Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. MoonPool

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    Let’s not forget the surround sound mixes. Those are a major feature for me and many others.
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  2. bherbert

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    They remixed Come Together 5 times and couldn’t improve on the original by centering the drums? Giles needs to hire a new engineer. Paul Hicks would be a good option.
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    :goodie: @mikecarrera I humbly await your next avatar pic change!
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  4. beatleroadie

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    Honestly I'm excited about the surround mixes too. I don't have a surround system set up but I plan to have that one day, so it'll be a delayed gratification gift I'm looking forward to opening one day :)
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  5. Colour me a purist, that's why!
  6. Shaddam IV

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    That's fine for you. I'm asking why your purism extends to me.
  7. Kim Olesen

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    I like Paul Hicks work on beatle stuff. Particularly the Help soundtrack. (Still the best Beatlesremixes so far imo. Probably because they showed how well it was recorded, something that didn’t come across in all of the 65 mixes). But Paul did not always center the drums either.
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  8. bherbert

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    Maybe I’m missing something here. Maybe it’s due to limitations. I just thought that with modern tech it could be done.
  9. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

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    For 69 stuff no sweat. But demixing tech is not perfect. Demixing a snare and acustic guitar is not cutting it yet. Or at least it wasn’t 2 years ago. It is not a wonder drug that’ll do all.
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  10. bherbert

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    But then how is Giles able to put the drums in the middle for Paperback Writer but not Lady Madonna? Or centered drums on Can’t Buy Me Love but not on Day Tripper?
  11. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Sometimes the seperation of elements are succesful. Sometimes not. That is where the tech is now.
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  12. dsdu

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    It's not your fault those greedy urchins want more than one meal a day.
  13. I don't want any of the classic albums to sound "more modern." That term sounds scary. If the album sounds great from the get-go, it does not need a digital remix. The only improvement we can achieve on sound quality is by reissuing the original analog stereo mix from the first-generation analog master copy by using a more advanced audio equipment, utilizing the best virgin vinyl material and using the best vinyl/CD pressing plants in the world with sate-of-the-art quality control.
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  14. bherbert

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    Thanks. That makes sense.
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  15. Lemon Curry

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    Fingers crossed for good news.
  16. Gavaxeman

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    So I’ve lived with the vinyl and CD Sgt Pepper 2017 mix for two years now...listening thru same speakers etc.. decent turntable and cartridge vs a Sony mega 300 jukebox CD player

    And I prefer the CD,..

    The vinyl is nice and polite and quite close to the original...

    The CD is different’s defo louder’s more in your face ..the bass is great ... the backing vocals come thru more ..the drums are more audible.. even the quiet songs seem more ...pronounced..

    I’m hoping the Abbey Road remix gets radical...

    I’ll report back on the white album in 2020
  17. saborlord123

    saborlord123 "I'm not a genius. I'm just a hard-working guy."

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  18. Vinyl Fan 1973

    Vinyl Fan 1973 "They're like soup, they're like....nothing bad"

    Actually I've been listening to that and Old Brown Shoe all morning. Just lovely....
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  19. Cristiano Cortellazzi

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    That would be too much! Quite a good pun though... well, it's a pun, ISNT'T IT? o_O
  20. NumberEight

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    That doesn’t count as an album. :)
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  21. Ricardo Cosinaro

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    While in London for the 50th anniversary AR lecture I dropped by St John's Wood Collectables (sic). Roger, one of the proprietors, and I discussed this photo and he told me that for the longest time folks thought that was Ringo's mom (mum) but that a couple years ago someone came forward with proof that it was THEIR mother. Roger knew the lady's name but unfortunately I don't remember it.
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  22. Ken Wood

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    LOL! You dug out my old page about Ringo`s hair! I completly forgot it is still online!
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  23. Gila

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    He didn't really. The guitar stuff is on the same track with the drums, so in 1+ mix they are slightly to the left. Bass was on separate track and is shifted just a little bit to the right. The huge "paperback writer" vocals are spread left and right.

    I don't think he used digital extraction on Paperback Writer.. Maybe they have some magical stuff now, because in 2009 Rockband version separated drums and guitar(s) have constant artifacts in sound. But I don't think it improved too much by 2015 or whenever they did 1+ mix, since guitars and drums are still lumped together.

    Interesting how this mix is kind of very "narrow" but for some of the other stuff like While My Gutiar Gently Weeps they go completely opposite way.
  24. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    I think that just comes out of the way they started. When they had 2-track recording, that was it - you put most of the instruments on one track, all the vocals and the rest on another track. And they had to do it live, you couldn't re-record a certain part in this setup really.

    With 4-track they were recording rhythm/basic track on ONE track of the tape (this means drums, bass, and one or two guitars all on the same track locked together) and used other 3 remaining tracks for overdubbing the vocals, double-tracking the vocals, and recording additional instruments or parts. It seems that this practice continued even deep into 1967, even when they were using "reduction mixes" to record and add more stuff. That's just how they used to do it. Day Tripper is what, 2 or 3 basic takes?

    Why not? Mono Revolver has a lot of 'sand' in its sound, I don't know how to describe it. In Taxman the distortion is audible, it's also apparently very very compressed and some stuff just got buried, like drums in Got to Get You into My Life, which people mention a lot. And why not? Mixes on 1/1+ aren't bad although Yellow Sumbarine Songtrack mixes are even more pleasant in headphones.
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  25. Contact Lost

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    I would love to hear some examples of well extracted bits, but I remain skeptical about this technology because of possible sonic distortions and overall unnatural result. But who knows after all.
    So far, my impression was that Giles / Sam weren't separating instruments if they were recorded on a single track. Like in A day in the life mixes, bass and drums were shifted together etc.
    I was listening to We can work it out the other day, and I still think it's lopsided even on the 1+. They put too much on the left side there, but I don't know how this track was recorded. It suppose to be no different to other Rubber Soul sessions material.
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