Actors who were replaced during production

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    Not a unique event. The shooting of Of Human Bondage was a virtual war zone thanks to her feud with co-star Laurence Harvey; director Henry Hathaway left midway through filming due to his feud with Novak.

    Tyrone Power, possibly the best-liked, most affable star in Hollywood, supposedly said Novak was his one leading lady he disliked.
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    I’m sure it didn’t help that she couldn’t act.
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    Olivia de Havilland replaced Joan Crawford in Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Crawford supposedly faked illness in order to avoid working with Bette Davis, after their ongoing feud resulted in further acrimony during location shooting.
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    Roger C. Carmel played Kaye Ballard's husband on the first season of The Mothers-In-Law. Whether due to a salary dispute or drug use, it became necessary to replace him so naturally they went with Richard Deacon. :laugh:
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    Walston is less than okay. He's completely miscast. An actor adept at playing the Devil, a Martian, Mr. Hand, could not pull off playing the fool his role required. Walston is awful. I watched that interminable grapefruit scene with mouth agape, wondering how anyone could ever feel that this was supposed to be funny. Walston just makes it all come across as literal, which is how he played his other characters. The material in the script couldn't survive that. Felicia Farr isn't much better. Watching that woman get kicked out of her own home, it was disgusting.
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    Salary dispute. The actors were all entitled to a raise for the second season, but the show was marginally rated, so NBC wouldn’t increase its license fee. Producer Desi Arnaz asked the cast to stay at the season 1 salaries and three of the four agreed. Carmel wouldn’t, so he was replaced.
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    She did seem tentative in that clip. I'm sure she could have gotten better with the babble. She played a doctor before, so I don't think it was beyond her. But the fast pace shooting schedule of network TV is very different from film acting, so I get why she decided she didn't want to commit to that, though I wish she had stuck with it.
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    Although not replacements, some of the Wizard Of Oz actors were not the first choices. They wanted Shirley Temple for Dorothy and W. C. Fields for The Wizard.

    On Gilligan's Island the actors for three of the characters (who became Ginger, Mary Ann, and The Professor) in the Pilot were replaced in the regular series. However, the original actors can be briefly seen in a flashback scene to when they woke up on the ship after the shipwreck.

    On Star Trek - The Next Generation Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher was replaced by Diana Muldaur as Dr. Katherine Polaski in the Second Season, who was then replaced by Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Third Season for the rest of the series.

    In the U. S. English Language dub of Ranma 1/2 the voice actor (Brigitta Dau) for the female Ranma was replaced (by Venus Terzo) after a few episodes (their voices were so close that few viewers noticed). Later, after a few seasons the voice actor for the male Ranma (Sarah Strange) was replaced by Ian James Corlett (who sounded nothing like the original voice actor).

    In the Animated DC Universe, the voice actor for Superman, Timothy Daly, was replaced by George Newbern.

    Above checked via IMDB.
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    The kid on The Partridge Family.

    Lionel on The Jeffersons, then the replacement was replaced back by the original actor.
  10. Manapua

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    On That Girl, both of Ann Marie's parents were played by different actors in the pilot. Lew Parker and Rosemary De Camp took over the roles originally played by Harold Gould (Rhoda's dad) and Penny Santon.
    Ted Bessell wasn't replaced but did undergo a name change from Donald Blue Sky (!) to Hollinger.
    And that wasn't the only name change in the show. Ann's neighbor Ruthie Bauman started out as Margie and was played by 3 different actresses over the show's run.
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    Jennifer Jason Leigh was also dropped from Eyes Wide Shut, but I’m not sure if her character was replaced or written out.
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    If I had a cobra snake for a necktie, I'd suffer a nervous breakdown myself.

    ...oh, and wasn't Viggo Mortensen a replacement for the originally-cast Aragorn in Lord of the Rings?
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    This was discussed recently in another thread.
    Winona Ryder was supposed to play Mary in The Godfather, Part III, but showed up to the set apparently suffering from exhaustion. The director replaced her at the 11th hour with his daughter, Sofia, who had no acting experience, and who was generally blamed for the critical failure of the film. Ryder went on to co-star in Edward Scissorhands shortly thereafter.
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    Daniel Roebuck briefly was cast in Daniel Stern's part as Marv in Home Alone, the role was always intended for Stern and he was initially cast but when the producers informed him the shooting schedule had increased from 6 weeks to 8 weeks without a difference in pay he dropped out.
    Roebuck was on set while the movie was in production and filmed scenes with Joe Pesci but within a couple of days they realized it wasn't working and they needed to get Stern back, which Chris Columbus managed to convince him to do.
  15. Oatsdad

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    Not a replacement in the same sense as the others in the thread since Muldaur played a wholly different character.

    A new Dick as Darren on "Bewitched'? That's a real replacement, but I don't see actors who play different characters the same way.

    If we open to that concept, it's a wholly different thread! :)
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    Another actor replaced Richard Thomas as John Boy after he left The Walton's.
  17. Oatsdad

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    Wow - I had no idea! I never watched the show, but it was inescapable as a pop culture concept in the 70s.

    I knew that Thomas quit, but I assumed they just wrote his character out of the show - sent him off to the big city or whatever. I didn't realize they recast the part!
  18. Beatlened

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    Dominique Dunne was originally cast in V. After she was killed Blair Tefkin was cast in the role
  19. nsmith1002

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    Didn't two different people play Miss Ellie in Dallas?
  21. Kyle B

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    Yes, Barbara Bel Geddes and Donna Reed played the role. Bel Geddes left the show about a year after she had a heart attack, and her departure was described as “for health reasons”. When she was willing to return a year later, the producers fired Reed (who sued) and rehired Bel Geddes. Later on, it turned out that her departure was more due to a salary issue than health.

    When Richard Thomas left “The Waltons”, Johnboy went off to the city. He returned a year later for a few guest appearances, but then that was it for him. After a couple of years, they hired a new actor to play the part on an occasional basis - much more of a supporting role than the lead that Thomas played. This was in the last couple of years of the show when the ratings had declined, so no one really remembers him. Thomas returned to the role in the reunion movies of the 1990s.
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    John Randolph played Frank Constanza for one episode in Seinfeld. When the show was broadcast for syndication, they would reshoot all the scenes that had Randolph and replace them with the scenes shot again for Jerry Stiller. The DVD sets show the original episode with Randolph, while the syndication cuts show the replaced scenes with Jerry Stiller.
    Of course, Seinfeld's father Morty, was first played by Phil Bruns and replaced after the pilot by Barney Martin. Phil Bruns scenes were not replaced and can be scene in syndication and the DVD sets.

    For those not familiar with John Randolph, he played a recurring character in the 70s Bob Newhart Show as Junior Harrison, Emily's lovable yet overbearing father.
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  23. Kyle B

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    The Seinfeld replacement is such an odd one to me - can’t remember when an actor was replaced AND his scenes were reshot.

    I always liked John Randolph. He also played Roseanne’s father (before they retconned his character into an abusive philanderer). But Jerry STiller was funnier in the role.
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    Debra Winger replaced Raquel Welch in the film Cannery Row. Welch was fired after five days of filming. She allegedly took too long to get ready each day. Welch then sued the MGM studio for wrongful termination and in the mid-1980s won getting a multi-million dollar settlement. Turner Entertainment had to do the pay-out as by that time they were the owners of MGM.
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    Judy Garland was cast as the Helen Lawson role in “Valley of the Dolls”. She was fired for being drunk and replaced with Susan Hayward (too bad they couldn’t get Ethel Merman). Patty Duke would later say that director Mark Robson had he on the set at 800AM but would not use her until 400 PM knowing she would get angry and start drinking

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