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AC/DC - The Original Australian Albums

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by paulisdead, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. paulisdead

    paulisdead fast and bulbous Thread Starter


    For an Australian that grew up with these albums being the "official" AC/DC studio albums, it's strange to be in this current situation were they have now been replaced by the international versions. To put this in context - it would be like if the first half of the Beatles UK catalogue was replaced with the U.S. albums from the 90's on wards. The original UK mixes and edits lost to older CD and the original vinyl. Which if you did want those original second hand discs, be prepared to pay a fortune on eBay. That's pretty much where we are at with the original Australian AC/DC albums.

    I have never read any official word as to why the Albert Productions albums are now deleted. You can fill the gaps with songs from the Backtracks compilation, but it's not ideal. Surely a vinyl box set with the original albums wouldn't be too much to ask of one of the world's biggest bands?
  2. statcat

    statcat Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Only way to listen to these albums. The big edit in Dirty Deeds toward the end is particularly annoying.
  3. Eric Weinraub

    Eric Weinraub Forum Resident

    The catalog in general could use some real love. No doubt. I treasure my RL mastered Back in Black and For Those about to Rock (We Salute You)
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  4. paulisdead

    paulisdead fast and bulbous Thread Starter

    Right. I can't stand the edits and fade outs on the international versions. Cutting out Bon's "Get you f****** jumbo jet out of my airport" in 'Ain't No Fun (Waiting Around To Be a Millionaire)' is unforgivable. The same goes for the endings of "High Voltage" and "Rocker".
  5. Cymbaline

    Cymbaline Shiny Dog

    Buda, TX
    It always annoyed me that Atlantic did to AC/DC what Capitol did to the Beatles.
  6. Paul Middleton

    Paul Middleton Forum Resident

    As a fellow Australian and growing up with these albums myself also, I have to agree 100% with paulisdead on this. And yes Eric, the catalogue absolutely could use some real love.

    It's almost unbelievable to me with people saying over time how much influence those early years had on their music, be it as musicians or taste in music as listeners that the catalogue hasn't had a superior vinyl box set of some kind issued. It would be a dream come true ... :agree:
  7. FrankenStrat

    FrankenStrat Forum Resident

    Some years ago I took a number of AC/DC CDs to my nephew in Chicago. Can I have them back, please?
  8. belushipower

    belushipower Forum Resident

    Alberts have never been that good at putting love and care into their reissues
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  9. The Beave

    The Beave My Wife Is My Life! And don’t I forget it!

  10. bcaulf

    bcaulf Forum Resident

    I prefer the Aussie albums. T.N.T. is awesome.

    Better album covers, too.
  11. The Beave

    The Beave My Wife Is My Life! And don’t I forget it!

  12. sandimascharvel

    sandimascharvel Don't touch it, don't point, it can't be played

    I agree. It's a shame. The originals have the consistency of the material meant for the album, and proper flow. The original High Voltage and TNT are two of my all-time favorite albums. The international High Voltage doesn't compare to having the original first two albums. Not even close.
  13. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

    The Aussie albums with Disctronic masterings are my go-to's!
  14. tages

    tages Forum Resident

    And (as I usually chime in to say) while you’re at it, add the non-LP singles tracks (“Fling Thing”, “Love At First Feel”, “Carry Me Home” and “Cold Hearted Man”) to their proper albums please.

    And restore all the full length Aussie mixes.

    And if they’re going to reissue vinyl, put the song sheet back in “Dirty Deeds” and the Angus patch back in “Highway To Hell”.

    I have to believe a box set that follows that criteria would sell.
  15. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

    New AAA audiophile grade reissues of the original Australian Albert LPs (separate or in a "complete" box) would be very welcome. :thumbsup:
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  16. Weirwolfe

    Weirwolfe Forum Resident

    Release them now please. We've waited long enough. It's sacrilege.
  17. sandimascharvel

    sandimascharvel Don't touch it, don't point, it can't be played

    That's what my HV and TNT CD's have on them and they sound great, but especially HV which is just amazing.
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  18. jazon

    jazon A fight between the blue you once knew

    A shame indeed. I've tried to get some of these on ebay but I'm not willing to fork out that kind of money for it. Hopefully in the near future something will be done.
  19. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Senior Member

    I would buy a CD box set of the original albums. I'm all for it.
  20. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Don't know about the mixes but agreed on the covers. Except I prefer the international cover for Let There Be Rock
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  21. Diablo Griffin

    Diablo Griffin City Pop, Rock, and anything 80s til I die

    United States
    Would the '94 remasters of the Aussie albums be a good way to go? I don't mind the sound on the US versions of the remasters and the prices for the original Aussie discs are absolutely unreasonable IMO.

    I had no clue that the US versions of these songs were edited, that's a shame. Were they restored for either of the US remasters or are the Aussie editions the only way to get the uncut songs?
  22. The T.N.T. album is on my wishlist since a long while. And its cover even looks pretty cool.
  23. tages

    tages Forum Resident

    I think the ‘94s are the ones that feature the US edits on the Australian LPs unfortunately (someone will correct me if I’m wrong).

    All (and possibly more) of these songs are edited on the current and past CDs - minus the ‘80’s Albert discs.

    “It’s A Long Way To The Top”
    “High Voltage”
    “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”
    “Ain’t No Fun”

    I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting - not to mention the alternate mixes on the UK “Powerage” LP.
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  24. tages

    tages Forum Resident

    And the first pressing is a laminated gatefold :righton:
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  25. sandimascharvel

    sandimascharvel Don't touch it, don't point, it can't be played

    Regarding the 1994 Aussie remasters, the non-international tracks from what I have read are the original CD masterings so you get a mish mosh of remastered and non-remastered tracks.

    I was lucky. I bought the Aussie HV CD when it first came out and settled on an Aussie TNT that had some marker on the top of the CD. The TNT still wasn't exactly cheap but it was reasonable compared to the original Japan made CD.
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