Agharta & Pangaea, is there not a market for a CD reissue?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by babaluma, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. jfeldt

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    Wow, great perspective, thank you for sharing
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  2. babaluma

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    I suppose there is the influence vs sales side of things as well. Just because loads of musicians love an album doesn't mean it will sell as much as a record label wants it to. However you would think in these reissue crazy times that these would have been put out again.
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  3. babaluma

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    This is interesting, however it does seem odd to not use this opportunity to revamp A&P and issue with the rest of this series. After all people had been grumbling about the sound on the Jazz Masterpieces versions for a while and going up to A&P with the series tells the full story of this era and gives a great perspective on the evolution of the band.
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  4. crispi

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    Very interesting post, thank you for that.

    As we are just discussing these two albums over at the Miles Album-to-Album Thread, I asked myself how could it be that for albums as ignored by the domestic label as these (since there still hasn't been a domestic reissue/remaster), there are no less than three separate mixes. There's the original LP mix, the '80s remix for CD and the mid-'90s Mastersound remix. That's a lot of mixes for albums that kind of were sleepers in the Western world, but I guess we have to thank the Japanese for keeping them in print all along.
  5. crispi

    crispi Vinyl Archaeologist

    I really do hope that if they do eventually release a Bootleg volume containing these concerts (which probably means remixing it again in order to be able to present as much music as possible), they do include remasters of the original LP mixes. There are effects on there that were probably a combination of meticulous planning during the mixing stage and pure serendipity, so those mixes will never be replicated in terms of creativity.
  6. pbuzby

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    I think we are lucky anything came out at all.
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  7. babaluma

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  8. arem

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    I would tend to doubt it since Pete was a Chicago guy and Clean Uo Woman was done in Miami. I’m pretty sure the guitarist on that one was Little Beaver.

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  9. babaluma

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    Yeah Cosey actually played guitar on Rescue Me by Fontella Bass not Clean Up Woman as I thought:)

    Anyone wanting more classic Cosey should check out Electric Mud by Muddy Waters and The Howlin' Wolf album.
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  10. Mook

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    Can you get Agartha in a single CD case at all?

    I've only ever seen it in one of those double cases (see below) & I hate them, it's put me off buying it to be honest.

  11. DTK

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    Never seen a single cd case. You'll have to buy the Japanese digipak :).
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  12. Rne

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    The Argentine edition of the "red frame" version comes in a slim 2-cd jewel box. Yes, I know, not a very helpful information in your case.
    You also have the Japanese mini-LP replica, of the bluspecs that come in a standard slim double jewel cases (of extreme high quality).
    Oh, and I like those old fatboy cases!
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  13. ATR

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    Cosey was AACM out of Chicago and played in the Phil Cohran group. Deep grooves but don't expect anything like Agharta. Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
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  14. 93curr

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    If y'all have already drained the swamp of all the available Japanese tour recordings and you're willin' to try an imitation in place of the real thing, I can heartedly recommend the 'Air' album. Yuji Imamura & Air (6) - Air It's pretty much the closest thing I've found to the original. (You know, except for the more obvious Yo Miles! albums). If every single one of the musicians on 'Air' weren't at the '75 Miles shows I'll be very surprised.
  15. eeglug

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    Well that's a totally dumb reason to not get Agharta! o_O:laugh::D Just kidding!

    My BluSpec CD2 Agharta is in a single case...same story for the BluSpec CD2 Pangaea:

  16. babaluma

    babaluma Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Some of Kohsuke Mine's stuff is similar as well.
  17. Tim Bucknall

    Tim Bucknall Forum Resident

    i was ecstatic with the 1990/91 US columbia cd's until i heard the 1997 dark magus and the Hi Hat Tokyo 75 boot (Lucas' hendrix impression on Mtume is perfect on this one!), after hearing those the 1990/91 columbia P & A's sounded annoyingly distant and muffled like there was a wall between me and the band
    are others in the same situation?

    i just ordered Pangea SRCS 9752-3 , am yet to jump in with a new agharta yet

    i like the fatboy cases , my ideal is the SRCS fillmore which has the superior JP mastering and the fatboy case!

    I got serious about Miles at the start of the year and must say that buying Electric Miles on CD in 2018 in the UK is a lottery, i ended up with:

    1997 digipack legacy versions of Live Evil & Dark Magus,
    JP SRCS version of Fillmore,
    millenial legacy versions of on the corner, big fun, get up with it & Jack Johnson
    SICP JP version of black beauty
    and an awful tinny 1997 JP version of In Concert i didn't bother keeping

    thanks for all the great info as usual

    ps: if the extra duration on some pressings is guitar feedback i want it!
  18. Guy E

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    Antalya, Turkey
    The current Japanese issues come in slim dbl-CD cases. The artwork is minimal, no English language liner notes, but they sound very good to my ears.
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  19. scocs

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    How does the 50DP compare to the original vinyl?
  20. Scott6

    Scott6 Forum Resident

    I just have the original Columbia UK fat-box versions but have to say they have always sounded great to me.
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  21. DTK

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    Those are remixes. Many seem prefer the original lp mixes, as released on a few later cds. The difference is more audible percussion and trumpet, which are slightly buried in the remixes, and an overall denser sound.
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  22. mesfen

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    I can't remember off the top of my head which one but there was an extended cool pulsating feedback segment at the end of the mastersound edition
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    PIGGIES Forum Resident

    I can't remember either, it might even apply to both the Agharta & Pangaea Mastersound CD's
  24. Black Elk

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    Bay Area, U.S.A.
  25. Ignatius

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    Call me a heretic but I prefer the cover art on the original US album to the Japanese release art (though I bought the Japanese cds).
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