Acoustic Sounds has a $10 off sale on several MOFI SACD titles

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    Happened to notice AS has a "all sales final on this item" resulting in a savings of $10 per these MOFI SACD titles. Grab 'em while still in stock.

    CMOB 2140 Jerry Garcia and David Grisman /Jerry Garcia and David Grisman Hybrid Stereo SACD $19.49
    CMOB 2061 Doobie Brothers/ Stampede Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2074 Stevie Ray Vaughan/ Texas Flood Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2087 Miles Davis/ Four & More Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2132 Chicago/ Chicago VI Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2137 Grateful Dead/ Workingman's Dead Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2141 Miles Davis/ My Funny Valentine Hybrid Stereo SACD $19.49
    CMOB 2146 Miles Davis/ Nefertiti Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2147 Miles Davis/ Miles In The Sky Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2164 Bob Dylan/ Love And Theft Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2171 Miles Davis/ On The Corner Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49
    CMOB 2185 Dire Straits/ Communique Hybrid Stereo SACD $ 19.49

    There could be more not listed above.

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    Any opinions on the Grateful Dead SACD's? I own the old DVD-A's and play vinyl. My impression is that they are good but not not the best available. I'm looking for American Beauty, but maybe I should go for the new Rhino one.

    Also, I saw the Bob Dylan Carnegie Hall concert on Audio Fidelity for $38.99, which I think is a good price for that one. Kink Creole by Elvis is a Steve Hoffman master for $19.49, but I personally am not interested in it. Also "no returns" for these. Thanks.
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    The Grateful Dead Mofi SACDs sound great. There are of course many good sounding versions of these albums on both vinyl and CD. If the only digital versions you have are the DVD-A's, I think these SACD's are probably worth getting - the DVD-A's are radically different mixes, not just different masterings. The SACD's are very nice sounding versions of the original mixes.
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