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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by AnthonyCM, Nov 24, 2021 at 12:42 AM.

  1. Ingenieur

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    I have a Herman Miller Eames, great chair but I don't listen in it, too low, reclined, and the leather absorbs. I don't like anything behind my head.

    These are nice, a replica. I don't have one but may try one.
    Barcelona Chair Various Colors & Grades

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  2. Bill Hart

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    Most of the knock-offs are not well made. Even when they were being sold in the U.S. (before both Knoll and Herman Miller/Eames started enforcing their rights in the States), the quality (compared to a real one) wasn't there. Of course, there is a significant price difference. For what it's worth, the Barcelona isn't terribly comfy, and isn't easy to get out of once seated. I do like the Eames Lounge chair and kept a pair when I sold off a lot of mid-century modern furniture I had accumulated before I moved.
    You can, with a "decorator discount" typically get 40% off retail, so the very high prices of the real ones aren't quite as bad in reality, but that may have changed.

    Like everything else, I think seating is a very personal thing, both in terms of comfort as well as aesthetics.
    Often, the used ones on offer by consignment and design shops are even more expensive than new ones!
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  3. recap200

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    nowhere land
    Yup, and the Womb Chair is a very comfy chair. I'd take it any day over the Eames Lounge Chair. Big bucks for the authentic chair and ottoman, tho.
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  4. AL01

    AL01 Eh?

    Ah, the Barcelona Chair.

    If you have the means, get yourself a genuine one, as it is an architectural icon designed by the (late) great Ludwig Mies van der Rohe nearly a century ago (!).

    ...And due to its provenance, something like resale value should not be much of a concern to someone who is interested in such a fine piece of furniture, (and no, I don't have one...)
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  5. Dillydipper

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    Like sitting up against a brick wall...;) No warmth whatsoever...
  6. FuzzyNightmares

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    If comfort is the name of the game it’s not going to beat the womb or Eames lounge, though none of these are very space conscious and will take up a larger footprint than a recliner.
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  7. oregonalex

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    I have Ekornes Stressless for one of my systems, Ikea Poang in leather for the other. Both are very comfortable, but Stressless more so due to the adaptable reclining feature. Stressless also has finer quality leather and arguably looks better overall. Stressless also cost 5 times more than the Poang.

    I am very happy with both and have no desire to change anything.
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  8. jtw

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    I'll recommend a beanbag type of chair. Portability is the key. You want to sit in the sweet spot, but a permanent chair in the middle of the room, away from all of the walls, usually doesn't cut it.
  9. rodentdog

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    @AnthonyCM...double check that the back of the chair is not removable. On my LA-Z Boy "Big Boy" recliner the back lifts out to move it around.
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  10. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    currently using an Ikea loveseat, sitting in the middle. lots of sprawl room and for the occasional visit.

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  11. scotpagel

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    Yeah to fancy it up you can grab your DCC and prized MOFI and AP discs showing for
    the ends
  12. pacvr

    pacvr Forum Resident

    FWIW - for those considering the Ekornes Stressless, a local furniture store is a dealer and has probably every model on display. I recently sat in everyone and everyone has a different feel; different support (and some have three sizes). The most expensive such as the Magic are very plush - you sink into the chair. Others not as much. Thankfully :laugh: the model I liked the best (and bought) was not the most expensive and was probably the firmest of all - the Admiral . The seat height was perfect; naturally aligning my ears with the tweeters, and although high back, in the listening position my ears are a good distance from the back. Ergonomically, you will be prying the chair from my dead body - for me it is very comfortable & supportive. Yes, you pay for the quality, the European manufacture and a 10-yr frame warranty.
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