial policies for these sets.

    They decided for Abbey Road not to show the Beatles doing other songs in the studio (solo or otherwise) to show they were concentrated on making a serious album (even if the two are not mutually exclusive).

    Get Back / Let It Be may have a completely different policy. They may and probably will want to show the Beatle did a great deal of old songs in that period.

    They also have editorial policies for the photos in the sets. For the White Album, for example, they decided that everything should be black and white. So all those marvellous coloured photos from the mad day out became a rather boring black, white and even grey.

    These are artistic decisions but they can also influence the way we see the Beatles working at any particular time.
  5. A well respected man

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    Maybe saving them for future Deluxe editions of All Things Must Pass or Plastic Ono Band?
  6. zipp

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    I don't think so.

    Some have suggested they're being held back for a future Anthology project.

    Myself, I don't think anything's been defined yet, but they want to make sure thay have some unreleased stuff for when the project comes along.

    Incidentally, the piano jam doesn't in my opinion have much to do with the atmosphere of Lennon's 'Remember' even if there are some similar piano chords.

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  7. Crawdad

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    Why is a fantastic track.
  8. applejam101

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    check out what Chip Madinger @lennonology wrote about the piano jam

    'Something' and 'Rock Peace' - A single degree of separation?
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  9. zipp

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  10. positively4th

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    Sorry for being somewhat off topic, figure folks here would be interested ... the Mark Lewisohn Beatles book “Tune In” is $1.99 today on Kindle format as part of amazon’s daily kindle deal. I see it recommended often in this forum and is normally $13.
  11. zipp

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    Yes. These deluxe reissues are fantastic and frustrating at the same time.

    But it's intentional.
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  12. Ivan

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    That part of the book confused me as well. I'm no expert, but my opinion is it looks like John's handwriting rather than Paul's. If you search for examples of their handwritten lyrics, it matches the look of John's much more (although the two of them have some similar traits in their writing).
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  13. zipp

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    This post is about the lyrics on page 65. Is it John's or Paul's handwriting?

    I also think it's possibly John's but I'm not sure. Anybody else have an opinion on this?
  14. Tom Daniels

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    I think everyone is giving Apple far more credit for intentionality than is warranted. The guys working on the sets listen to everything and go back and forth between themselves about what to put on, probably editing out some things we would want to hear, it knowing what fans would love. There also seems to be a lot of focus on “one of every song” whether there is an interesting version or not. And if something has five interesting takes we would be lucky to get two.

    Then it goes to the four Beatles/estates. They can kill anything. Maybe Paul doesn’t like his voice on a track. Maybe Olivia thinks George wouldn’t want a rough take released. Maybe Yoko finds that the numbers aren’t good on releasing a fast version of I Want You. So a half dozen more interesting things get cut.

    The process isn’t designed to get fans all of the things they most want. But it does get us a large number of unreleased performances I never expected to hear.
  15. Ken Wood

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    I always thought there is some similarity to "Remember" but I somehow today I have to think of "God" also now.
  16. Josip

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    It seems that there's more unreleased studio audio released today via "call the studio" app... but, don't get yer hopes up, it's mostly banter! ;)
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  17. Brodnation

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    Beatle banter is the best banter!
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  18. Beatlened

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  19. mindgames

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    Give or take 160 seconds in total across 7 parts not heard in either the Rock Band chatter, the deluxe editions or any of the countless documentaries, as far as I could check. 'Sexy Sadie', 'I Want You', 'Here Comes The Sun', 'Mean Mr. Mustard/Sun King', 'Polythene Pam' and 'Something is new. The part from 'Come Together' can be found on the deluxe edition, but is here in raw form. Interesting to carefully listen back and forth, you will notice the processing on the deluxe edition (delay on the vocals, EQ-ing, muted bass track, high pass filter).
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  20. zipp

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    Your comments about the time-lengths of the two sessions are judicious.

    It's worth noting though that Old Brown Shoe was completed fairly quickly (just 3 complete takes as stated on the tape box).

    AND both Howlett and Lewisohn agree that there were in fact thirteen takes of Something not just ten.
  21. johnny moondog 909

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    Fantastic !!!!

    I Seem to recall one of Lennon compilations in the 2000's, has a short excerpt track called Rock Peace..
  22. cyclistsb

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    Having not read any of the previous 300+ posts, I'll have to either agree with many or disagree with some that this LP reissue doesn't suck, sounds pretty darn good and plays very well on my setup. For $15 is a pretty good deal considering the amount of cash I've spent on sloppy reissues that never live up to their potential for the amount of cash I've spend on them (Led Zeppelin and Peter Gabriel, I'm looking at you!)
  23. Onder

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    The number of takes can be misleading if you're trying to find out the time spent on the song. You have the rehearsal time. You don't know how much time there was between the individual takes. Sometimes they rewound the tape back (after how many takes?) and started anew, but sometimes they did not. Plus the subsequent overdubs were not numbered.

    Old Brown Shoe backing was recorded in four takes (one false start, three complete). But there were several overdubs of lead vocal, backing vocals, bass and guitar.
    Something was just the backing track, 13 takes. But from tape box E91390 we know that takes 1-8 were just false starts, and takes 9, 10 were complete (takes 11-13 were on another reel). Even if takes 11, 12, 13 are all complete it doesn't make the backing track number of takes that much different from Old Brown Shoe.
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  24. zipp

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    OK. So in a way you're saying we've no way of knowing how long each of these these sessions lasted.

    If I understand correctly, there were maybe five complete takes of the backing track for Something with possible unrecorded or wiped attempts. And maybe they took a break during the evening sesion as they sometimes did.

    And don't forget, only Lewisohn talks of an afternoon demo recording, not Howlett.

    It still seems to me that different scenarii are possible and there's no absolute reason to think one is greatly more probable than the other.
  25. Shaddam IV

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    I've been away for ages but wanted to pop in to say I'm getting more mileage out of the Abbey Road remix than any of the previous releases.

    Side two means more to me than it ever did. It's timeless and it sounds fantastic.

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