AC/DC Back In Black Diament CD

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Panthers26, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. moops

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    Can we somehow have this quote magically appear whenever someone bangs on about a mastering being crap because it wasn't a "flat transfer" ? Here's to you Barry ! :wave:
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  2. Panthers26

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    With regard to the flat transfer comment, i was quoting somebody on this forum from a previous thread. I wish people would have the facts before they write!

    Whatever you did do Barry, the results are excellent! As i said, i tend to not like most original CDs due to the muffled sound and lacking bass. Is it your experience that early 80's CDs generally sound inferior to remasters?
  3. jeffrey walsh

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    Always take the time to read your posts. Nice to hear from you again.
  4. bdiament

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    Hi Panthers26,

    I think it varies from case to case. If I were to generalize, I'd say most remasters sound inferior to early '80s CDs. But still, there are ways in which each is inferior to the other.

    Converters today are much better than converters were in the '80s. But the improvements are, in my view, swamped by poor mastering and the level insanity that has prevailed since the '90s.

    So the choice is often between a well made master that used less than today's best gear or a very poorly made master that was captured accurately by more modern gear.

    Best regards,
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    Welcome back. We've missed you.
  6. TMan

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    Yes - I don't want to speak for him but he has mentioned that he had especially great tapes to work with for Back in Black and For Those About to Rock.
  7. mj_patrick

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    Bumping an old thread- I didn't see any other mention of this anywhere.

    I noticed this intro to "Given..." you guys are mentioning on the older versions isn't the same on the 2003 Epic Remaster or the 2004 DualDisc version (both CD and DVD-Audio versions)- both of those start with a single note intro. Glitched intro or not, I won't be shelving my Atlantic for the later remasters.
  8. marcel

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    Just got this in the mail together with a Wings CD I bought from the classifieds.

    Cat. number and EAC peak levels are the same posted in older threads describing the Diament disc; for those about to buy it (I'll salute you later...:D ); you may ask for Cat # to one of those marketplace sellers and wait for their replies; most likely you'll get a "Atlantic 16018-2 - Europe: 050735: UPC on rear insert states 0 7567-81472-2 7" or "Atlantic 16018-2 on CD label"

    I gambled and got mine for $0.01 plus shipping :pineapple:

    Sounds mighty; you guys were right... and thank you Mr. Diament, terrific job
  9. Turntable Fan

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    Some times age has an advantage.
    I am lucky to have bought the early AC/DC and Led Zep CDs when they were released in the mid 80s.
    Thanks Barry for all the information.
  10. bdiament

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    New York
    As with a number of CD masters I did while at Atlantic, sometimes they credited me, other times not.

    Sometimes they "credited" me for a CD I didn't master. :(
    I don't recall any credits on the AC/DC CDs. Maybe on one or two. Maybe not.

    Best regards,
  11. moops

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    Geebung, Australia
    Sorry, my comment in post #51 wasn't in relation to anything you said at all.
    I can see how you may take it that way and I apologise.
    I meant can it appear anytime across the entire forum when a mastering is dismissed because it's not a "flat transfer", not in the case of your comment.
  12. EricCuda

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    Hi All,
    With respect to glenecho's comment above....I found a Diament CD in the used bins today and picked it up. I heard what also appears to be a missed partial beat on Givin the Dog A Bone. Sadly my orig vinyl got sold long ago....but I did have the Ted Jansen CD I had bought back in the early 2000's, I believe...that I just never "took to". Well....earlier in this post I read about the Diament having a missing section on Bone. My Jansen did not have this audible oddity. So I brought both into Audacity. Check it's not that there is something missing in the's that there is something "extra" in it!!


    So...replacing that with silence alleviated the issue...and other than the lower level....the first drum hit is right on and sounds identical to the other version I have. The link above works....just click the ? mark!! Peace.
  13. ricks

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    North America

    The original CD is the same way I remember hearing on on the long gone WNEW-FM in NYC. Not sure of their source but to me it's how it's supposed to me. Not having it on the Jensen was something I noticed immediately just one of many reason why I don't like that remaster. Although the Jensen does kill the uber squashed un-natural sounding Dual-Disc.
  14. EricCuda

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    Austin, TX, USA
    Thanks, ricks. Here are my copies: My Jensen is 2-color ATCO 92418-2 and the Diament I got today Atlantic 16018-2 (with the analog equipment warning on the back jewel case insert). I never heard the Dual Disc...and I'm probably glad I haven't!
  15. PixieStix

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    Which of these is better CD?
    CD 431046 or 20P2-2433
  16. John Grimes

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    which one do I want. The original silver Atlantic cd? Or the original Atco cd with the colors? I hate to start a new thread just to have someone refer me back to here.
  17. bru87tr

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    Original silver
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  18. John Grimes

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    Thanks Bruce, got it.
  19. You Better You Bet

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    I found a rather odd variant of an original Back In Black CD. Catalog number US: 16018-2 EUROPE: 250 735. No UPC. Matrix says 7567 16018-2 2895 667 01 #. The disc was manufactured in Germany by Record Service GmbH, Alsdorf.
    The EAC levels are weird:

    87.0 / 87.0 / 87.0 / 87.0 / 87.0 / 87.0 / 89.1 / 87.0 / 87.0 / 87.0

    Seems limited to 87.0 except for track seven. Strange. Anyone?
  20. sandimascharvel

    sandimascharvel Always Listening

    The Back in Black USA pressing that I have was made by DADC. It also has the SRC in the matrix. Is this what Barry is referring to?

    How are Specialty and DADC related?

    Matrix numbers:
    3 16018-2 SRC-01 21A2 DIDM 2583

    I can tell you that it is one great sounding disc.
  21. serge

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    Arlington, VA
    so what is up with the "Manufactured by JVC Disc America Co Made in U.S.A." variant

    is this the first US CD pressing..

    it has the Europe 050 735 on the spine and insert...

    any in fo on this appreciated....such a great album...
  22. rgray_69

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  23. Rose River Bear

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  24. Remington Steele

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    I like the way Back In Black sounds on the Bonfire box set so I've stuck with that one. And have a good LP record of it to enjoy now and then.
  25. ffracer

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    The Sony DADC USA pressed disc uses a WEA Mfg. stamper (SRC code is the clue in the matrix), so the matrix looks like a WEA Mfg. matrix, because it is , but the mould and actually pressing were done at DADC.

    The JVC Disc America was one of the early USA pressings. Probably around the same time as the DADC or slightly earlier 1987-88.

    They should pretty much all sound the same, other than levels.

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