Abbey Road - Leaner, Meaner and MUCH Better!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mike Reynolds, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Mike Reynolds

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    As I was listening to the Let It Be album this evening, I began to wonder which songs would make for a good combo cd between Abbey Road and Let It Be. Well there just isn't much on Abbey Road I don't like, and then inspiration hit! So after axing a few songs and a slight shuffling around, this is what I came up with for a version of Abbey Road that I think would've made for a smokin' album. What do all the experts here think?

    Side 1
    Come Together (4.21)
    Something (3.03)
    Here Comes The Sun (3.06)
    I Want You (She's So Heavy) (7.47)
    Total Time - 18.17

    Side 2
    Because (2.46)
    You Never Give Me My Money (4.02)
    Sun King (2.26)
    Mean Mr. Mustard (1.06)
    Polythene Pam (1.13)
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (1.58)
    Golden Slumbers (1.32)
    Carry That Weight (1.37)
    The End (includes the hidden track "Her Majesty") (3.32)
    Total Time - 19.00

    The upside of this re-worked album?

    1- Gone are the weakest tracks on the album in "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", "Oh! Darling" and "Octopus's Garden". C'mon... they really are.

    2- Bringing "Here Comes The Sun" over from Side 2 now makes for a great Side 1 all the way through.

    3- The Beatles' classic medley now comprises all of side 2 and is still intact.

    4- Both sides of the album are about the same length in time (if that matters).

    Well I've already burned my cdr, and I'll never listen to the studio album again. This makes for much better listening, don't you agree?
  2. Dominick

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    Sydney, Australia
    You picked the wrong forum for this.:wantsome:
  3. Mr. Explorer

    Mr. Explorer Trumpet Man/Dapper Dan

    Omaha, NE, USA
    Well for starters I would disagree that Oh Darling is anywhere near weak.

    Secondly what does Let it Be have to do with this? All you’ve done is take a few songs away from Abbey Road?
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  4. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Forum Resident

    I happen to like Abbey Road just the way it is.
  5. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Forum Resident

    Oh! Darling a weak track? Is this the Twilight Zone?

    2nd time I read this in as many threads about this album! Really, some of you guys should be committed for believing such rubbish! Yikes.
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  6. culabula

    culabula One-time Boulevardier.

    Belfast, Ireland
    I always wished they’d reserved Maxwell and Garden for b-sides; other, discarded tracks would have been much better than those on their final LP.

    But -lose 'Oh Darling'? You MUST be kidding!
  7. abzach

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    Sorry, but this thread is just bad.
  8. brainwashed

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    Boston, MA
    Two Harrisongs in a row? No McCartney on Side 1? No love for Oh Darling? And axing Ringo's second-ever composition (Thanks George!)? It's too short for a 1969 album, especially with I Want You (She's So Heavy) being over 7 minutes on its own. I rather like Abbey Road as it is. Now, if you say it may be improved by adding Old Brown Shoe and say, Come and Get It instead of "Maxell" I might be tempted to agree. Ron
  9. Ivan

    Ivan Forum Resident

    Perth, Australia
    I don't like the idea of having both of George's songs back to back. I would move Here Comes The Sun back to the start of Side 2, meaning Because is really the only other option as a track to pad out Side 1.

    But really, no, I don't agree.
  10. The Ole' Rocker

    The Ole' Rocker Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    Two Harrison songs in a row? Me not likey.
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  11. Jae

    Jae Forum Resident

    Yeah, nah.
  12. the pope ondine

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  13. Mike Reynolds

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    What, this subject doesn't belong in the Music Forum? Well if not in the Music forum, where then? Thanks.

    Until I hear otherwise, I'll assume there's no "round-file" forum.
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  14. The Ole' Rocker

    The Ole' Rocker Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    Also, implying “Oh, Darling” as a weak track on Abbey Road, knowing McCartney delivered his all on that vocal performance, Starr’s fantastic, tight, intricate drumming display, those dicey and paced piano chops that rise the tension and the stagnant and cutting Harrison licks do not make it a weak track whatsoever. The Beatles singlehandedly challenged any British blues band that heralded themselves as having soul and musicianship.
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  15. Darienzo

    Darienzo Forum Resident

    Weird side one.
    And starting side 2 with a slow song doesn't sound very beatle to me.
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  16. andrewskyDE

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    Zack Island
    Sorry but... what is this? I was expecting you put in a few Let It Be songs.
  17. Mike Reynolds

    Mike Reynolds Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Wow. I did not expect these types responses at all. But that's ok. Seems you guys put as much thought into why you don't like this as much as I did in making it.

    And, really, all I took into consideration in making this was my own two ears.
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  18. No.

    It's not what the band intended now I'm happy you enjoy it but, without the other tracks, it's just not Abbey Road. John liked "Oh Darling" (and wanted to sing it) so who am I to argue? I enjoy it--spirited vocal from Paul. As for Octopus' Garden--George's galloping guitar and the backing vocal arrangement make it worthwhile. Not a fan of Maxwell but it does kind of remind me of the Bonzo's.
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  19. 905

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    Southern IL
    Maxwell's my favorite song from this :(
  20. Mike Reynolds

    Mike Reynolds Forum Resident Thread Starter

    That's how it started out, and then I ditched that idea for re-working Abbey Road instead. And in doing so, it seems it went over like a lead balloon.
  21. Leviethan

    Leviethan Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    Replace Oh Darlin' with The Ballad of John and Yoko and you've got it.
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  22. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    im with you on ditching Maxwell, but I love oh darling and octopuses garden
  23. DennisF

    DennisF Forum Resident

  24. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    Zack Island
    I also love this song. We're probably in the minority here. The album itself is perfect as it is.
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  25. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    Oh Hell No..
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