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AC/DC - Powerage - another question about the different mixes

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sathvyre, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Grim177

    Grim177 Forum Resident

    London, Kent, UK
    The first two Euro pressings both have the same/unique/first mix. The only difference is the second pressing has the single version of "Rock N' Roll Damnation" tacked on the beginning and consequently "Riff Raff" is edited and fades out just before the end of the song. Cassette versions of this mix ("Rock N' Roll Damnation" single version but with "Riff Raff" not edited) were also available here (UK) up until the first series of "remasters" in 1994 when they were replaced with the second mix.

    1st Pressing (Euro Mix)
    1. Gimme A Bullet
    2. Down Payment Blues
    3. Gone Shootin'
    4. Riff Raff
    5. Sin City
    6. Up To My Neck In You
    7. What's Next To The Moon
    8. Cold Hearted Man
    9. Kicked In The Teeth.

    2nd Pressing (Euro Mix)
    1. Rock N' Roll Damnation (Single Version)
    2. Gimme A Bullet
    3. Down Payment Blues
    4. Gone Shootin'
    5. Riff Raff (Edited)
    6. Sin City
    7. Up To My Neck In You
    8. What's Next To The Moon
    9. Cold Hearted Man
    10. Kicked In The Teeth.

    U.S/Aus/Rest of the world
    1. Rock N' Roll Damnation
    2. Down Payment Blues
    3. Gimme A Bullet
    4. Riff Raff
    5. Sin City
    6. What's Next To The Moon
    7. Gone Shootin'
    8. Up To My Neck In You
    9. Kicked In The Teeth

    As others have said, I suspect the first mix was rush released to coincide with the UK tour. However, I have also wondered if after "Rock N' Roll Damnation" was recorded, specifically as a single (I believe at the request of Atlantic) and subsequently included on the album, the album was re-thought to a degree, re-sequenced, polished up and "Cold Hearted Man" removed for the U.S/Aus/rest of the world release.

    For the record, I prefer the first mix. It sounds more "live in the studio" and feels less tinkered with, once you've heard both versions.
  2. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac Thread Starter

    so which songs are different mixes ???
    according to acdc.com, the following tracks on the first UK issue are different mixes:

    - what's next to the moon
    - down payment blues
    - gimme a bullet
    - gone shootin'
    - kicked in the teeth
    - rock'n'roll damnation (*)

    (*) is this definitely a different mix or just an edit of the regular version ???
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  3. chriss71

    chriss71 Active Member

    Any consensus here in the forum which version sounds the best.
    I have the Australian 1st Press Albert CDP 748734 2 Made in Japan. Is there any version out there who is better?
  4. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac Thread Starter

    I am talking about different mixes, not the best-sounding version...
    The different mixes are available on vinyl only.
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  5. sbardc

    sbardc Forum Resident

    The question should be why was it removed from circulation? The explanation I've read is the record company bigwigs across the ocean considered it too "raw" and wanted something more polished.

    Odd as that sounds when you're talking about a Rock band, it does tend to fit with a mentality exhibited by record execs over the years. One only need look at the manner in which the U.S. album releases of many bands were "tidied up" for public consumption, and of course Let There Be Rock is another AC/DC example of after-the-fact company tampering to, in the view of the suits, make things more palatable.
  6. mj_patrick

    mj_patrick Forum Resident

    Elkhart, IN, USA
  7. screw_squirrel

    screw_squirrel Forum Resident

    Paris France
    Great fan of AC/DC here! And by the way "Powerage" is my all time, AC/DC favorite album.

    First time I have heard the Album back in those days was of course the 1st europeen mix. I had a (lousy sounding) cassette in my early college days and I've bought the 3 vinyl boxed set with poster and 45 rpm single (french pressing) in 1980.


    But in 1981/1982 the Australian boxed set including all the vinyl with original art cover was release and I've bought it!


    And Whaooo! What a difference! Particularly on "Powerage". The mix, as it was said, is different but not only, the mastering is better: more clarity (especially on my hifi at the time). Maybe today I'll be more reserved, the sound of the original 1st europeen pressing is not that bad (warmer sound).
    But the real difference remains on the mix the "Australian" version. Here can be heard a finalised version.
    "(What's) Next to the Moon" is the best example: the basic track is the same but choirs (double tracking voices) were added and extra guitar parts (by Angus) as well (by 2'00"), vocals edited . This version makes the 1st Europeen version sound like a demo.

    The theory that Atlantic records wanted to release the album very quickly before they toured by the UK is very realistic.

    "Powerage" is a great example of an album deserving "Our Host" Mastering. Of course, if so, both versions should be done.
    Unfortunatly I am afraid it will never happen.
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  8. Paul K

    Paul K Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    I love the Aussie box!
  9. Grim177

    Grim177 Forum Resident

    London, Kent, UK
    Here's the difference's in the first mix from memory;

    Rock N' Roll Damnation; Single version. Middle section edited, fades rather than cold ending.
    Gimme A Bullet; Cymbal crash when Angus' part comes in during the intro (you can still hear this if you listen closely to the "final mix"). No backing vocals.
    Down Payment Blues; Guitars panned hard left and right (this maybe the case with more of the tracks but I can't be sure as I'm trying to do this from memory). No effect on Bon's voice (there's something subtle there on the second mix, bit of Chorus? not sure). Different reading/take of the line "floating down a storm drain". No "blues coda" at the end.
    Gone Shootin'; Fades later, I'm pretty sure the guitars are panned hard right and left again here.
    Riff Raff; More vocal ad libs but one missing that was included on the second mix.
    Sin City; No difference I can recall.
    What's Next To The Moon; No solo(s), no backing/double tracked vocals, different readings/takes of some chorus lines towards the end. I think it's also a little longer by a few measures.
    Up To My Neck In You; Vocal ad lib(s?), different take of ending (no lead guitar)
    Kicked In The Teeth; Different intro, begins with the band, different reading of the first line "Two faced woman with your two faced lies".
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  10. I believe the Aust version of Powerage is the only one to have. I have the French box set listed above as well. Powerage in this set is a real dud. I really dont get what the execs were thinking as it seems to have the life sucked out of it. At least the later remasters use the same listing and tracks as the original. Just had to find Cold Hearted Man somewhere else.
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  11. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    So the original mix is nowhere to be found on CD, yes?
  12. Grim177

    Grim177 Forum Resident

    London, Kent, UK
    No. Vinyl and cassette only.
  13. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac Thread Starter

    one more question about "riff raff": i have the second vinyl pressing (10 song version) with the first mix, including "rock'n'roll damnation" as track 1. "riff raff" has a fade out (if i remember correctly)...does it have also a fade out on the initial 9 song version or does it have a hard ending ??? thx for information !!!
  14. Grim177

    Grim177 Forum Resident

    London, Kent, UK
    Cold ending.
  15. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac Thread Starter

    thx a lot for information...have to buy the 9 song version....
  16. McLover

    McLover Forum Resident

    East TN
    Powerage= Get Australian Albert Productions LP. None better.
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  17. d*r*j*

    d*r*j* Forum Resident

    I'm interested to see if anyone can answer this... The only album that I have both made in Japan and made in Australia Albert CDs is Let There Be Rock and I prefer the Aussie for this title. All the others I ever have one or the other, for TNT I have the Aussie but hear/ read that the made in Japan is the one to have. For Powerage I only have the Aussie version... Although it is my least favorite of the classic 6 ac/dc albums so it might get slightly overlooked.
  18. sathvyre

    sathvyre formerly known as ABBAmaniac Thread Starter

    to my ears (and after a strong comparison between different versions) the bon scott albums sound best on the original japan 1986-1987 cd versions. i am sure they used much superior master tapes, whilst the later australia cd versions sound like taken from old and damaged vinyl cutting tapes (more hiss, dull sound etc.).
    if you can live with the missing first second of "baby please don't go" on the "high voltage" album, you should go definitely for the early japan pressings...there are no better sounding versions (non remastered) out there.
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  19. LSP

    LSP Well-Known Member

    Leics England
    Does anyone know when this version first appeared? I've owned several vinyl copies over the years, including two copies of the 10 song version, both of which were German, with no fade...however, yesterday I finally re-acquired an original 9-track UK pressing, which I ripped for someone, who in the meantime had found a rip of the 10-track (again, German)...which has the fade in Riff Raff. At first, I thought this was just a ripping error, but then I saw this.

    Also, comparing the 1st, 9-track UK version with the subsequent Euro 10-track vinyls from the 70s-80s, do these use the same mix, and if so, does this mean that the extra rawness of the 9-tracker is down to different mastering? Because I always thought both of my 10-trackers sounded a little muted compared to my long-trashed UK original, but assumed this was down to German pressings, which in my experience often use tighter, inferior-sounding grooves...?
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  20. fluffskul

    fluffskul Would rather be at a concert

    albany, ny
    Was this album part of the remaster series done by Ted Jensen? If so, can anyone comment on SQ?
  21. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

    Spring bump
  22. seventeen

    seventeen Forum Resident

    Paris, France
    Find me a CD pressing of this and amaze me LOL.
  23. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Where does all this leave the US 1st press LP?
  24. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Senior Member

    The original UK mix blows away the regular version; far more powerful, there's no contest.
    Look on the AC/DC fan forum; this is agreed wholeheartedly by all members as much as that they destroyed the Donington video for DVD.
    Powerage rules either way but the original is far superior.
    I'd love to see this released, I'd be AMAZED, as it would take brains on the part of whoever handles AC/DC's catalog.
    So it will never happen.
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  25. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Thanks for the recommendation. Are you talking about vinyl for this, and if so, how do you track down the CD equivalents?

    Can you clarify this line: 'as much as that they destroyed the Donington video for DVD'?

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