Actors who played different characters on a TV show

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    Yes! :righton:
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    Another Seinfeld woman: Christine Dunford, who played Leslie in “The Baby Shower,” later was the saleswoman who sold George a suit in “The Pie.”
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    Nope. Just missed your post. Sorry if I stepped on your toes a bit.
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    Vito Scotti also appeared three times on Gilligan's Island. Once as a Japanese soldier who thought WWII was still going on, and twice as Dr. Boris Balinkoff.
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    Actor Patrick Cargill had two prominent roles in THE PRISONER. In "Hammer Into Anvil" he was Number Two, and in "Many Happy Returns" he played a character named Thorpe back in London.
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    Majel Barrett:

    Original Star Trek: Was Nurse Chapel and the Computer Interface Voice

    TNG & DS9: Was Lwaxana Troi and the Computer Interface Voice
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    Talia Balsam appeared twice on "Murder She Wrote", playing different characters
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    I'm wearing steel toed Doc Marten boots, man, didn't hurt a bit:cheers:
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    I didn't watch the show, but based on IMDB, it appears all of White's non-Steve characters were related to Urkel, so he wouldn't count.

    He apparently never played a role unconnected to Urkel...
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    Susan Hampshire played two different roles on the DANGER MAN/SECRET AGENT series. She played Lena in "You're Not In Any Trouble, Are You?" and then played Lesley Arden in "Are You Going To Be More Permanent?"

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    Koloth brought shame to the Klingon empire! Kor would have eaten him alive.

    In Roger Moore's The Saint series, Honor Blackman appeared as different characters in a couple of episodes.
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    She was also Number One in the original pilot. I remember reading somewhere that one fan theory had it that was her actual name, rather than a position, and that she was a clone and Nurse Chapel was another clone in the same series (explaining their similar appearance).
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    John Orchard was Ugly John for the first season of MASH, he later appeared as Officer Muldoon on a much later season episode.
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    Where to start? James Gregory, who was in 3.2 million westerns before settling in with"Barney Miller". John Astin of "The Adams Family" also directing and starring in various episodes of "Night Gallery". Jill Banner, the go-to hippie for "Dragnet" and "Adam 12".
    I could type in a drunken nostalgic haze all night...
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    He was also on several Dragnet episodes.
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    And I'll bet your mother had a loud bark...

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    Jack Dodson, who played Howard Sprague in the The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R.F.D., first played insurance agent Ed Jenkins in an earlier episode.
  19. Trashman

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    In the classic series of Doctor Who, there are MANY actors who appeared in two or more stories playing different roles. Generally, each director had their stable of actors they liked to work with, so eventually the same actors would end up getting re-cast multiple times. I wouldn't be surprised if the number was close to 100, if not more.

    Here's some I came up with after scanning the episode listings:

    Nicolas Courtney
    Ian Marter
    Phil Madoc
    Jean Marsh
    Michael Wisher
    Julian Glover
    Bernard Kay
    Jeremy Bulloch
    Martin Jarvis
    Michael Gough
    Prentis Hancock
    Wanda Ventham
    Milton Johns
    David Troughton
    Peter Craze
    Kevin Stoney
    Peter Halliday
    Bernard Horsfall
    John Woodnutt
    Geoffrey Palmer
    Paul Darrow
    Peter Miles
    Michael Sheard
    Stephen Thorne
    Kevin Lindsay
    David Collings
    Angus Lennie
    Frederick Jaeger
    Bernard Holley
    Tim Pigott-Smith
    Glyn Houston
    Angus MacKay
    Colin Douglas
    John Leeson
    Lalla Ward
    Tom Chadbon
    Jacqueline Hill
    Denis Carey
    Alan Rowe
    Ingrid Pitt
    Denis Lill
    Lesley Dunlop
    Terry Malloy
    Eleanor Bron
    Donald Pickering

    And then there is Pat Gorman, who appeared in various minor roles is 83 episodes of the classic series. He takes the cake!

    This doesn't include various actors who voiced monsters or wore monster costumes, or stunt men like Stewart Fell or Terry Walsh who had numerous bit parts... usually of characters who have to get in fights, fall from heights, or get killed off.
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