Acoustic Sounds announces new SACDs for Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ParanoidAndroid, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. MemoInPR

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    From Acoustic Sounds:

    Newly remastered by Bernie Grundman, from the original analog master tapes!

    Includes both mono and stereo mixes — Pure DSD sound!

    Analogue Productions presents the SACDs Jimi Hendrix fans have asked for: Hybrid SACDs of both Axis: Bold As Love, as well as Are You Experienced, the 1967 debut full-length studio release by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Newly remastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog master tapes, each disc contains the mono and stereo mixes for each of these historic albums. This is pure DSD sound to applaud!
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  3. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    Just a heads up for everyone.
    If you go to Elusive Disc and look at the features section for the AYE and ABAL hybrid SACDs it seems to imply that the mono mixes will only be available on the SACD layer. It says that the redbook CD layer will only have the stereo mixes. Can only hope this is not correct as it would mean that the mono mixes are still not available to those who only have a CD player for playback.
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  4. aphexj

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    It would be impossible for both mixes to fit on the Redbook layer of a single hybrid SACD... upper limit is 68ish minutes
  5. hvbias

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    Agreed, this is one that desperately needs a good digital version as there is no easy fix for the original non RE-1 CD EQ wise. It varies too much from track to track.
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  6. J_D__

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    I'm know Hendrix expert. Is it the USA version that included a few other tracks like Red House? Disappointing it isn't included on the debut.
  7. bruce2

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    I don't know how long the Hendrix albums are but I own a few classical CDs over 80 minutes in length. My hybrid SACD of Karajan Beethoven Symphonies 3 and 4 is 81'16.
  8. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Hybrid SACDs are different, less surface area for the Redbook layer. Both Hendrix albums are right around 40 minutes
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  9. bruce2

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    Yes I am saying that there are discs with Redbook layers of up to 82 minutes, so conceivably if the Hendrix album is 40 minutes than both mixes would fit on one 80 minute disc.
  10. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Again, not on a Hybrid SACD. The Redbook layer doesn't physically have that much room on those multi-layer discs
  11. bruce2

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    Connecticut, USA
    I just checked the timing of both layers of the Beethoven Hybrid SACD I mentioned previously on my SACD player. The SACD layer is 81'37, and the Redbook layer is 81'16. I think you are mistaken.
  12. bbanderic

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    I hope that's not true, no stereo and mono on CD layer = no buy for me.
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  13. Heavy Music

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    My Geffen Records Hybrid SACD of Tommy has a Redbook layer of 75:00 minutes.
  14. aphexj

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    Guess I was misinformed... or my info is out of date :doh:
  15. marcb

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    Given that Analogue Productions is owned by Acoustic Sounds, I’d be inclined to say Late Summer 2018 is the most accurate ETA.

    And the disparity between arguably the four biggest online vinyl retailers indicates the folly of quoting/relying on various sites for consistently reliable release info.
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  16. Blair G.

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    I would think those Hendrix releases will be in high demand.
    Suppose one should buy sooner than later
    (That’s a hint to myself to make sure I don’t get caught paying too much, again, when they go eventually OOP)
  17. JCM

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    Really excited about the Hendrix hybrid SACDs. I'm planning on buying both as they are releases I've long coveted. That said I wanted to kind of 'check in' on if anyone has heard about the Pink Floyd releases. The catalog/pdf of course has the vague 'coming in 2018'. I was hyped for more than a calendar year about the Beach Boys hybrid SACDs and ultimately bought all but two. I'm very, very pleased with them. While I really hope it's 2018 on the Floyd titles, I'm kind of dubious because there is no pre-order anywhere on the Music Direct site. I'm sure they'll make it out eventually though.

    I purchased the previous hybrid SACD of WYWH and thought it was stellar, although I only played the red book layer. Ended up selling it and wishing I hadn't. I'm excited to have an opportunity to re-purchase a properly mastered WYWH at non-eBay prices. And I've always been in love with the MFSL DSOTM. If I'm not mistaken both DSOTM and The Wall from MFSL were done by Krieg Wunderlich. They are absolutely awesome. So I'm curious what this release might be like. That 30th Anniversary hybrid SACD from Capitol/EMI was "good".

    I feel like though, anytime APO gets involved it almost tilts towards being an essential purchase because of the care that goes into the releases, not unlike Mobile Fidelity, DCC, etc.

    So, anyone know who is mastering these? Know any details about them?

  18. I don't think they can improve upon the original WYWH SACD. DSOTM is another matter entirely and a new mastering made with SACD in mind could surpass the older SACD.
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  19. Purple Jim

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    Bummer. If that's the case I'll wait for a kind soul to make a rip available.
  20. JCM

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    I'm thinking the Elusive Disc listing is just simply mistaken. The Acoustic Sounds listing is pretty clear. Has anyone called Acoustic Sounds...?
  21. HDOM

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    The wall also sacd?
  22. While you would think The Wall SACD would be a no-brainer, it has never been mentioned for the format. Remember that The Wall Immersion set was the only one not to have the studio album in hi-rez quality. Some story was given that the mastertapes need work or something to get a proper Hi-Rez mastering.
  23. Wolfspaw

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    At the time that AP released the Wish You Were Here SACD, James Guthrie stated in an interview that he was working on a multi-channel version of The Wall but that it would take years because he had to do Two 5.1 mixes, one for the movie and another for the album. He said that the tapes needed lots of work.

    I don't wish to rehash this here, since the subject is OT but there are people who don't believe that The Wall Sacd will happen. Time will ultimately tell us if it happens; or maybe he or someone from PF gives an interview and provides updates.
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  24. Alexlotl

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    Any idea who’s going to “own” these Grundman remasterings? Might they turn up (albeit probably Stereo only) on a later Sony/EH standard CD issue, or are they tied to Acoustic Sounds?
  25. jhm

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    I think we can all but guarantee that in addition to AP it'll have an Experience Hendrix and a Sony Legacy logo, just like the Jimi Hendrix "Machine Gun" SACD did.

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