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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Panthers26, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Panthers26

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    Just listened to Barry Diament's original CD of AC/DC's Back In Black. I don't usually like original 80's non-remastered CDs but i've got to say, this one sounds outstanding. I have the RL Vinyl of this and it comes very close to it! I hear Barry did a flat transfer from the master tapes with no EQ tweaking. Usually, i find original 80's issue CDs lacking any bass punch, they just sound flat and lifeless to me.

    PS, Anybody thinking of buying the 2003 remaster of Highway To Hell should think again, its terrible! Shrill and harsh, way too much treble. Nothing beats the UK 1st Press A1/B1 Vinyl with "ARUN" in the deadwax. I have the LP and a needledrop, the drums and bass just hit you, no CD version compares!
  2. dead of night

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    Northern Va, usa
    Thanks for the review. I'm trying to hunt this CD and Highway To Hell down. Do the liner notes say, "mastered by Barry Diament"? Or is he uncredited?
  3. Panthers26

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    Unfortunately i dont have any of the packaging, my friend just found the CD in an empty jewel case, sorry.
  4. Panthers26

    Panthers26 Member Thread Starter

    Anybody know if Barry Diament mastered the original Highway To Hell CD? If not, who did? This sounds a lot better than the awful 2003 remaster, a lot closer to the Vinyl sound. Warm and rich sound.
  5. dead of night

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    Northern Va, usa
    yes, he mastered both. Can anyone else help me in my search for these CDs? Do the liner notes credit Barry Diament? Or is he uncredited? I want to know some details to help my search for the good mastering. thanks.
  6. KeninDC

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    No mention of Barry on my CD.
  7. vonwegen

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    No mention of Barry, but look for no-frills packaging--Back In Black in white letters against a cheap background on the CD booklet and tray.
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  8. mark renard

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    The unremastered Highway To Hell sounds really good too if I remember correctly. Much more natural sounding than any of the remasters.
  9. Plan9

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    It's the standard Atlantic CD from the 80's with the "This album was originally recorded on analog equipment..." blurb on the back.
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  10. Panthers26

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    Actually, the Highway To Hell CD i have is the 1994 Ted Jensen remaster. I have listened to the original Barry Diament and its a bit flat compared to the remaster, as if it was'nt from the master tape.
  11. KeithH

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    To identify the original Atlantic Back in Black CD, look for the following catalog numbers:

    U.S. issue: 16018-2 (A2-16018 for the Columbia Record Club issue)

    European issue: 250 735

    U.S. copies show the European catalog number as a second catalog number. Early U.S. copies erroneously state it as 050 735. Later U.S. issues show it correctly as 250 735.

    For the collectors, there are also the first two Japanese issues on Atlantic, catalog numbers 32XD-320 and 20P2-2433.

    The original Atlantic CD is very good, but I find the old Japanese pressing on Albert to be slightly better.
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  12. Panthers26

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    I listened to both the original CD and the 1994 remaster and to my ears, the remaster beats it. Clearer sound but not harsh with too much treble. Sounds warm like the Vinyl. Funny how if the non-remastered is mastered by Barry it does'nt sound as good as his Back In Black.
  13. glenecho

    glenecho Forum Resident

    Does the Diament have the weird drum hit (that sounds like it was cut in too late) at the beginning of "Given The Dog A Bone"? My japanese pressing has this and it drives me crazy. Great sounding CD other than that.
  14. Panthers26

    Panthers26 Member Thread Starter

    Just compared it with my RL Vinyl needledrop and it sounds the same. I think thats just how the track starts. I always thought part of the start was missing too.
  15. JonasR

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    You know your albums :righton:

    This page has good info on AC/DC. Can be used to find out what originals vs remasters look like:
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  16. OnTheRoad

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    I just got this early issue (Atlantic 16018-2, EUROPE 050 735) today at a Record Store Day sale for $2.97 !! It's in very good condition, one slight hairline toward the end of the cd "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" let me make sure it doesn't have a sound/rip flaw.
  17. moops

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    You should have checked the Classifieds here about 2 weeks ago, I couldn't get any takers for a nice minty Diament Back In Black CD so I closed the sale after a week and it sold on ebay in 2 days ......... weird. Anyway, I like the Ted Jensen remasters from '94 for Back In Black and Highway To Hell that's why my Diament found a new home ........
  18. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Forum Resident

    I'm checking my disc and this above list doesn't have mine.

    On the bottom of my cd it says...


    Matrix 16018-2-1T

    Rarer than all this guy's USA listings ? Hmmm...dunno.
  19. eelkiller

    eelkiller Now with enhanced loudness

    The best HTH on CD is the Albert Japan disc, the drums sound so much better than the original Atlantic disc. The negative, it is rare and expensive.

    ATSMUSIC Forum Resident

    MD, USA

    Why is the 32XD-320 just for collector's? To me it sounds the best.
  21. ricks

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    North America

    100% identical mastering on all non-remastered Atlantic "Back In Black's. Why spend $50+ when it can be found for 1/6 that price unless your a collector. Oh and yes I own the 32XD and if I was not a collector I'd have no reason to keep it.

    Do you really want this thread to turn into yet another incredibly ponderous argument on alleged sound quality differences on digitally identical discs. It's a highly subjective issue and venturing there always turns bad really fast.

    BTW FWIW; Mr. Diament insists the US made discs by Specialty [SRC matrix] in PA sound the most like the masters he submitted to the pressing plants.
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  22. whatnow?

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    San Antonio, Texas
    That's a pretty rare disc you got there. Nice score!
  23. I seem to recall Mr. Diament was given the true two-track masters to work with (not usual, in his experience back then).
  24. Turboholic

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    Thank you for the helpful link :thumbsup:
  25. ricks

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    North America
    Is the Sony made Japan for Australia Albert the same mastering as the also Sony made Australia for Australia Albert?

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