Affordable Record Brush ?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by SonOFJames, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. mahanusafa02

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    What is a plasma lighter? Just hearing this makes me want one!
  2. aorecords

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  3. matrix-6

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    Not the brush but the plastic. The bristles are short, so I once angled it and ended up making contact with the plastic case on the surface of the record.
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  4. Big Blue

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    Ah, that makes sense. I’d be nervous to use one with shorter bristles, for that reason.

    The one I use now is actually metal, but the bristles are long enough I’m not worried.
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  5. ThinWhiteDuke

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    New Zealand
    el cheapo cheap no name carbon brush that is starting to look tired and going bald in places :D
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  6. Phil Thien

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    Milwaukee, WI
    That is me, I guess.

    The Ortofon is a nice carbon fiber brush, I suggested the Boundless because I got the impression the OP was looking for low-cost options.

    The Ortofon is stiffer and will create more drag, so you do want a pretty torque turntable if you're cleaning very dust albums with it (like the first time they're cleaned).
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  7. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
    the Audio Technica is the ONLY brush, pad, or other doo dad that actually works!
  8. Jim0830

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    I just took delivery of an Ursa Major brush with a black ash handle, $60 delivered. I like the wide pad So far I found it far more effective than my Gold AQ carbon fiber brush. You have to have a light touch because you can easily bring the record and platter to a dead stop. Another thing I found is I just can't roll it from front to back and lift it straight up as the manufacturer describes. I found that leaves a large line of debris behind on the record's surface. Instead I found that it works best when I roll it front to back. When I get to the last free rows of cotton fiber I slide the brush off the record (away from the label). This is similar to the way you use the AQ gold carbon fiber brush. So far it does a better job the the AQ brush. About twice as good at twice the price, that works for me
  9. Bob J

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    That serial number probably adds another $50 to the price.
  10. C10

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    Sonoma County, CA
    Except for this one: Thunderon Conductive Record Brush

    I prefer it over any others I tried
  11. h46e55x

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    Gitmo Nation West
    I just recently purchased a MusicNomad Next Level Vinyl Record Cleaning kit. It's $20, and it works great. It looks like a hairbrush but it absolutely removes all the dust. The only complaint I see on Amazon is they don't sell the cleaning fluid separately from the brush kit. :shrug:

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